In this story, we take our readers through the eight strategic questions that Team Chotukool asked themselves as they set out on a path of building an aspirational cooling solution that applies to rural and urban life, alike. The people live in small dwellings of 150 sqft. But that is incorrect. Consumer electronics segment in India (‘000 units) 12000 10000 8000 TV sets 6000 PCs Refrigerators 4000 2000 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010. Disruptive innovation has been credited as the strategy that led to Japan’s … Disruptive innovation, a term of art coined by Clayton Christensen, describes a process by which a product or service takes root initially In simple applications at the bottom of a market and then relentlessly moves up market, eventually displacing established competitors. These insights are now incorporated in the product design iteration as we are about to begin the national launch in the next festival season. The real celebrities of the day were the school children from various schools who were creating magic with their paintbrushes. • Disruptive innovation (DI) is defined as “a process by which a product or service takes root initially in simple applications at the bottom of a market or in a new market, and then relentlessly moves ‘up market’, eventually displacing established competitors”. This event was conceptualised by Team Chotukool in partnership with SSP (Swayam Shikshan Prayog, a development organisation that works with several micro women entrepreneurs). How do we, deeply and genuinely, understand the needs of our target groups? That is why innovation is important.”, Mr. Sunderraman noted that frugal innovation was particularly relevant to developing countries because it helps create affordable products that people would not otherwise be able to access. This is because there were several big brands that were trying to push products to these customers, but the products were not really addressing any of their pain points. It is that sort of purity and integrity that is very fundamental to art which we often lose sight of in the business world. Today, the team has grown a fair bit and is gearing up to take to market, the personalised Chotukool. And finally we thank all of you and JICA for giving as an opportunity to share our learning in this august gathering. 1. Now, that we understand our target group, how do we communicate with them? Co-created with the community, Chotukool has been designed to meet the specific needs of users. However, he cautioned that IP should not be used as a barrier to access but rather should support the broad diffusion of innovations. Disruptive innovation is a tremendous force for transforming millions of lives and vital for achieving broad-based development, the kind of development we seek in Ethiopia writes Eleni Gabre-Madhin (PhD). We Will Write a Custom Case Study Specifically. Navroze adds, “While communicating the core benefit is crucial, we need to look at how people want to express themselves and what they want to say about their own lifestyles.” And, this concept of letting people “express their taste” is a defining aspect of engagement with all consumers. To enable this, Godrej is also working with a group of artists who will create a number of designs. The company consciously chose to operate under the radar, using the first iteration of Chotukool to understand usage needs of a wide variety of customers. The team at the Godrej Innovation Center has already started working on the next few domains, but feel it is too early to speak about them. This was at the launch of the reincarnation of Chotukool, a cooling device, which is a part of Godrej & Boyce’s disruptive innovation initiatives. And, this whole process adds meaning to people’s lives. Sunderraman believes that, over time, selling online will become a critical part of the B2C sales process. Free newsletter. It is very easy for a good idea to dilute itself. Additionally, Godrej has also setup a direct sales team to visit the homes of customers to help them custom design a Chotukool, using an interactive tablet, and also buy one if they like. By adopting a broader vision that puts the needs of consumers front and center, Mr. Sunderraman and his team have found a way to penetrate an untapped market. Building a multidisciplinary team with people from various backgrounds working together and develop a shared understanding of the challenge, Focus on learning by doing… and realizing that innovations are built on iterative experiments over time, Playing to the distinctive capabilities of Team Chotukool, Overcoming tough manufacturing process challenges to ensure that every Chotukool can be customised, Devising a business model while still at a price point of Rs. Disruptive Innovations address the basic needs of the simple customers with easy, simple and affordable solutions. We’re gearing up to build the Chotukool, a product that has the potential to disrupt. Most importantly, users have the choice of co-creating a Chotukool with their unique design. It is the underlying philosophy to think of better ways to do what you do, on an everyday basis, and expand your frames of reference on how you see the world. Incidentally, we learned the skills to build system dynamic model through Five Step Discovery process in VLFM. Strategy,Disruptive innovation,Marketing,Innovation,Entrepreneurship,Emerging markets Format Type Filter: Hardcover/Hardcopy (Color) Format Type Filter: PDF Item: # 616020 Industry: Retail & Consumer Goods Pages: 18 Publication Date: June 21, 2016. “To convert an idea into a real business is a very painful iterative effort that involves a lot of sweat. While Chotukool is unique today, it would be naïve to think we will not have competition. A case of ‘disruptive innovation’ that is transforming Rural India GODREJ CHOTUKOOL. The marketing person is involved in the product development process; the technology expert has a deep understanding of the usage needs and so on. Mr. Sunderraman is also the driving force behind the company’s Breakthrough Management and Disruptive Innovation initiative. Reflecting on the importance of innovation, Mr. Sunderraman said, “if you want society to develop and if you want to improve the lives of people, the only way to do so is through innovation. All this could be done with 12 volts,” he mused. The team found that most of the people purchase their needs for a day or two at a time. And finally we have a dream that some day in future, Chotukool like products will help deliver vaccines to the children at the BOP in wide spread rural hinterland where there is limited healthcare infrastructure, electric grid power and transport. The challenge of BOP is a global challenge – the solution will also come through global cooperation in technology development, product design and research! Nano is what innovation experts call a disruptive innovation. What inspires me is art – fine arts, performing arts and artists – as it leaves behind such a rich legacy for many generations. It is 7.8 Kg, in weight and easy to move. It is critical to understand what you are trying to achieve and understand the bigger picture and philosophy behind it and stick to that. In every sense, it was unlike any other launch – there was no fanfare, no celebrities and no ribbon cutting. Other examples that are often mentioned include the Tata Swach, an eco-friendly, portable water purification system; the chotuKool, a portable, low-cost refrigerator that can be battery powered, introduced in India by Godrej & Boyce; and the LePhone, which was introduced by Lenovo as China’s less-expensive answer to the iPhone. While the initial approach to building Chotukool was only economic empowerment, with this model, creative empowerment has also come into being. 4690, Work towards a dream of creating a platform of products that will empower people both economically and creatively, KEY MANAGEMENT LESSONS LEARNT FROM THE CHOTUKOOL JOURNEY. A number of scholars have argued that a similar disruption process is brewing in today’s emerging markets, especially in China and India. Over the last few years, Team Chotukool spent quality time with the users in both rural and urban India, which is discussed in detail in this story. While reaching out to a set of users whose needs were still evolving, the approach to communication had to be unique. Insights of a Catalyst in Alignment & Innovation, Problem-solving approaches: clock-fixing vs cloud-fixing. Co-designed with village girls from the Marathwada region of Maharashtra, the fridge uses minimal electricity, costs about three times less than the average refrigerator, and weighs just slightly under 9 kg. If you’re outside the fishbowl observing you cannot understand what the fish go through. And, that is the art these kids are creating.” He added, much to her delight, “You can even take your family photo and we can embed that print during the manufacturing process when we create your Chotukool.”. Bridging the gap between developed and developing is all progress and I think intellectual property should be able to help society progress.”. One objective of disruptive innovation is to remove barriers to consumption. “We used the logic of people communicating with each other, a kind of word-of-mouth diffusion which is very slow but the best way to reach out because each region and each community in India is different and you need to tailor communications to people’s needs.” The company is also working with various non-governmental organizations and community self-help groups to spread the word about Chotukool.