Water quality – Many indoor plants are sensitive to chlorine and minerals in the water. Read on for tips to unravel this conundrum. Sideways spread is not necessarily a sign of poor health on its own. The roots of this type of plant require moderate to high aeration, so a very porous specialty soil is preferred to encourage root growth. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! Give greenery a new lease on life by watering until the soil is moist, but not saturated. The problem is that A LOT of my plants are getting brown and crispy lower leaves. I thought that it was sunburn at first, but I would think that if that were the case, all of the leaves … Martin says to relocate the pot to a sunny window, stat. When I first bought my crispy wave plant, I placed it in a south-facing window that gets quite a bit of light. This is a distinct possibility if the crispy, dry appearance shows up on leaf tips first, then progresses to the entire leaf. Forced air heating systems are notorious for drying out the ambient environment in a home. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, We Found the Best Flower Delivery Services, 25 Hard-to-Kill Indoor Plants Anyone Can Own, 8 Changes That Will Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal, How to Keep Your Christmas Cactus Blooming, Stock Tank Pool Ideas to Help You Cool Off. Improper irrigation of outdoor gardenias or reduced indoor watering can dry leaves and cause premature bud drop. When I think of wooded areas like where crispy wave plants and their relatives grow in the wild, I think moisture. If you see papery leaves on plants, or if you’ve noticed papery spots on leaves, you have a mystery on your hands. Check to make sure that your plant pot has adequate drainage. Yellow at the edges? 8 Replies 3315 Views March 27, 2009, 15:50 by noidea : Yellow leaves on tomato plants It starts to dry out too. Cool name. While the summers here are unpleasantly humid for humans, they’re about perfect for a crispy wave fern. I repotted my plant when I bought it, but I used the same soil the plant came with, plus I added a mix of regular soil with perlite. This often happens during hot, dry weather when moisture evaporates before the plant can absorb it through the roots. Hopefully, it’ll help make your holiday season as special as possible. In your relaxed home environment, your crispy wave may appear to “droop” in that the leaves start to point more sideways than upright. Instead, use bottled water or let water sit overnight so the chlorine and minerals have time to dissipate. A lot of your other house plants might enjoy misting during winter if you have forced air heating, although perhaps not as frequently as the crispy wave does. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. Read the container carefully and apply fertilizer as directed. So, color me surprised when my crispy wave fern struggled from the beginning! Lack of moisture – Papery leaves on plants are often caused by leaf scorch. As the roots smother, the leaves turn dry and papery and the plant eventually dies. 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It's not just a heavy-handed approach to the watering can that does it, either. The crispy wave is notorious for its air purifying abilities, which are thought to be due to the rippled texture of the fern fronds giving it a greater surface area with which to filter carbon dioxide into oxygen. You’ll want to avoid potting your crispy wave plant in typical soil. "Overwatering is the number one killer of houseplants," Wheeler says. As a thank you for joining our campaign, we’ll gift you our brand new eBook,. Discovered a few crunchy leaves that came off really easy this morning on the lowest branches of my sativa plant. Many plants perform better with a dilute formula, and most require no fertilizer during the winter months. Similarly, cold water affects many plants adversely. Crispy wave drooping leaves. Out in nature, asplenium ferns typically grow in wooded areas where direct sunlight doesn’t reach them very much. I pruned the dead blossoms off last week. What does this mean for my crispy wave plant? But the promotions should be gradual (increase the container size by two inches at a time), so curb your enthusiasm. 13 Replies 3428 Views May 28, 2008, 14:11 by James : Leaves going white and crispy on Bean Plants Started by noidea on Grow Your Own. A plant that I’ve been getting to know more recently is the crispy wave plant, which is a type of asplenium fern. Happy holidays from all of us at Gardening Know How. When ferns are grown in a mass setting like at a garden center, they may grow more upright to reach the light.