While not the mascot of the series or really even, necessarily, the main character, he's definitely the best known and most publicized by Nintendo and appears in more games than any other F-ZERO character. Though he has numerous hard-hitting moves, most of them are difficult or slow to land, some prominent examples being his smash attacks. He has appeared as a playable character in every F-ZERO game excluding F-ZERO: Maximum Velocity and has been a fighter in every Super Smash Bros. game since the original. It has very high knockback and an, A quick backhanded strike. Has fast startup with a decently long duration, good all-around range (though not directly below him), low ending lag, minimal landing lag, low base knockback and autocancels in a short hop. His smash attacks and back aerial deal high knockback, and his aforementioned Knee Smash is an extremely powerful semi-spike that KOs at early percentages offstage. The grounded version launches vertically and KOs middleweights at around 120% when clean, while the aerial version launches horizontally and has a landing hitbox. Inputting a direction (up or down) when charging Falcon Punch in the air will give a slight boost in that direction, which also applies for custom variants. Year created His appearance is pretty much identical to his F-Zero appearance. He is a very mysterious and solitary man. Falcon uses his Falcon Dive to grab an enemy in midair and fling them with an explosive blast. Both hits deal more damage at the upper portion of Captain Falcon's leg. Bursts forward with a flaming high-speed kick. Super Captain Falcon 64; Start Game. Usually a relentless bounty hunter, Captain Falcon shifts gears to become a race pilot once the F-Zero Grand Prix begins. Captain Falcon A decent follow-up option after a down throw. Comments. First appearance His dash grab is also very easy for players to whiff should they use it carelessly, especially since Captain Falcon's overall high mobility may make him a bit difficult to control properly. Super Hero Games. Nintendo 64. Of all the veterans that have appeared in and retain their voice clips from. Captain Falcon has been slightly nerfed in most balance patches so far, mostly to his KO power. His Knee Smash is faster than those moves, but it suffers from a small sweetspot that lasts for only one frame, making it hard to land without an air dodge read or setup off of an up aerial. Thanks to the changes to hitstun canceling, Captain Falcon's lost combo game has been greatly restored. Kicks forwards twice. Although he has a wall jump, he will be in danger offstage without his double jump. However, his mobility is nearly unconventional for his weight class: he has the 2nd fastest dashing speed, the 4th fastest falling speed, the 5th highest gravity, the 14th fastest air speed, and above average air acceleration. Several of his moves have been given more reach and knockback, and some of his situational moves, such as his up tilt, have been greatly improved. Despite lacking a projectile, Falcon has an overall effective neutral game, thanks to his mobility. At mid to high percents, an up aerial on a grounded opponent can combo into a down aerial meteor smash, which is deadly at the ledge, or alternatively Knee Smash, usually guaranteeing a KO. With speed, power, and easy-to-use combos off of throw setups, he has a comparatively low learning curve and high payoff. Super Captain Falcon 64. Should it hit an opponent, a short cutscene plays where they are run over and sent flying. Stomps downward. to create shortcuts to your favorite games! Blue Falcon, Captain Falcon's Final Smash, being used on Yoshi, Sheik, and King Dedede. Embed Code. Dashes forward, performing an uppercut on the ground if an opponent is in range, or a downswing in the air. 1% (ground loop hits), 7% (ground last hit), 2% (air loop hits), 5% (air last hit), 5% (landing). If successful, Captain Falcon will flip backward while shouting "YES! Captain Falcon's neutral game is also moderately hindered by his short range and lack of a projectile, making it very difficult for him to counter spacing and camping. Captain Falcon, voiced by David Wills in the English version and Hideyuki Tanaka in the Japanese version, was featured in most episodes. Strangely, though, his walking speed is rather slow, and his traction is below average. His incredible athleticism and never-say-die attitude makes him the pilot to turn to in times of trouble. Captain Falcon has been significantly buffed from Brawl, in which he was a bottom-tier character despite his speed and power. Captain Falcon ranks 19th on the SSB4 tier list, thus going into the B tier. 007 - The World Is Not Enough (USA) Start Game. The Falcon Punch packs the highest degree of destructive power, while the explosive Raptor Boost can be used to smash airborne foes into the depths. Captain Falcon's greatest problem lies in his recovery, despite having an impressive air speed. It is his only throw that consists of a single hit and is weight dependent. Charges up fiery energy, similar to one of his. The show was about racing; however, it only aired for a short period before being canceled. Starting at middling percentages, it can even lead into his down air meteor smash on grounded foes, which can either extend combos onstage, or finish opponents near the ledge. As a result, while being considered much better in comparison with his Brawl incarnation, he is still considered to be slightly inferior to his Melee incarnation. His captain title is rumored to be because he was once a police officer. Start Game. A skilled F-Zero pilot and resourceful bounty hunter. More startup time and travels a low distance, but has more power and super armor. Sign up As he is a heavyweight character, Falcon also benefits from the rage mechanic, without his combos being affected. 1990 -Winds up and releases his iconic fiery punch. F-Zero: GP Legend was an anime television series based on the F-Zero video games. This page was last edited on November 18, 2020, at 21:25. He wears a blue flight suit with body armor typically with his trademark red helmet with a golden Falcon-shaped crest on his helmet. Travels higher than Falcon Dive and grants very high air acceleration during the move. Signup or login Captain Falcon (JP:) (full name Douglas Jay Falcon) is a video game character debuting in F-ZERO for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991. Can be followed up with a dash attack. Uniquely, Captain Falcon's jumping animation will differ based on facing direction (a simple vaulting jump if facing right, and a front flip if facing left). Reaches out with a backhanded swing. Gameshero.com - Free Online Hero Games. The Smash Bros. series gave him his personality. Charges longer and doesn't go as high as Falcon Dive, but has much more launching power. The third costume is based on Blood Falcon, the fourth costume is Pico, the sixth costume is based on Jody Summer and the seventh is based on Dr. Stewart. He owns his own private island that was presumably purchased through the money he received from capturing bounties. It is also a decent KOing option on its own, KOing below 150% near the upper blast line, and the late hit is a weak. It can notably lock opponents at low to mid percents. Knee strikes the opponent. As a result, he has achieved notable tournament success at high-level play and even stronger results in low- and mid-level play (including regional tournaments), and is considered by the competitive community to be a viable choice for tournament play. To his merit, he can reuse Falcon Dive if it connects with an opponent, and even stage spike them, though this is easily teched. However, Captain Falcon has noteworthy shortcomings. Captain Falcon once starred in a television anime series, which was based on the F-Zero video games. It also goes straight through opponents, allowing for easy cross-ups. A strong meteor smash when sweetspotted at his legs, but deals high horizontal knockback nonetheless if sourspotted. Add to Favorite. 0. Turning around while using the move increases its power, but slightly increases its startup lag, while landing an aerial punch lowers its power. However, he has his weaknesses. Kicks forwards and then backwards. In F-ZERO lore, he’s a bounty hunter whose identity is a mystery to everyone. He's won fame and fortune outracing his opponents in his beloved Blue Falcon. He's a bounty hunter with a mysterious past that not much is known about. His dash grab covers a long distance, making it a reliable approach option, and his back aerial is quick, has good range, and autocancels in a short hop, allowing it to lead into his grab. He also has very high jumps and wall jumps.