The average university course costs £6,000 a year, but fees include other services such as private tutoring, access to information technology, and various library services. It's next survey could look very different. Children are obligated to attend school from the age of five to the age of 16, but can extend your education at high school or college to take ‘A’ levels which are required to qualify for university places. Share. Lidl and Aldi stock a variety of quality products at reasonably low prices for budget shoppers whilst at the other end of the scale, Waitrose and Sainsbury cater towards the higher end of the market. Read more here In order to qualify for NHS treatments, expats must register for an NHS number. Cost of Living in London: Monthly Costs & Prices (for 2020) London is an exciting and vibrant city with endless possibilities. The major cities in the UK are cosmopolitan and have a wide choice of restaurants, cafés, and pubs that serve food. Since the turn of the millennium, Britain has attracted workers from the EU, immigrants, and expats looking for a better quality of life, though it remains to be seen how its decision to leave the EU will affect this in the future. Elsewhere in England, house prices are around £300,000–£500,000 in the south, and £200,000–£400,000 in the midlands and further north. If you are making one-off journeys and know the dates you are traveling booking two or three weeks in advance using websites such as thetrainline can save you an average of 43% per journey. The only costs are for uniforms, dinners, and extra-curricular books that are not offered by the UK education system. Most expats will pay personal income tax directly from your monthly salary. Although international schools represents the least disruption to your child’s education, they are also the most expensive. Consumer price inflation, UK: October 2020 What's in the bulletin? Expats from other European Economic Area countries can also draw benefits earned in your native country upon retirement. Treatments are significantly higher. Social security benefits (National Insurance) cover expats for unemployment, sickness, maternity, disability, and death. This covers doctor’s appointments and some hospital treatments although most prescriptions carry a charge. The cheapest, meanwhile, was £65 a month, or £788 a year. Snacks, sandwiches and fast-food cost around £2.50–£5. Owning a car is also expensive in the UK thanks to relatively high fuel costs. Children under the age of two years old are eligible to attend a day nursery. Residents in London should invest in an Oyster card, which provides access to buses and metro for slightly cheaper rates. Which city offers the highest disposable income? Most international schools charge an application fee which is non-refundable if your child fails to secure a placement. Some shops like Boots and Marks & Spencer offer meal deals that include a sandwich and a snack starting at £3.99. The UK housing market has begun to slow after years of unprecedented growth – with more expensive markets in particular seeing price increases stagnate. Migrants are an integral part of the nation's diverse and multicultural population. Harley Street in London is regarded as the home of some of the world’s leading specialists, but charge around £210 for a consultation. Private companies like Uber can be considerably less expensive than black cabs. However, living in the UK can be a mixed bag for foreigners. Before traveling by taxi in the UK, estimate the cab fare with an online price finder. Surprisingly, London boasts the best transport system in the UK, mainly thanks to the Underground – although it is also the most expensive transport network in the world. Prices in bars are more expensive than the traditional pubs. Utility costs and energy prices in the UK, British food and the cost of dining out in the UK, Social security and pensions costs in the UK. Which city has the lowest cost of living? If you plan to rent in London, a one-bedroom flat might cost between £1,200 and £1,600 a month. The good news is that you most likely won’t have to deal with your bills punishing your usual habits with extortionate demands. Those planning to migrate… You can also purchase broadband and landlines with mobile deals or some supermarkets and department stores such as Tesco and John Lewis. Its Worldwide Cost of Living Survey for 2020 was compiled in November 2019, before the coronavirus became a pandemic. Your choices will not impact your visit. Average private healthcare insurance premiums in the UK are £1,435 a year. This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience. The tax bands are as follows: The social security system in the UK can be complex. Train fares can be high although monthly passes are much more cost-effective. If you’re considering moving to the United Kingdom, it is advisable to research the cost of living in the UK, including house prices, childcare costs, and food prices before you land on British soil. This guide gives you an in-depth overview as to general living costs in the UK including UK housing, healthcare, public transport in the UK, groceries, childcare in the UK, the UK tax system, and entertainment. (Best place to live to FIRE) 3. Residents in the UK have access to free medical care under the National Health Service (NHS). The upside is the quality of education is significantly higher than state schools. The cost of living in the UK is estimated at £1000 to £1500 per month to cover the cost of accommodation, food, books, travel, etc. As one of the world’s leading global cities, London is especially culturally diverse and provides its inhabitants with plenty of entertainment, dining, and career advancement opportunities.