Through a convoluted series of middlemen, the sender and receiver can thereby communicate with each other. The ancient Silk Road shares its name with a modern digital counterpart. In ancient times, the Silk Road was a 6,000-kilometre trade route connecting Europe and Asia. In the age of technology, trends come and go almost instantaneously. However, devices are becoming cheaper, and a single device can be shared and passed around. The Freedom of Information Act establishes the following statutory rights: A legal right for each person to access information held by public bodies and government departments, A legal right for each person to have official information relating to himself/herself amended where it is incomplete, incorrect or misleading, A legal right to obtain reasons for decisions affecting himself/herself. This article focuses on the term when it refers to communicating without wires. The first wireless conversation ever occurred in 1880 when Charles Sumner Tainter and Alexander Graham Bell invented the photophone. Disadvantages of communication Technology. says the following regarding the definition of the term: “Wireless’ is a broad term that encompasses all sorts of technologies and devices that transmit data over the air rather than over wires, including cellular communications, networking between computers with wireless adapters and wireless computer accessories.”. According to Alive. Market Business News - The latest business news. We could know what they done recently and we could see each other through video calls. Throughout this chapter, the internet should be envisaged as the whole gamut of connected digital devices and services. The retail store would in turn have procured the television from a distributor, who would have acquired it from the manufacturer. For many people it is impossible to imagine life without the instant connectivity and wealth of information provided by the internet and accessed through such devices. Who would have thought 50 years ago that employees could monitor activities at home with a wireless webcam? Although the cost of producing a product might stay the same, savings can be made when it comes to distributing, selling and marketing the product. These links can be either physical cables or wireless connections. Examples of other services on the internet include email, voice and video communications and online gaming. The process of mailing a letter resembles the protracted commercial chain described in the section above. On the other hand, the long tail also gives a voice to unsavoury constituents of society. also offered here. E-IR is an independent non-profit publisher run by an all volunteer team. Social media has became the most popular and most effective aspect of communication technology, the reason being users around the world can communicate with each other anywhere and anytime they are on the internet. The reason for that is because of the existence of communication technology and the wide interest in this technology from people around the world. Advantages and Disadvantages of Communication Technology They can also be anywhere on a scale from very large to very small. (Bush 1945). Essay, 7 pages. (ABC7, 2013)”. The radio, which Marconi invented, and television, for example, receive broadcast communications without using wires. It is useful and convenient for the teenagers, students, and businessman. The photophone was a telephone that conducted audio conversation over modulated light beams. RF and IR stand for radio frequency and infrared respectively. Eerily prescient, Bush’s description accurately describes smartphones. As mentioned above, Communication Technology provides advantage and disadvantages to our society. (2016, May 07). It not only facilitated commercial trade but also enabled the flow of ideas, and even religions, between cultures. Your donations allow us to invest in new open access titles and pay our Type: Commerce is a cornerstone of human interaction. Users of communication technology should be aware and educated about the do’s and don’ts using communication technology such as social media. Essay, 9 pages. “Wireless technology provides the ability to communicate between two or more entities over distances without the use of wires or cables of any sort. However, in most cases, the term refers to communicating without wires or cables. The disadvantages are that people can provide false information and exploit the advantages of social media on people public life and cause misunderstanding, loss of properties or sometimes even lives. They also patented the photophone in that year. However, the monetary cost of communications was never really high enough to pose a barrier to entry. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Students looking for free, top-notch essay and term paper samples on various topics. In the words of Rucker (1983, 108) ‘the human race is a single vast tapestry, linked by our shared food and air’. With a literally global audience reachable through the internet, even the most obscure ideas (about, for instance, political ideology, religious convictions, business ventures) can find someone to appeal to. Examples of other services on the internet include email, voice and video communications and online gaming. Devices connected to the internet are connected to each other through network links. In summary, communication technology provides advantages and disadvantages and without a doubt have a huge impact on society and the future. Any “Facebook appears to be working on a smartphone app which will track the location of its. At least as old as the idea of commerce is the idea of communicating with other humans across geographical divides. Bibliography, “Business Communication”, September 28, 2011. Moreover, the impact on both private and public live of communication technology is increasing. Some users that post all kinds of photos on their social media also provide ample of information to the public and easily can be targeted by culprits. Braun (1850-1918) was a German inventor and physicist. In a nutshell, the theory suggests that because products can be distributed and sold more cheaply, vendors can now stock a broader range of goods each of which appeals to a small customer base (the tail), rather than focus on a narrow range of goods that appeal to a large number of customers (the head). It all started with German physicist Heinrich Hertz (1857-1894) when he discovered electromagnetic waves. Bell (1847-1922) was a Scottish-born scientist, inventor, engineer, and innovator. (984), 4.7