When you make this dish, I would LOVE to hear what you thought of it, and if you changed up the dish at all and how you did it!! We are obsessed with this baked gnocchi casserole recipe. So often gnocchi is lumped in with pastas. I can be served simply by pouring a fresh tomato sauce over the dumplings, or you can get more creative and serve them in a gnocchi bake or casserole. Begin adding the mozza cheese, in 1 cup increments. Let the dish sit for 5 minutes before serving. You need nicely cooked bacon.. so the crispier the bacon is, the better ok?! A super cheesy chicken gnocchi bake with added chicken and bacon, to make your comfort food dreams come true. Those are both so simple and tasty as well, and if you love those, you really get me. Thanks for sharing this, it’s going to be my new comfort food staple. When you say ready made gnocchi, do you mean store bought gnocchi should be cooked according to package directions or do I toss it in straight from package? Let’s start with making a cheese sauce. OMG, that’s so awesome!! Gnocchi is best served with sauces, cheese, and vegetables in the same way you would serve pasta. Transfer the bacon to a paper towel-lined plate. I used leftover chicken from a rotisserie chicken we bought previously, but you could use chicken breasts and cook them any way you prefer. You can also boil gnocchi the same way you boil pasta: I hope you love this cheesy bacon gnocchi bake as much as we do! Gnocchi is considered a dumpling, as it’s traditionally made out of dough or potatoes. Please read my disclosure policy. In the very least, do not use the stuff that comes in the green cardboard container on the shelf. ESPECIALLY if you think you have other stuff to do for the rest of the day. Stir while it melts and thickens the sauce. more information Accept. Gnocchi – little pillows of heaven is what I like to call it. Buy yourself some quality parmesan cheese in a wedge and grate it yourself, or buy it grated from your deli. See, this dish is going wrap its soft cuddly arms around you and rock you like a baby…. It’s sooo amazing. It really is so versatile! I love the flavor combination, I love the ease of the recipe, and I love the hearty comfort food feeling. I'm Joanne, and I'm glad you're here! However, I would not serve rice or potatoes as a side as the pasta bake has enough starch as it is. Don’t forget to show me a pic of what you made! You could use: A plain linguini type pasta that I used in this Slow Cooker Individual Spaghetti meals, orThe ditalini pasta shape that I used in this Slow Cooker Taco Stew Dish, orIf you wanted to keep things low carb, you could use a shiritaki type noodle that I used in this Instant Pot Low Carb Spaghetti dish, and finally, you could even use pre-made Ravioli, as I used in this Ravioli Soup Recipe! Personally, this would be my favorite. Hi Jean, the recipe has been edited, thanks! In a large skillet over medium heat, fry the bacon pieces until cooked and just shy of crispy. Have a fantastic day! Hi, I’m Becky Hardin. This baked gnocchi recipe is the perfect cheesy dinner. There was an error submitting your subscription. We are obsessed with this baked gnocchi recipe. I actually looked it up. This baked gnocchi recipe is a great alternative to traditional casserole dish. Stir, stir, stir. Baked Pasta Primavera with Cream Cheese Alfredo, Easy Crock Pot Ribs Recipe (BEST Slow Cooker BBQ Ribs), Stovetop Burgers – How to Cook Burgers on the Stove, Baked Chicken Wings Recipe (BEST Seasoning! Really, the possibilities are endless. DELICIOUS!!! Honestly, any veggie would do. you know,  the kind of comfort that makes you want to do nothing but lay on the couch and rub your tummy like a puppy. It started to when I first added the chicken stock. This cheesy bacon gnocchi bake contains the most delicious ingredients. Easy . Gnocchi bakes are a great alternative to traditional pastas. Hi! Gnocchi can be cooked in several ways. Please try again. I am so happy I found this recipe! Cauliflower (You could serve this in a pinch. simple and definitely filling!!! Just those two ingredients make life worth living. It’s easy to find, as most grocery stores carry it now. Get our newest recipes in your inbox PLUS our 7 day cooking guide. All the flavor soaks right in. If you wanted to learn how to make your own, check out this video that goes over the process of making gnocchi. In a sauce pan, mix together butter and flour. Bake at 375°F for 20 minutes or until lightly browned and bubbly. Learn how your comment data is processed. Super easy.. super quick. In the prepared casserole dish, add 1-tablespoon bacon fat, cooked bacon, basil, half-and-half, lemon juice, garlic salt, kosher salt, black pepper, cheese and cooked gnocchi. Easy Recipes anyone can make, that everyone will love! Making a gnocchi bake is just one of many ways to cook it. This cheesy bacon gnocchi bake contains the most delicious ingredients. Don’t overcook the gnocchi–make sure you keep an eye on them. If you’re American, the pronunciation is ” NYOH – KEY”  – So you’re saying the word “know” with a ‘y’ sound thrown in there after the N, and then say ‘key’. Add milk. Your email address will not be published. I’m super happy you were able to adapt the recipe to fit your dietary needs You totally made my day! Our little secret. It won’t be the same. Keep stirring as it thickens. Cook the gnocchi according to package directions. Bake ready-made gnocchi with walnuts, lemon and mozzarella for a delicious and easy weeknight meal 40 mins . Begin adding the mozza cheese, in 1 cup increments. Cheesy Bacon Gnocchi Bake for the win win win! You don’t have to cook it for as long as the package indicates.. maybe 2/3 of the time because it will cook further in the oven in the sauce. Are you ready to enjoy? I’ve only ever eaten gnocchi one other time and I loved it that time as well. Not burnt, but you don't want flabby, soft bacon. Slowly add the stock, stirring and letting mixture come to a boil. It takes a little bit of practice first, but after a while, it’s very simple to make. or until crisp-tender. If that’s got your mouth watering, then you absolutely need to try out this baked gnocchi recipe! You can also use other Italian cheeses in addition or in place of, the parmesan. Heat oven to 375°F and butter, or spray, a 2 quart baking dish. PLUS get our FREE ebook! *Cauliflower gnocchi, Daiya mozzarella cheese, almond milk, arrowroot flour, Earth Balance soy free butter. (Mine are dry, shelf stable kind). Here at The Cookie Rookie you will find trusted and easy recipes for every occasion. The recipe never says when to put in the bacon so I put most of it inside and saved a small amount to sprinkle on top. It's easy, full of everything I love (pasta, bacon, and CHEESE), and it can be made in minutes. Not lunch. It’s not that this dish is heavy, it’s just the epitome of comfort food. or until lightly browned, … thank you for a great recipe!! That’s the oddest thing Ann! The Cookie Rookie is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to amazon.com and affiliated sites at no cost to you. If you want to know more about me, look under "about me" above! I know puppies don’t rub their tummy, but I’m trying to paint a picture here while giving you a fair warning. Thank you! While technically gnocchi is not pasta, it is used and eaten in the same manner. Try these other dinner recipes while you’re here: Last step! All Rights Reserved Unless otherwise stated, all images and content are the sole property of Joanne Andrea and https://www.thesaltypot.com.com/, No photographs or other content may be used without prior written consent. Stir well. So, to pronounce it, I will spell it phonetically. You want to make a sort of “white sauce”. A salad would lighten up the dish and give those extra greens we all need! Required fields are marked *. See recipe card for details on how to make this Cheesy Bacon Gnocchi Bake. If you try it, please let me know, I’d love to hear how it turns out and I’ll update the blog with your experiences!