And supporting the Decade of Action campaign will help spark meaningful commitments around climate, gender, and inequality. Testimony presented before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Subcommittee on European Affairs on May 6, 2009. In short, the human environment may not be as resilient as the predictions stated, and climate change is contributing to the narrative of a world in crisis and out of control. SITMEX is conducted once a year. Emboldened state-level opposition leaders will directly challenge the central government, leaving Modi with less room for maneuver on economic reform at a time of slowing growth. ♦ Resolution of India predates the adoption of resolution 1540 by the Security Council (UNSC). United Nations General Assembly(UNGA): Protests erupted last year over a small rise in metro fares. The Iran Nuclear Agreement is also known as the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (JCPOA). Although euroskepticism has been on the rise, threats to the EU and “old Europe” are overstated. And it is seen as a key factor in the rise of protests around the globe, which shows no signs of abating in 2020. Women and children are being disproportionately affected and are at higher risks of sexual and gender-based violence. The Israeli Supreme Court is examining constitutional challenges to the Nation State Law adopted in 2018. Either scenario would create months of lawsuits and a political vacuum, but unlike the contested Bush-Gore 2000 election, the loser is unlikely to accept a court-decided outcome as legitimate. ♦ The new Constitution is also expected to be a heated political issue, with the general elections next year. Facing human interconnections: thinking International Relations into the future, Migration and the politics of ‘the human’: confronting the privileged subjects of IR, Worlding beyond ‘the’ ‘end’ of ‘the world’: white apocalyptic visions and BIPOC futurisms, The slave, the migrant and the ontological topographies of the international, After the deluge: new universalism and postcolonial difference, Climate science, the politics of climate change and futures of IR, Internet of Things, cybersecurity and governing wicked problems: learning from climate change governance, Between concepts and thought: digital technologies and temporal relationality, From geopolitics to geotechnics: global futures in the shadow of automation, cunning machines, and human speciation. Testimony presented before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission on May 20, 2010. This also means generating robust international agreement on biodiversity at the UN Biodiversity Conference in October 2020. In 2020, US political institutions will be tested as never before, and the November election will produce a result many see as illegitimate. The World Economic Forum has calculated that it will take women almost 100 years to reach gender equality. India, once a global hot spot for poverty, is now on track to end extreme poverty. The Biden team might consider actions to convince Kim Jong-un that provocations will hurt him. List of Issues View. Taken together, these trend lines are likely to produce a global crisis. Testimony presented to the Subcommittee on National Security, Veterans Affairs, and International Relations, House Committee on Government Reform on April 3, 2001. Climate concern pervades global popular culture. Financial and similar services based in London will need to be moved into the EU if they have not been already, whereas professional services were never part of the common market so impacts on them will be minimal. The discovery included 320 billion cubic metres of natural gas. What could this crisis mean for defense spending? Highlights: Highlights: ♦ A tropical cyclone is a generic term used by meteorologists to describe a rotating, organized system of clouds and thunderstorms that originates over tropical or subtropical waters and has closed, low-level circulation. It is an intergovernmental organization established to improve the interface between science and policy on biodiversity and ecosystem services issues. Investors will reduce exposures to carbon intensive industries, sending asset price lower. Since 2019, the first exercise was hosted by India. Testimony presented before the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia, the Pacific, and Nonproliferation on February 5, 2020. [email protected] ♦ The summit highlighted the initiatives taken by the Indian Government for providing affordable and easy access to justice for all and also about Pro Bono Legal Services to provide free legal aid to marginalized sections of the society. In 1945 UN (international organization) was founded. He is to expected to launch his own Cabinet on 16 September. Minority groups, particularly women, tend to enter the Air Force civil service at lower grades than white men. The 2020 Conference of the Parties in Glasgow, UK, will enable the global community to take stock of which nations stepped up and by how much. The Djibouti Code of Conduct aims to provide a framework for capacity building in the Gulf of Aden and the Western Indian Ocean to combat the threat of piracy. Technoskepticism takes hold. Support for international cooperation hangs in the balance at precisely the moment when robust collaboration is needed most. ♦ The grant assistance will be used to further strengthen the capabilities of the Maldives Coast Guard, Maritime Rescue and Coordination Center, sub-regional centers and ships. The COVID-19 pandemic is taking a dramatic toll on the economy, and government relief efforts have increased the federal deficit. RAND's Ariane Tabatabai describes some of the tools Iran could use to challenge the United States. The start of 2020 ushers in the ten-year countdown to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is a crucial year for ensuring our policies, financing, and ambition align to reach the Goals by 2030. ♦ This exercise reflects the joint commitment of the two militaries to the peaceful Indian Ocean and international maritime security and cooperation. With the recent plebiscite results, they have won the first stage. About the Indo – Thai CORPAT: ♦After joining the British "Blue Belt Project", it will become the largest forbidden zone in the Atlantic Ocean and the fourth largest in the world. Testimony presented before the Commission on Wartime Contracting on February 22, 2010. Nolan Quinn is a research associate for the Council on Foreign Relations’ Africa Program. ♦ According to this framework, Iran will redesign, transform and reduce its nuclear facilities to remove all nuclear-related economic sanctions. An Iraqi Modus Vivendi: How Would It Come About and What Would It Look Like? Save on the cover price & free e-Gift card for Giftees! ♦ Joe Biden's complete name is Joseph Robinette Biden Junior. The big question: Where will the Virtual Berlin Wall stand? ♦ Resolution of India - Measures to prevent terrorists from acquiring weapons of mass destruction was co-partnered by 75 countries & more, adopted by consensus without a vote.