Before I sent my message, I officially “Liked” the page. So dumb. After I wrote this post, I was contacted by the Canadian company Teravan. That is if I could get the roll to turn without shredding. Spoke with the manager at the H.E.B. Several complaints are from the March/April 2018 time frame, which is when Meyer purchased her rolls. So the roll sits on the counter until we have used enough if it and then it goes on the holder. I live in a downtown metro, in a 1950 1-bedroom. AND, the ends don’t fit into my ceramic 1930’s, half the size, recessed holes. Your prices are exactly the same whether you purchase through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. Stop wasting your time buying toilet paper monthly, and see what it’s like to “shop” for TP anually for a household of 6. The only downside? Read your writings and got a big laugh… Which of course is much better than crying…. Feeling heady, I sent off my inquiry. I have had to remove some of paper from roll to be able to install on holder. There are no McGyver adjustment capabilities. Mine has flat hard plastic ends. When you buy Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Roll toilet paper, you get a long-lasting roll because one Charmin Mega Roll equals 4 Regular Rolls**. I had luck getting double rolls at Home Depot for a long time when I couldn’t find them elsewhere, but then last fall i saw a stack of them on an endcap marked “clearance”. I don’t care who you are that was funny and informative! Thanks for the smiles! I still use a little TP to dry up, but during recent events, I felt like a king among peasants. One can actually access the paper! Maybe they will slightly fit into these tiny holes. It’s just like the old ($4.50) type with a little more plastic at each end: I knew I had to do something urgently when my mother told me she was sitting on the toilet rolling toilet paper onto another empty cylinder to make smaller roles to fit the dispenser in her bathroom. I agree with everyone it is frustrating buying toilet paper in the super sized packages. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; Mega Charmin Toilet Paper Bulk Deals On November 12th, 2020, we found 0 deals for Mega Charmin Toilet Paper Bulk from 0 stores. P.S. You might try the Trader Joe’s regular toilet paper. Do we choose aesthetics or utility, my friends? They are too big, and I cannot use them. Haha, I agree with you, Becky. amzn_assoc_asins = "B06XSJ1RJQ,B073HBRQSM,B0735BF63G,B01HN4A6AO"; Eliza Cross is a full-time writer and the author of 15 books about food and home design. The new roll was about a half inch thinner, and a bit narrower too. So I put the rolls on the back of the toilets and waited for the comments from my family. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Had my laugh for the day. But she says somebody just did. Let’s create an online petition. 2 of the products have an additional discount on top of … Ugh, I just came back from going out to several stores in search of even a triple roll….no luck. Oh well. Can’t believe the manufacturers are still trying to pawn off their fancy safety bars (leftover stock?) Not that anyone who could do anything about this matter would ever pay attention. Just let me and my wall holder from decades ago use the old double rolls, please. In it’s place I got a couple of pretty toilet paper boxes to put them in. . You can probably imagine the swirl of excitement I felt when they offered to let me try their products. Do you long for the good old days of Double Rolls? When I visited the site, however, I was disappointed to see not an offer for cash back, but an offer for a free “Roll Extender.”. Now looking for new toilet paper holders, the ones we bought were expensive (nice wooden looking and copper looking). Team Iron Man in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. I found tiny paper. I have a nice bottom drawer in my vanity. Thank you for your humorous take on this super-annoying problem!!! When I get back from my grocery shopping trip today, I’ll try again. I hate the mega rolls bc they don’t don’t the holders in most homes. No way they fit into the 1940 built-in TP holder. If you want to be like the bears in TV, you gotta pay $30.00 for the pack that cost $17.00 last month! This year, it’s a been a series of superhero showdowns from Batman v Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to Team Cap vs. If they want to make mega rolls then make the center tube smaller so the outside diameter stays the same. You are making me proud, you activist you! I’m sure someone thought of aesthetics, but decided it might cost them too much to offer something different or options. Team Charmin Ultra Strong – Who will Win? And of course, the new rolls don’t fit the dispenser. If you get them to squeeze in, they are super hard to get out. Or do the Mega Honkin’ Extra-Grande Texas Sized Big Ole’ Boy toilet tissue rolls fit just fine in your holders? So they roll more paper on one cardboard tube not realizing that not everyone doesn’t have a dispenser to hold these mega beasts! