Lots of scritches for your handsome fellow . Was she aware of this? The next step would be controlling your cat’s vomiting. Since pancreatitis is a very serious ordeal, pain medication might be used to help your cat ease a bit. In feline pancreatitis, however, ultrasound detects pancreatitis only 11 – 35% of the time that it is present. The whole thing was awful. Pancreatitis can lead to other diseases, and when it does, it might not just threaten your cat’s life but might also lead to death. I lost my beautiful Mama cat last summer to what my vet thought to be liver cancer. Several years ago, a test was developed to assess how well the pancreas was producing digestive enzymes. I for one will always be there for my cats or any animal that would need someone to hold them. This was three weeks ago, I miss him. My heart goes out to you – it’s hard enough to have to let your beloved cat go, but to have the end be so distressing – I can’t even imagine what you’re feeling. The best way to treat acute pancreatitis is to prevent the affected cat from eating and drinking normally. But I know its not, and it won’t be. Please be easy on yourself – you did the best you knew how, and you ended his suffering. I did hold my baby until she stopped breathing telling her how much I loved her and that I would see her again and to let go. As he fell asleep, the vet took him to the back to put the cathetor into his front paw. In January he was diagnosed with a serious bladder and kidney infection. I am so sorry for your bad experience. YOU did not “cause” the pain. This helps us offset the costs of running this site, so thank you for your support! Kind and loving so I made the decision to end his life right then. By leaving a comment, you agree with the collection of your data by this website as per our Privacy Policy. Hope he feels better soon . My cat js about 14 and dealing since 9 id say. Maybe a trip to the office to see our kind, gentle vet would have been better. This was yrs ago and will never forgive him for that. Rob, I don’t think that necessarily means that your cat suffered. I would never forgive myself if I hadn’t been, even though it was the very early morning. Thank you everyone for your kinds words and thoughts. Instead, it tends to be a chronic, intermittent problem. 10023 When we can no longer do so, our role in the pet’s and family’s life changes. I did not want him to be scared or alone. Take a look at these cats for adoption or for sale! You did the very best for your cat. He had been through so much for two and a half years. He knew you loved him and that you would never do anything to hurt him. . Some cats become chronic and experience periodic bouts of nausea and vomiting. She is a Diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners, Specialty in Feline Practice. My cat had been in pain for only a few days, but the last day, he was suffering too much. 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We must advise the course to prevent suffering; sometimes that means death. I have been present for all of my pet’s deaths, from accidents to euthanasia, except one. Ultrasound is a helpful tool for diagnosing pancreatitis. Zesty would be horrified to cause you sorrow. The software we use in my practices will color code appointments by “reason for visit.” The one for euthanasia is, as one would expect, a very dark color. We must respect people’s feelings even if we don’t agree. If I hadn’t been there I couldn’t live with myself. Aw, poor baby. My son called me within 5 minutes to say he was gone, that she had said he wouldn’t make it and it was cruel to let him suffer. I never knew I had a choice. There’s also a med called Cerenia that the vet can give to help with the nausea as well. The most typical procedure involves an intravenous injection of a barbiturate anesthetic given at a high concentration (overdose). We are not allies in the fight any longer. I kept looking down, as I had when she was around, missing her terribly. I know I did the right thing to prevent suffering but somewhere in my heart I feel guilty that he may died in pain or scared. (In fact, the concurrent occurrence of these three disorders in a cat has been termed “feline triad disease” or “triaditis”). Keep your cat nearest to his ideal weight as much as possible.