Despite this, there is a very limited amount of classical music published for the ukulele. I do not want to retune the strings and relearn as this messes too much with my head. While you are watching the video, check that the rhythm is straightforward. I had the pleasure of taking the Diploma and I must say it was very well thought out and rewarding. It is a wonderful experience finding the perfect fit for a classical guitar piece on the ukulele. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post through our independently chosen links, which earn us a commission. It begins with relatively easy pieces such as ‘Masquerade’, a 16th century Lute piece which should not cause too many problems for students just beginning their ukulele journey. One technique is creating barre chords with the second, third, or fourth fingers. There is a wealth of great music written or transcribed for the classical guitar that spans hundreds of years from the Renaissance era to the present day. I’ve tried introducing some classical work (Pachelbel’s Canon for example). An example is measures 25-27 in Choros No.1 by Heitor Villa Lobos: The original score has full 6 note chords. View all music for free online. Here are 5 classical music that can be played on ukulele. mix. I saw recently that someone had arranged Asturias by Albeniz for the ukulele and this is a great demonstration of where we are heading. Learn More. But the execution needs to be spot on. Her playing is sublime and she truly shows us what the ukulele is capable of and I thoroughly recommend checking her playing out. You can watch a video of me performing Bach’s ‘Gavotte’ on a Soprano Ukulele below: Arranging Bach for ukulele is generally quite tricky. Learn Christmas songs for ukulele at This brings up the exciting challenge of arranging classical guitar music for the ukulele. Sheppard » Geronimo. Arrangements of more complicated pieces will come along, as well as pieces by less known composers. Receive the latest Uke Hunt posts in your inbox. A logical source for more music for the ukulele is from the classical guitar repertoire. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Watch the video below of me playing Colin’s superb arrangement of ‘Adagio from Conciertio for Guitar’ by Joaquin Rodrigo and you can only marvel at just how Colin managed such a feat. That is what is so exciting. The ukulele was developed from the Portuguese braguinha in the 1880s which is a relatively short time after the modern guitar evolved with the brilliant work of Antonio de Torres Jurado in the 1850s-70s. A good example of this would be La Catedral by Austin Barrios Mangoré. I wanted to put some more complicated pieces in the book, so that it also appealed to the more experienced players. The guy, who has played the ukulele in the video, has done a really good job. The notes fall in a comfortable range in both these examples when played with the same fingerings as on the guitar. All Rights Reserved. It is also possible at times to read and re-finger a piece for guitar in the original key. Copyright © 2020All rights reserved Powered by WordPressUke Hunt theme by ø (Ukulele Corner offers a graded repertoire series transcribed, fingered, and arranged by Jeff Peterson drawing from Renaissance, Classical, Romantic, and Modern Era composers. With the low G tuning all the music will sound the interval of a fourth higher on the ukulele. Download free ukulele tab and sheet music for classical pieces in PDF format. This brings up the exciting challenge of arranging classical guitar music for the ukulele. It is a perfect example of how someone can play classical music on the ukulele. So, what next for classical music on the ukulele? This piece was popularised by John Williams performing it on guitar. Thanks to players like Jake Simabukuro, and, let’s face it, a certain invention called the internet, the ukulele began to be taken seriously. It is a fact and, a lot of people with agree with this statement. Here we will help you out and, hopefully, you will get some ideas on how to play classical music on a ukulele. The F# played with the left hand fourth finger can sustain into the B on the fourth string by reaching with the first finger and allowing overlap for a moment. Steve, I just finished spending the past month on learning chords and notes for the Baritone tuning of the ukelele…EBGD and did not realize this book was for low G tuning. Another classical music (by Johann Sebastian Bach) that you can play on ukulele. The book also came with a CD featuring Tony’s sublime playing, recorded beautifully and good enough to stand up as an album on its own. The re-entrant high G tuning offers many other possibilities: J.S Bach Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring(first theme), Ernest Ka’ai Hone A Ka Wai excerpt arranged from the original published music using campanella fingerings with the high G tuning, Measures 1, 5, 9, and 13 use combinations of movement mainly between the 4th. Your email address will not be published. What aspects are essential in the music and what can be left out, How to achieve the most sustain and bring out dynamics/expression in the music, What is possible on the ukulele that would be difficult or impossible on the guitar, Can techniques that are common on the ukulele but not common on the guitar be used. ‘Classical Uke’ brings us very up to date as to where we are with Classical music on the ukulele. This mirrors the development of the modern classical guitar repertoire which borrowed from abundant sources including Bach’s lute and cello suites and Spanish piano music by Isaac Albéniz and Enrique Granados. I am grateful that it has been very well received and when I play up and down the country I receive a lot of positive feedback about it. Here are some of the things to consider that can make a seemingly impossible transition between the instruments very natural: The first step in the arranging process is often to look at the range of the melody and accompaniment. A guitarist can test pieces by reading them as if playing the top four strings of the guitar. She runs the I Love Classical Ukulele website and her arrangements of Sor and other classical composers are tremendous. But it is just the beginning. Lot’s of fun. This classical music is surely among the best and, there is very little doubt that “canon in d” on ukulele will sound great. Today’s post come courtesy of Paul Mansell.Paul’s a a professional ukulele player and author who specialises in classical music. More... Beethoven Moonlight Sonata (opening) 2018 Beethoven Fur Elise 2014 Chopin Nocturne Op9, No2 2018 Bach Minuet in G 2014 Bach Prelude from Suite no.1 for unaccompanied cello 2016 Beethoven Theme from Ode to Joy 2015 Trad. The VCM syllabus for ukulele now goes all the way up to Diploma level. Mostly we’ve been playing folk, country & western, and pop music with accessible chords. He released what is widely regarded as the first accessible (and not to mention big selling) book on classical music for the ukulele. This beautiful composition can be played on the ukulele. The Sor Study is transposed from C to F.  The note G in bar 15 uses the 4th string in the re-entrant high G tuning but could be played on the 3rd fret of the 2nd string like the original. With all of these great books and players, I was very excited to sign a publishing deal myself, with Kevin Mayhew Ltd, and release my book ‘Classical Uke’. Well, with the help of the people I have discussed here, it has come a long way; it still has a long way to go. Published in 2011 (again by Hal Leonard) this is an essential book for anyone interested in playing classical music on the ukulele. 60 by Fernando Sor: Many techniques that are common on the ukulele can be used to interpret pieces from the classical guitar repertoire. It is a wonderful experience finding the perfect fit for a classical guitar piece on the ukulele.