They kept trying to tie voip phone into my plan which I can’t use and I don’t want to use their Xfi modems with voip. Buy your kids some healthy food. It is pocket-friendly too. NOT HAPPY, I signed up for this and got it hooked up quickly but I thought it is supposed to be $10 a month. So they lied you can’t just plug it in and it’s ready to. Going with a single provider for all your communication needs will also likely get you a good deal. I ordered one since April 1 and after one month of waiting I received damage not working PC and I think is used not refurbished as they said. Use this comments section to discuss problems you have had with Comcast, or how they have handled your complaints. Then they said your address did not have PRE-EXIsting connection. “These connections may not even be fast enough for modern web applications,” writes Randall, “especially if multiple users in the house are sharing the same connection at the same time.”. They keep telling me they are sending me an application to sign and it never arrives. It is a lie I filled out the application online. I waired 48 hours and called them. You can also add a mobile phone plan for little-to-nothing! Their in business to make a profit not a non profit company. Then they said your address did not have PRE-EXIsting connection. They don’t have it. As bad as it was and the freeze on the bldg we got it easy peasy an love itv with hulu, Looking for info on a pc. It is a lie I filled out the application online. The process is very frustrating and you cannot get someone on the phone to answer questions. When I check online of that old application it says “ I’m sorry, can’t save unfinished applications for more than 90 days, and your application time has lapsed. I even went to the Comc, Vanessa – AvaStarly - October 9, 2019 @ 04:13. For light internet users who don’t stream a lot of HD video, game online, or share service with family members or roommates, Performance Starter (download speeds up to 10 Mbps) will work. It says it’s included but then why am I getting charged for it. And as the company brought Essentials … We're a happy to take a look and see why you're getting games in Spanish. I told them this too does not change the fact that the plan is completely different. After that, the user will be prompted to set up their username, password, and security question. I have been on the phone with costumer service multiple times. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Check your browser settings or contact your network eVERY DAY FOR 5 DAYS THEY TOLD ME IT WOULD BE ON TOMORROW.JONESBORO GA, Katherine L. Lyons [email protected] Fake craigslist adds. Paying $200 a month. ATT Signed up for internet service. I really appreciate this service and all of it’s benefits. Chris said that the account listed automatic withdrawal. 9/23/20 – 12:10 1-912-525-2820 – Technician came said modem was not working and hadn’t been for months. Whoops! One terabyte equals 1024 GB, I am at the end of my service month and am at 73 GB. I filled out application online and uploaded documents showing that I received government assistance. My daughter has to use internet for her classes, but from July 14th to September 23rd, it wasn't working. I told him to check my pass payment record, he will see that I've always paid online. I’m so fucking mad. Michael Lee Mercer(Husband) SUB-STANDARD SPEEDS She didn't appear to research why I was charged as she was telling my to "clam down". They first SCREW up our work order date, DOWNGRADE our services and CHARGE us more, DECEIVE me, LIE to me, and have the nerve to BLAME me. I called back spoke with Moya, I explained that I wanted to speak with a Supervisor, for whom I got to speak with Chris. I called them and they said they will rep, We couldn’t get an account due to every family member having it and gone bad thr address was froze. It’s 9.95 extaly when I payed it total was 9.95 plus 2 charge for paying . Or refuse to pay their outrageous prices, I should say. @DemonicGrin Hi, Shaun. I also tried to get them to send me info and an application sent to my email and that never arrives. BIG MISTAKE!!!! I believe it equals around 700+ movies being streamed in a month! For more information about reviews on please visit our 9/22/20 – Online service automated sent me to a person online and I got a different number! After applicants are approved, they will receive a Welcome Kit and all the equipment within 7 to 10 business days. I had to pay for the shipping back and a $30.00 restocking fee. Internet Essentials for Low-Income Families, Internet Essentials Housing Assistance Program, Internet Essentials Community College Program (only for Illinois and Colorado). I waited on phone just as long and today I received my free router n free internet works great, Melissa Williams - April 13, 2020 @ 19:58, There is a ringing that is so bad that I cannot keep my modem plugged up it’s giving me and my child to headache really bad what do I do about the ringing that is coming throughout my house affecting everyone. Group Sponsored By Comcast Gives An Award To Comcast, Comcast Now Offering Cheap Internet To Some Community College Students, Anatomy Of A Comcastrophe: A Look Back At How Comcast Failed To Buy Time Warner Cable For $45B, Comcast: Consumers Are Harmed If We Don’t Get To Charge Extra For Privacy, Comcast Makes Slight Improvements To Its Broadband Program For Low-Income Households, Fraud Suspect Thought Paying For Fingerprints With Stolen Credit Card Was A Good Idea, Comcast began rolling out its Internet Essentials program.