CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTOR This Agreement is made between _____ ("Owner"), and _____ _____ ("Contractor”). 1.6 Contract price - Means the price for the Works as stated in article 2.5 of the agreement or as adjusted in accordance with the contract. COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION AGREEMENT This CONTRACT AGREEMENT (“Contract”) is made on _____, 20___, by and between <> (“Owner”) and <> (“Contractor”). The contractor agrees to perform certain construction, alteration or repair work (referred to as the “work”) in accordance with this Contract. B. A. 1.7 Contractor - Means the person or firm named in the articles of agreement with whom the Employer has entered into contract and includes the legal successors in title and permitted assigns. The Contractor will begin the work no later than and complete the work on or before 2. If a conflict exists between the plans and the specifications, the C. is made this day of , 20 , by and between ((Builder(), and ((Owners() for the construction of a single-family residence for the owners of property located in County, State of Florida, and legally described as Lot Block of the Subdivision and also known and numbered as . There are no understandings or agreements between contractor and owner other than those set forth in this agreement and in the documents referred to in Sections Two and Three. THIS AGREEMENT . The terms of this agreement shall prevail over any conflicting provisions in the documents incorporated by reference. All work will be done in a good, sound and workmanlike manner. Contractor wishes to enter into the following Contract with the Owner to furnish labor and materials to the project located at <> (“Project”), pursuant to plans dated License No. Contract Documents. to prepare the site for construction. The Owner has entered into a Design, Development, and Construction Agreement with Westfield, LLC (“Construction Manager”), whereby the Owner has engaged Westfield, LLC to act as the Construction Manager for the Project and the duties and responsibilities of the Construction Manager as described herein shall be on behalf of the Owner. Work. Agreement. The terms of this contract include the conditions of this contract and by reference the provisions in the other documents specifically listed. No other statement, representation or promise has been made to induce either party to enter into this agreement. 1.