I think they're in my ribcage!" Wiz: Well, he wouldn't be a pain forever. Wiz: A Reactor Might is bonded with its owner, and can even call upon from a great distance away. No single Reactor Might appears to be capable of this sort of power. As his damaged body slowly spirals downwards, the Captain leaps out of his machine before delivering his ultimate finishing move. Wiz: And while Cage's war cult powers let him survive battling Shinnok, whose power rivals Raiden's two hundred seventy tons of TNT blast, recall that this ancestral defense seems specifically tailored to counter such divine forces. What better way to stick it to 'em and show 'em you're the real deal than to save the earth from an alien takeover? Johnny Cage was voiced by Kieran Flitton and Captain Falcon was voiced by Kestin Howard. Johnny even beat the shins off Shinnok, who's a freakin' god! As a result, his main reason for entering the F-Zero races is to see if his simulations are correct. Wiz: So we can reasonably scale Falcon to Zoda, at least as far as those sorts of physical feats are concerned. Boomstick: Look at that explosion! Boomstick: He's also got horrible taste in style. And now that I'm not just a dreamer. Boomstick: Is that like a heavy metal band or somethin’? Often times, Reactor Mights also grant their owners a variety of superhuman powers, some even bordering on unexplainable magics. He's also analyzed every past F-ZERO race and has subsequently devised a perfect equation to work with his self-built machine so that he can win the next race. I like games and anime. Age Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle. (Forever he will be my hero) Falcon lands safely on the road right next to Johnny's dismembered arm. And now that I'm not just a dreamer. While suffering from intense rug burn at first, he stands up and jumps on the boost pads to gain continuous momentum. Wiz: I guess. He's extremely interested in Astronomy and it is the key to all of his scientific research. Wiz: Johnny Cage was a global phenomenon, known for his over the top and dumb as hell action flicks. Johnny Cage: Those were $500 sunglasses, asshole. Boomstick: He literally punches people so hard, they explode in bird-shaped fire! Tbh that wasn't a very good song. Boomstick: Yeah, what's your problem? He's mastered four different martial arts, including Bruce Lee's real-life Jeet Kune Do. Forever he will be my hero. They land on the White Cat, where Falcon bull kicks Cage and sends him onto the Blood Hawk. He even earned new success in his film career with a series based on his adventures. His exact clone took multiple blows from specialized military personnel with no effect whatsoever. And now that I'm not just a dreamer Okay, seriously, why does everyone always target Earth? Boomstick: Yeah, when he hit that tough son of a b*tch Black Shadow. Terry "Digi-Boy" Getter (And I know I've got what it takes) How do you van certain characters and super smash brothers ultimate. Wiz: While the man behind the mask may fall, Captain Falcon will always ride on, defending the galaxy one raceway at a time. - arleas. And you might feel like there is nothing left to go for if I fall Wiz: Mortal Kombat is a deadly tournament dictated by the Elder Gods to decide the fate of entire worlds. Aliens are everywhere, we're travelin’ through space, and best of all, there's a brand new sport in town: An intense mix of high-speed racing with anti-gravity techno whatsits. (That little baby knows her way) Boomstick: This guy's trained all across the world. Falcon quickly gets up and combos Cage before launching his foe ahead of him with his foot. Even I can feel the power He possesses a mystical power passed down through generations, originally stemming from a Mediterranean War cult, which bred and trained combatants to fight among the gods. Color 2 He skids on the track before he lands on a dash zone that speeds him forward. Wiz: This isn't my first rodeo. And now that I'm not just a dreamer Despite Cage’s crude and downright juvenile behavior, he proved worthy enough to be a champion of Earthrealm. Wiz: By measuring the area of effect and comparing that space to the heights of Captain Falcon and Black Shadow, we found that the electricity covered an area of about three