Take a deep breath. 9. More particularly the invention relates to special spacers of "clamshell" design that may be mounted or dismounted from the rod without the necessity of removing clothes and hangers and dismounting the rod from its support brackets. None of these constructions offer the advantages associated with this invention. 4,729,482 which shows a rotatable round sleeve to fit on a square towel bar. No. Xangar hanger spacers are good for you, and even better for your clothes. Very much Satisfied..! For example, pairs of opposed external tab-type snap closures may be used in place of the clip/hole, or elongated beads. (i) each section having a longitudinal extent and comprising an inner surface spaced from and partially enclosing said rod and an outer surface spaced from said inner surface to define a wall therebetween, (ii) the longitudinal wall of each section terminating in end walls projecting inwardly toward said rod and terminating just short of said rod to permit sliding engagement with said rod, and. 7 and 8 and collars having spaced grooves for supporting more than one hanger, FIG. 2,525,169 shows a cork hub for a fishing reel; U.S. Pat. No. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Xangar hanger spacers make perfect baby closet organizers, kids closet organizers, portable closet organizers, or additions to any custom closet organizer system. The invention is directed to a spacing collar formed from two generally identical sections, each of which is a hemicylinder. A spacing collar as in claim 8 wherein said hook member and hook engaging means comprise an elongated interlocking bead and mating groove formed along said clamping edges to removably secure said spacing collar on said bar. CATEGORIES. FIG. In another embodiment, the collar is elongated and has circumferential grooves in its outside surface so that a hanger hook may be "captured" in each groove. U.S. Pat. bar. The opening 33 (FIG. Your question might be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who bought this product. A clothes hanger spacer as in claim 2 wherein: FURNITURE; DOMESTIC ARTICLES OR APPLIANCES; COFFEE MILLS; SPICE MILLS; SUCTION CLEANERS IN GENERAL, Household implements used in connection with wearing apparel; Dress, hat or umbrella holders, Dress holders; Dress suspending devices; Clothes-hanger assemblies; Clothing lifters, Clothes hooks; Clothes racks; Garment-supporting stands with swingable or extending arms, Details of rods for suspending clothes-hangers, SPECIAL FURNITURE, FITTINGS, OR ACCESSORIES FOR SHOPS, STOREHOUSES, BARS, RESTAURANTS OR THE LIKE; PAYING COUNTERS, Show stands, hangers, or shelves, adapted for particular articles or materials, Show stands, hangers, or shelves, adapted for particular articles or materials for garments, Seven Continents Enterprises Incorporated, ASSIGNMENT OF ASSIGNORS INTEREST. 4. Closet Rods. Dresses. The in is shown in the drawings in which: FIG. I'm an organize freak so this perfect..! Closet Rods and Rod Supports. Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews. In a preferred embodiment the spacing collar is a cylinder having rounded ends as seen in longitudinal (axial) cross-section, which cylinder is divided into two hemicylindrical sections by a straight hinge joining adjacent edges of the sections in a clamshell-type construction. Closet and Storage. 2,058,416 which shows a clip to prevent towels from slipping off towel bars; and U.S. Pat. 3 is a cross sectional view of a closed spacing collar showing one type of closure for locking the spacing collar; FIG. A spacing collar as in claim 6 wherein: (a) said grooves form corners with said cylindrical outer surface that are rounded so that hanger hooks slide into said grooves. The hinge need not extend to full axial length of the generally cylindrical side wall 36 of the shells. Please make sure that you've entered a valid question. It should be understood that various modifications within the scope of this invention can be made by one of ordinary skill in the art without departing from the spirit thereof. A plan view of an opened spacing collar is shown in FIG. The plastic may be color coded to length as a visual guide, or for good looks. 1. These create a uniform appearance in the closet, prevent overcrowding, and help you see what's there. Prime-Line Adjustable Nylon Bypass Door Guide, 1-1/4 in. 13. The following detailed description illustrates the invention by way of example, not by way of limitation of the principles of the invention. Please try again. Application. 11. In the alternative, for children's clothes rods, the shape may be irregular in cross-section where, for example the shape is an animal or character figure, e.g. For example, U.S. Pat. A spacer to maintain separation between garments on hangers hanging on a clothes rod being a collar having a clam shell construction so that the spacer can be opening for attachment to, or removal from, the closet rod thereby avoiding the necessity of removing the bar from the closet. PERFECT DESIGN - We thought this one out so you don't have to: one-handed application, glides smoothly for easy access, universally sized to fit small to heavy duty closet rods and any kind of clothes hangers, made of durable, thick foam. By allowing a little extra breathing room between each hanger, your items stay wrinkle-free, accessible, and don't need extra ironings. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. 6A shows an elongated snap closure for securing the collar in the closed position; FIG. 7 showing a "double" groove, and FIG. Note that the hinge terminates medially of the ends, generally just before the commencement of the curved ends 27 and 27'. to about 3.increment., the longer size being used for suits and coats, intermediate lengths for dress shirts, women's dresses (depending on type & style), and shortest ones for women's blouses, collarless casual shirts and the like. A split ring design is also suggested (Column 2 Line 64-69). The problem with this design is that the hangers can rest on the surface of the sleeve or easily come out of the shallow groove, thus not accomplishing maintaining the spacing of the hangers. The construction comprises an elongated bead 28 formed in clamping surface 24 and a correspondingly mating elongated bead 30 formed in clamping surface 26. Spacers have been developed which may be positioned on the bar in order to maintain each garment at a preset distance from its neighboring garments. ASSIGNMENT OF ASSIGNORS INTEREST. 3) but may be polygonal (triangular, square, rectangular, pentagonal, hexagonal, octagonal etc.) Feel the difference of true closet organization with Xangar hanger spacers. 3. The resulting closed collar is spaced slightly from the bar to permit slidable contact therealong. The groove side walls may be narrower than the bottoms so that the hangers snap into the groove as shown at 35 in FIG. Designed for Rubbermaid FreeSlide Wire Shelving, Prevents hangers from slipping off the open ends of wire shelving. 6A also illustrates, as compared to FIG. The width between edges 18, 18, and thickness of the strip is selected to provide adequate flexibility for opening and closing the collar. No. It is another object of this invention to provide a specially designed spacing collar for slidable attachment to a clothes bar in order to maintain the proper distance between the garments hanging on said clothes bar without dismounting the bar from its end supports. MODERN ZEN FOR ALL CLOSETS - Xangar hanger spacers make perfect baby closet organizers, kids closet organizers, portable closet organizers, or additions to any custom closet organizer system. For example, we prefer a spacer outside diameter 2 3/8.increment. 1 shows in perspective three spacing collars of this invention snapped onto a clothes bar and with hangers in the proper spacing position therebetween; FIG. Harvey 012007 Big Red Spacer for Closet Bend, 6 Inch OD x 4 Inch H Big Red Spacer for Closet Bend, Size: 6" OD x 4" H Closet bend spacer which keeps poured concrete away from waste lines and closet … A two groove version (a "double") is shown in FIG. 1) formed when the two shells are snapped closed is just larger than the diameter of the largest clothes rod, 1 7/16.increment. Shop Rubbermaid FreeSlide Universal Rod Spacer Cap in the Wire Closet Hardware department at Lowe's.com. 9 shows a section of a "necked" groove portion which permits the hook to snap in the groove, preventing it from falling off too easily. Love the way they look, and can't wait to have my closet made over by one of the closet companies then add Xangar spacers!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 and has a plurality of chambered circumferential grooves, 34, for receiving the hooks 13 of hangers.