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I have to publicly admit that I actually researched the over/under and the patent says over. Great economy, right? amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "crossmedia0c-20"; Charmin Ultra Soft is our softest toilet paper ever so it is harder than ever to resist! Woah. Have a problem?Send me an email, at [email protected] or message me on Facebook. Who dreamed up this “innovation”? LOL! This is an excellent question from the Quilted Northern Quality Control team. I would put such a device in new homes that are built under my direction and would buy one for my own home. xo, I have brought this up to the manufacturer because I can’t find regular toilet paper anywhere any more. I’m hoping I can find one that is actually BUILT to accommodate the HUGE, INCONVENIENT MEGA rolls! Am I the only person in the US that is experiencing this? We just installed beautiful new tile in our bathroom and cannot find a tile toilet paper dispenser that will hold these monster toilet paper rolls. Charmin did send me their extender, but unfortunately it does not work with my t.p. A few days later, the package I had been awaiting for ten weeks finally arrived with a nice letter and my very own $2-$3 value Roll Extender. Unless you have cats…then it’s under to defeat their spinning proclivity!! I feel better that I’m not the only one with this problem. I live in a house that we constructed ourselves about 10 years ago. Supposedly it’s 6 rolls in one! I have a beautiful holder that holds 4 extra rolls and they don’t fit. After installing one of Teravan’s snazzy adjustable toilet paper roll adapters, the roll actually turns! Got within 2 days and installed this weekend. If you don’t mind the price they work beautifully. Thank you!! I too thought wow they forgot me..Not so. It fits in our circa-1976 holders. But hey! Hilarious post! As soon as one manufacturer resumes the double rolls, let everyone know on all the media you can access. No worries about annoying and inconveniencing their paying customers….And the stores that carry this “new and better” don’t give a hoot, either, for their customers. So, back to Amazon I go, ready to click the “order now” button. (Yes, sneaking in the elder aids even though I’m not elderly YET). Two of our bathrooms have a free standing toilet paper holder that holds 3 spare rolls and the hanging roll at the top. They are a shitty, weaker mod to permanent built in holders. I too have wondered why on earth anyone needs toilet paper rolls the size of a tire! Will manufacturers of bathroom hardware will have to retool their machinery for them too? (As we all know, today’s ‘regular roll’ contains approximately 14 squares.). Can’t wait to tell the hubby it’s NOT JUST ME!!!! Since i’ve been stealing all of my toilet paper from gas stations and office buildings for years i hardly noticed the change in grocer stock. I haven’t laughed this much all week–thank you! You are amazing. , You got it just right. Thanks for taking them to task! (Although, I believe Federal Law is on my side. I always compare the prices. Seriously, how many people have these huge toilet roll holders in their homes? I looked into another brand’s guaranteed fit, and I would have had to give them permission to use my info in order to get my money back. It is 2X more absorbent and you can use less versus the leading USA 1-ply bargain brand. This rant is just what I was looking for, so that I know I am not alone. Thank you for the important update. I could make a longer and valid rant. (Side note: �Is it me, or does this whole Mega Roll Extender thing sound just a little naughty?). Eliza, this is definitely a call for a senate investigation. Two hands required now…time to put my head between my 70 yr old knees and KMAGB? Thank you for your support.�. Thanks to Miles Goodhew for being a good sport and letting us use his photo, which was taken on the day his regular glasses were being repaired, as a stand-in for Ted Ern. In our household, superheroes aside it’s been a Team Charmin Ultra Soft vs. B/c prices change, sometimes the bigger rolls are currently a better deal, and sometimes the regular rolls are a better deal. Most major t.p. Donald, this is probably a great business opportunity for some shrewd entrepreneur.