hundred cubic meters. Wiz: Captain Falcon was tougher too. Rikurikumore: "In due time, doubter. Oh, y'know, nothin' much. The cover image is a burning falcon right behind a clapperboard. But it's the logic and reason that keeps fear away. Boomstick: In the end, Johnny just couldn't finish the race. Boomstick: Who cares? (Forever he will be my hero) Captain Falcon makes a return appearance in the sequel, still in his incarnation from F-Zero X.This time, he is a default fighter, and as before, one of his alternate costumes is Blood Falcon in both coloration and the logo on his suit's back. There is a girl in his class named Sharon, but nothing has gone quite according to his simulations. Captain Falcon first appeared in the titular game in the series, F-Zero, and in its sequel F-Zero X. Based on its size, it's worth around one hundred tons of TNT. It's not the way but it's the will understood. He even worked on Shenmue I & II with other composers. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battle Royale, https://deathbattle.fandom.com/wiki/Johnny_Cage_VS_Captain_Falcon?oldid=1100723. Feel no pain Boomstick: And anyway, Raiden's final explosion attack is nothing compared to the raw power of the Reactor Might under the Blue Falcon's hood. The connections between Johnny Cage and Captain Falcon are that they both have an iconic punch (the Nut Punch and Falcon Punch, respectively), are both celebrities in some form (Johnny Cage is an actor and Captain Falcon is a racer), and are iconic fighters from a fighting game (Mortal Kombat and Super Smash Bros. respectively). Boomstick: Damn! Boomstick: Oh great, here comes the "power of teamwork" bullshit. Just as his hand ignites and goes forward, Johnny quickly does the splits and punches the racer in his testicles. But Johnny is no way deterred. Wiz: Well, don't get the wrong idea. Show me your moves! Hey, if you're interested I made lyrics for the former as well. Put a few together and you can rip holes through dimensions. Popup: Its possible the explosion would have been even greater if Black Shadow had not forced the Reactor Might to close. The Captain slides backward before leaping forward with his iconic Knee of Justice. 'Till the end He can spot a sniper from several miles away and even survive an exploding rocket. Otherwise, he's a mystery. Boomstick: Well, yeah! Digi-Boy's real name is Terry Getter, and he's a young genius currently attending Einstein Academy. Wiz: Applying the density of diamond, crushing some of this size would require nearly fifty million joules of energy. Falcon eventually recovers from the assault and starts coughing up blood as a glowing Cage slowly walks forward. Boomstick: Shinnok's full power is a bit tricky to lockdown, but he's pretty similar to Raiden, who fired a blast that obliterated this huge temple along with his enemies. Oh... it's the only movie that ever really made me cry. So it's definitely a desperate max power move. I wish it was the credits theme in GX's story mode; it'd be less corny. On one of the planet Big Blue's industrial buildings, the F-Zero Grand Prix is underway. First game Aproximatively 23 hours of Touhou music/remixes to pass time. ...Did he just explode the galaxy?! (*Cues: Falcon Uncaged - Brandon Yates featuring RichaadEB). Wiz: Against the forces of evil, Cage discovered he was more adept at this sort of thing than even he expected. Which gaming platform are you currently making the most use of? Johnny fires his Plasmic Bolt, which takes out the vehicle as the Captain narrowly avoids it. I'm gonna fight Popup: Note that Raiden's 270 tons of TNT calculation was high-balled for the benefit of the doubt. (Forever he will be my hero) That guy there? He developed simulations of the F-Zero races to develop a winning strategy. Boomstick: To take on Black Shadow, Falcon's a goddamn badass. Boomstick: YES! The Captain then summons his F-Zero racing machine, the Blue Falcon. If there's another way for you to break down. Falcon: Hey! He then proudly takes off his scarf and lets it fly in the wind. It's the Nutcracker, the Berry Buster, the Infertilizer, the Beanbag Barrage, the "Not that kind of blow" Blow, and my personal favorite, the "Help, Doctor! Cage stands up smiling and points his thumb down.