North Carolina, Raleigh, November 1. They also resorted to a thicket of blossoming plum trees directly under our window, where we were always sure of finding several of them. I should say that these Cape May Warbiers did very little to pay for the destruction of grapes.McAtee (1904), after investigating the damage done on grapes by this and the Tennessee warbler in Indiana, published the foflowing report on the contents of a siiigle stomach of a Cape May warbler:8 Typlocyl~a comes, an especial pest of the grape, "an exceedingly abundant and destructive" jassid; 3 Aphodiu~ inquinatua and one Carabid, kinds which may be considered neutral economically, but, In case of a departure from their ordinary diet, would on account of vegetarian tendencies become injurious; 1 Drasterias ep. (9/19/2009). There were 59 blocks (1.2% of surveyed blocks) with probable nesting, which included the 4 previously named counties plus Aitkin, Cook, Itasca, and Koochiching (Figure 3; Table 1). "Nesting: The Cape May warbler seeks for its summer home the country of the pointed firs and spruces that tower like tapering church spires in the Canadian Life Zone of our northern border and in Canada. Cape May Warbler: Breeds from southwestern Northwest Territories, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec south to North Dakota, Michigan, northern New York, Maine, and Nova Scotia. Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh, August 28. breeding and wintering grounds, but during migration they sometimes The Cape May Below: A Cape May Warbler found along the edge of Jug Bay, Prince "He had chip notes very much like a familiar note of the chipping sparrow. Tennessee: Nashville, April 16. Massachusetts: Northampton,. Diet / Feeding var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? Of the female, he says: "The adult winter plumage is similar to the male in first winter dress, the yellow below rather paler and with less heavy streakings. The Cape May Warbler's Latin name, tigrina, reflects the tiger striped appearance of the adult male. I mention this since recent books still perpetuate this undoubted error, ignoring the information that has been gleaned during the past twenty years. //