They save the cost of selling to suppliers and pass the savings on to the customer. I also opted for the Wilkinson vibrato over the hardtail bridge. Tipps & Tricks Fragen (FAQ) Regeln. The Sperzel locking tuners and Wilkinson vibrato were both finished in a frosted chrome. The annual Supporting Member Giveaway is on. The guitar has a master volume and tone knob with a 5 way switcher. The hardware was top notch as well. The pickguard was pre-loaded with Carvin’s own pickups and the only wiring needed to complete the guitar was to attach wires from the ground and output jack. I also had a mahogany body model with a reverse headstock. Board-Mitarbeiter. I've heard very mixed reviews of these. Clearly, the one-EMG-pickup-Daphne Blue-with-Les Paul-Custom-inlay guitar I built wouldn’t be for everyone. REVIEW: Carvin CT6M Peter Hodgson March 30, 2009 Carvin’s California Carved Top, looks somewhat reminiscent of another popular double-cutaway mahogany/maple dual humbucker axe out there, but differentiates itself on several important fronts, including attention to … Bright and resonant, just as one would expect from a longer string scale length and with woods like alder, maple, and ebony. "Classic" DC H-H 2 Vol 2 Tone passive wiring, Kiesel Guitars / Carvin Guitars Photo Gallery, Other Kiesel Guitars / Carvin Guitars Discussion. Mini toggles for coil tapping. Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Kiesel Guitars (Read Only). Carvin suggests tung oil, since it is easy to apply and the success rate for beginners is high. The pocket was tight enough that the neck would stay in place without falling out. Carvin pickups have a reputation for being somewhat sterile sounding, and I found that to be true as well, both for the single coils and the humbucker. Carvin pickups have a reputation for being somewhat sterile sounding, and I found that to be true as well, both for the single coils and the humbucker. All orders ship within 24 hours of payment received. I could very easily see why customers often request oil rather than lacquer on the necks of luthier-built guitars. But of course that is the point: I made a one-of-a-kind guitar that find my needs as a player. Gary Guzman. A great thing about the Carvin kit is that you can customize such options as a tapped humbucker instead of an S-S-S (three single-coil pickup configuration. A A The nifty foam-green VLD1 Legacy Drive tube preamp pedal was created at Steve Vai’s request so the shred supremo could pack his familiar Carvin Legacy amp tone into a carry-on bag and plug into any available power amp or DI situation. The model I tested had a tune-o-matic string through bridge although you can get a Wilkinson or Fender style hardtail or even a Floyd Rose. Im Board seit: 22.09.05 Zuletzt hier: 1.02.15 Beiträge: 77 Kekse: 10 Erstellt: 27.09.05 #1. Kudos for the honest posts, but I do understand that not every person is going to like every pickup, and that's cool. Other options abound, such as headstock layout (six inline or three by three tuners), inlays, and pickguard color. I even hear now that you can get a Bigsby. Discussion in 'Just Pickups' started by Engraver-60, Jan 29, 2012. Carvin makes this easy for those who would prefer not to solder by supplying small wire nuts for the task. Finally I stumbled upon, which is run by WD Music Products. Love my Carvin (got it right at the change-over to Kiesel), fantastic neck on my guitar, best fretboard out of all my guitars, wanted to try the Lithiums, but they were not in stock at the time. I used the oil on the neck and loved the silkiness it provided. Thank you for your support! Every guitar they make is made to order and sold directly by them. The customer is able to customize any part of their guitar and get any kind of wood or electronics configuration they want. The materials and workmanship easily exceeded that found on guitars for which one might pay four or five times more than the cost of the kit. A bit too hot for my tastes. This guitar is built to burn. The Carvin pickups are pretty basic. I couldn’t use the S-S-H (single-coil, single-coil, humbucker) Carvin pickguard since I decided this superstrat needed only a bridge pickup, so I began to look around for a strat-style pickguard cut for only a bridge humbucker, which proved surprisingly difficult. REVIEW: Carvin CT6M. The biggest challenge for many kit builders will be the finish. For my kit, I chose the humbucker option, the 3x3 headstock, mother of pearl block inlays, and 12” radius. Your Wishlist is empty! Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Sep 9, 2000 San Diego. "Bolt-T" designates it as Carvin's Bolt model with the "-T" indicating that it includes a Wilkinson tremolo. They are super clear but do not have much output to them. Since I wasn’t crazy about the Carvin pickups, I decided that I would take the guitar in another direction. I currently have a bolt + with a C22B and C22J. Gold Supporters see zero ads! I replaced whatever stock pickups there were with Railhammer pickups and love the guitar. The stock answer for this question is that Carvin pickups are terrible, at least on other forums. This was originally posted by Wickid on the old BBS. the opinion of Kiesel Guitars / Carvin Guitars. I read consumer reviews for all my major purchases wheteher it be a car, washer or stereo. Fret size and fretboard radius are also key elements of producing a guitar that fits the player’s need, and Carvin offers choices in both. Flatwound Supporting Member. Win a Broadcaster or one of 3 Teles! I have never been on a forum with so many positive reviews for Carvin pickups! I guess they must sell alot of basses and amps. Carvin GK1T Instruction Example (Click to Enlarge). This brings me to the only caveat I have about the Carvin kit. The guitar comes with C22 pickups and they can be split with a push pull pot. Bei der die er geposted hat ist sie aber drin. Order before 2PM eastern time and your order ships today, 7 days per week. Kit Review: Carvin Guitar Kit GK1T Stratocaster-Style. For another, the tung oil offers no resistance to dents or scratches on the body. Certainly, they produce a clear tone and don’t at all sound like cheap pickups, but they don’t have the midrange response that many people, including myself, prefer. $585 (shipping included) from eBay Jan. 2005 -- would cost approx. Within a few days I had my pickup installed on my new pickguard, and I’ve had a blast playing the guitar ever since. Sponsored by . Sperzel locking tuners. What are the differences between Carvin guitar pickups? I’ve always loved classic Fender colors, so I opted for Daphne Blue. Even compared to five years ago, today there are a plethora of kits available, but some of the best are the Carvin guitar kits. TalkBass utilizes technology from Skimlinks that may give us a small affiliate commission on purchases made via links on our site.