Healing Cauliflower Holiday Soup. How to Make Kitchari: Gut Healing & Anti-Inflammatory. Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie. 5-Ingredient Buffalo Cauliflower Quinoa Casserole. Vegan Triple Berry Protein Smoothie. Roast for an additional 10-15 minutes, or until the onions are caramelized and the cauliflower florets are browned. I was originally going to make this with pasta, but I saw the quinoa in the pantry and thought I’d try it out. Growing up my mom had quite a few in the rotation, and they always brought that sense of comfort, even till today. Hearty, roasted butternut squash, fresh cauliflower, crispy bacon and hints of fresh rosemary, all tossed together with some nutty quinoa and gooey, melty cheese. https://asweetspoonful.com/2018/09/cheesy-quinoa-cauliflower-bake.html I’m all about the casserole. Spread the cauliflower and onion out onto a large baking sheet. Cauliflower, Cabbage, Onion, Spinach, Chickpea, Pepita, Quinoa Bowls with Lemon-Tahini Sauce just doesn’t really roll of the tongue, ya know? While the cauliflower is roasting, begin the quinoa. The Best Detox Green Smoothie. https://damndelicious.net/2014/03/05/broccoli-quinoa-casserole The tater tot casserole from years of ole’ has morphed its way into other “healthier” versions, but I still can’t seem to get rid of the cheese. There are a lot of parts to this bowl, which would make you think it’d be a two hour long adventure, but the whole thing comes together in less than 45 minutes. Transfer them to the oven and roast for 20 minutes, then stir, and return them to the oven. Meal Prep Quinoa Bowls with Spring Vegetables. Quinoa Cauliflower Spinach Casserole. Cauliflower, spinach, onion and garlic are all packed into this one meal and they each boast their own set of nutrients, from fiber and Vitamin C to folate and potassium. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be showing you how to #VegItUp with whole grain dishes, such as this one-pot curry chicken, quinoa and cauliflower dinner recipe.