When suddenly Adora turns out to be pregnant the pair are over the moon. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 One very important message. Catra remembers her own sleepless nights and violent rages—the scratches she gouged in Adora’s bedding, the shriek of claws against metal as she defaced the silly sketch they had drawn together. by helpmeprettyplease () with 2,898 reads. Having been on the receiving end of those eyes her whole life, Adora feels a chill go down her spine now. So when all was over, when "Supremo" was defeated, when Etheria was in peace when all was said and done, and people were starting to heal, she wanted the same. But the people resent Catra, no matter how much she has done in the end for the right side. Maybe in this AU Catra really was dead and Adora was so stricken by loss in the moment she couldn't summon She-Ra, or maybe she was too badly injured by the fall and didn't wake up before she was captured. They settle in, foreheads pressed together, breathing back to normal. She moves in closer, pressing Adora back-first against the jagged wall, and Adora finally exhales shakily. Adora and Catra have been trying to get prgnant with no success. However, it is not an easy pregnancy and it will test Adora and Catra as they never have before as they go through the process to try to build a family. Merry Christmas from Adora and Catra. Catra tucks a strand of Adora's hair behind her ear and Adora's eyes close sleepily for a second at the contact. She shivers a little and Catra grabs the blankets. Panic attacks always leave them both tired. The air feels hot and constricting, and Adora can’t help but feel like something is off; wrong, in the way Catra stares at her. Adora wanted her Catra back. Either way, this story is my attempt to continue the premise, expand on my headcanon for the nature of She-Ra and give the comic a happier ending because She-Ra is about lesbians winning. She remembers lying awake for hours each night, unacknowledged tears leaking from her eyes as Adora’s scent slowly faded from her life. Catra purrs, and Adora is all too aware that she has her right where she wants her. adora; bow; catra; catradora; fanfic; fanfition; glimmer; horde; kyle; lonnie; moon; moondoria; power; princesses; rogelio; series; shadow; she-ra; shipping; wattys2019; weever; Table of Contents; Details; Heads up. Adora hugs Catra and pulls her back down on to the bed. They couldn´t be together again. Adora shouts back, though she’s sure Catra has no trouble hearing her. The story takes place following the fifth episode of Season 5, "Save the Cat," and focuses on Catra's recovering after Adora saved her from Hordak's control. It's a very psychological piece of writing that enhances Catra's redemption arc, dealing with her doubts over whether she even deserves redemption, and how Adora is still there for her even after all that they've been through. uwu, netossa, lighthope. Read Catra x Adora {smut} from the story She-Ra x Reader Oneshots!!