It was a little pricey to make with all of the fresh ingredients. GARLIC NOODLE SOUP WITH BOK CHOY // THE FORKED SPOON . Pour chicken stock into a pot and bring it to a boil. Wife, mom to three growing boys, lover of food. Read More I made just a few changes. All rights reserved. Here are 7 healthy and tasty ways to eat chicken – BuzzNet. Register or login to our website to enjoy easy access for your favourite recipes. Of course, the proportions are flexible, so play around with it if you want more heat, less vinegar, and so on. The fresh lime, cilantro, mint and green onions are a perfect match w/ the spice in the soup. Sounds like I made different recipe entirely, but I bet it is fairly similar to the original. Traditional Hokkien Zongzi (Rice Dumpling with Salted Egg Yolk & Pork). is part of the Allrecipes Food Group. fantastic, my only sub was salam olbeek since I didn't have sriracha. The mint especially worked in this recipe.Maybe add a little oil to keep the noodles loose. Don't omit the mint and cilantro even if you think they sound weird. Pour boiled chicken stock into the Sichuan pepper mixture. Drain. I made it for my husband because he had a horrible cold... it was just what the doctor ordered. We'll be making this again for sure. Bring 6 cups water to a boil in a large saucepan. I'll have to warn you though... it packs some heat. If you take it easy on the noodles, it's enough to satisfy you without making you fat! If you don't have rotisserie chicken, simply use a poached chicken breast. I made the recipe almost exactly. No forks or spoons required, just easy-to-pick-up party foods, so you can clean up in no time. Here are 7 healthy and tasty ways to eat chicken | FrankoPolo, Tired of bland chicken? Next time we'll add more veggies to it, but it's tasty and very versatile. Added sliced mushrooms and made with pad thai sized rice flour noodles as my store didn't have the wider ones. Stefanie @ Sarcastic Cooking recently posted.. Nicole @ youngbrokeandhungry recently posted.. Holly @JustTwoCraftySisters recently posted.. [email protected] recently posted.. My kids LOVED it- my 6 yr old, super picky eater that makes dinner a battle, LOVED it- went back for more 4 times! Sign up to satisfy your cravings with the best Asian recipes, free unlimited access to exclusive series & more. But it was an excellent recipe, that I'll be making often! Otherwise very good and super easy to make. If you don't have the Sriracha on hand, thin slices of jalapeño pepper make a good substitute for this soup recipe. It's only overshadowed by show stopping flavours of buzzing Sichuan red pepper oil, and the sharp zap of black vinegar. MyRecipes may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. As the noodles are already cooked, all you need is to gently heat up noodles for 2 mins in a pot of boiling water. Word to the wise if you plan on having leftovers - the rice noodles soak up a lot of broth and get really swollen over time. I make my own Thai tom-yum soup from scratch and this recipe is a great alternative to finding exotic and sometimes expensive ingredients. Great tangy taste and very quick to make. Highly recommended for rainy nights when one is a bit under the weather....instant perk up! Wonderful, bright flavors. Delicious and easy to make. I added some shitake mushrooms and one extra cup of chicken broth to make it a little heartier (and so I could have some leftovers, of course). © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. It's only overshadowed by show stopping flavours of buzzing Sichuan red pepper oil, and the sharp zap of black vinegar. Garnish with chopped coriander, spring onions, toasted peanuts, and serve! This recipe was great! Try a different brand of rice-sticks. This was the most delicious soup ever! I also roasted my own skin-on, bone-in chicken breast rather than buying rotisserie chicken. For a lighter taste, pour less. Otherwise, made the recipe exactly as called for and LOVED it! Used fish sauce instead of soy sauce. Whether you're cooking for yourself or for a family, these easy dinners are sure to leave everyone satisfied and stress-free. Bring the first 9 ingredients to a simmer in a large pot and let simmer for about 5-8 minutes (until vegetables are tender) and then turn to low to keep warm. Added mushrooms.