History of Computer 2. Lesson 1 history of computer (grade 1) 1. 3. 2 Very Brief History of Computers 1943 - first computer ENIAC - Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer 1943 - IBM - International Business Machines - established to build business machines. Introductions – name, where you live – what you want out of class 2. 1977 - Apple II launched - personal computer (pc) … First graders will also develop and improve their word processing skills. The first computers were people. First Grade Qtr.1 technology lessons emphasize a strong focus on typing practice and developing essential word processing skills. … Typing Practice and Word Processing Skills. First Grade Computer Lesson Plans - Qtr. This method can only be done with numbers from 1-10. Basic computer class 1 1. If five kittens were adopted by new owners, how many are left? Answer Number Sentence 6-51 Check Answer 51 6 or 15 6 2 Grade 1 January Math Super Stars Katelyn Casucci Brendon Helfer Anastacia Maldonado Michael Mangino Towvary Pop Abbey Powers Victoria Puopolo Isabella Russo Justine Collins Anela … Title: Grade 1 1 Grade 1 January Math Super Star Problem Mother cat has six kittens. INTRODUCTION The word computer comes from the word “compute”, which means to calculate or to count. 01/31/15 1 Basic Computer Class Welcome! First graders will practice typing using proper home row technique. 4. 1.