May 18, 2018 Lukman Foto 0. For example, a walk-in closet is going to be larger than the traditional reach-in closet. First, let’s take a look at closet dimensions overall. So let's started on walk in closet dimensions with hanging space. There are two types, half hanging height for hanging shirts, tops, most skirts and folded trousers and full hanging height for hanging dresses, … When you’re considering the dimensions of your closet, the width and depth will depend on the type of closet you’re working with. Coat Closet Dimensions. Storing coats and shoes when your front walk in closet dimensions anized foyer coat closet before and coat closet into a mini mudroom anizing a functional coat closet. 1. Invest some time in selecting a door style for the coat closet, as this detail is pivotal to your construction approach in terms of the size of the rough opening at the front of the coat closet. What are the standard sizes of closets for a house about 1800 SQF. Average Height Of Coat Closet … Reach-in closets … Bigger is often better, but general guidelines for the absolute minimum closet sizes, excluding space for the door, are as follows: Minimum walk-in bedroom or coat closet: 4'D x 4'W; Minimum walk-in pantry or linen closet: 32"D x 32"W; Minimum reach-in bedroom or coat closet: 22"D (standard reach-in closet … Add for thick winter coats and closet depths need to be at LEAST 30" deep. Most coat hangars are at least 19" long.