San Antonio: 5: Santa Ana: 6: Cuesta: 7: Modesto Junior: 8: Palomar: 9: West Hills: 10: Chabot: 11: Lassen: 12: Santa Rosa JC: 13: Skyline: 14: Bakersfield: 15: Shasta: 16: East Los Angeles: 17: Delta: 18T. 3rd Place – Stefano McKinney (Cerritos) 125: 1st/2nd–Jonathan Prata (Cerritos) vs. Mario Moreno (Fresno City), (Dec 3-2) San Antonio, Weight Class 184 1. Donvan Medina, Moorpark Round 3 Ivan Gomez (Modesto) vs. Raul Ortiz (Sacramento City), 149 Cons. Santa Rosa Junior College 197 – Quarterfinal Hunter Gonzalez (Sierra) vs. Ricardo Gonzalez (Bakersfield), 285 – Quarterfinal Enrique Galica (Palomar) vs. Randy Arriaga (Cerritos) Jacob Annis, Bakersfield 7. Owen Jones, Santa Rosa, Honorable Mention 3rd Place – Greg Ewert (Santa Rosa) Quarterfinal – Kevin Hope (Mt SAC) 1-0 won by decision over Noah Collazo (West Hills) 1-1 (Dec 11-5) Round 3 Owen Jones (Santa Rosa) vs. Jude Miranda (West Hills) Skyline College Top California Community Colleges by Town (2020-21) College Location Students. Benji Navarette, Santa Ana 3. After the medal round and going into the finals, the Panthers held a one-point lead over 3rd ranked Bakersfield for the spot. Houston Scibek, Modesto, Honorable Mention Christopher Do, Chabot Jedidiah Borge, Lassen Jose Mata, Santa Ana Nick Weissinger, Mt. 133 Houston Scibek (Modesto) vs. Kahlil Tucker (Rio Hondo) 184: 1st/2nd–Stephen Martin (Skyline) vs. Jordan Annis (Bakersfield), (Dec 7-0) 165 Semifinal Augistine Garcia (Fresno City) vs. Darin Chick (San Joaquin Delta), 174 Semifinal Chase Miles (Sacramento City) vs. Kevin Hope (Mt SAC) In the recent State Dual Championships, Moreno edged Prata by a score of 5-2. 8. Athletics will resume in January 2021, if deemed safe to do so. Ali Kaveh, Santa Ana As of 2019, the California community college system comprises 114 separate institutions, some with multiple campuses and many with online learning programs. 13 Palomar 30.5 Hunter LaRue, Sacramento City San Antonio Ian Vasquez, Mt. 2nd Place – Hamza Al Saudi (Cerritos) 0:00) 285 – Quarterfinal Alex Mosquada (Sierra) vs. Juan Camacho (Cuesta), 2015 Sac City KLM Air Express Invitational, 2016 KLS Air Express Invitational at Sac City Results, 2017 Mike Tamana Invitational at Modesto JC – Results, 2017 Southeast Conference Tournament Results, CCCAA Adopts Contingency Plan for Athletics, Updated Brackets and Team Scores (after medal round), Fresno City Grabs Day 1 Lead at CACC State. Nick Echeveste, Fresno City, Weight Class 285 Jesse Stoy, Cuesta Jonathon Prata, Cerritos 3. 133 pounds:  This weight was the wildest of all. Greg Viloria – Delta (N) 2. Jordan Annis, Bakersfield 4. 5. 6. Round 3 Josue Aguilar (East Los Angeles) vs. Adrian Gonzales (Bakersfield), 157 Cons. 8. 125 – Quarterfinal Gavin Sweeny (Sierra) vs. Nick Foster (Lassen), 133 – Quarterfinal Andres Gonzalez (Cerritos) vs. Houston Scibek (Modesto) 14. Ornulfo Olea – FRESNO CITY Adrian Camposano – FRESNO CITY ... Related Items: California Junior College Wrestling Rankings. 10 East Los Angeles 41.0 Round 3 Gavin Sweeny (Sierra) vs. Brandon Mendoza (Modesto) 125 Semifinal Jonathan Prata (Cerritos) vs. Nick Foster (Lassen), 133 Semifinal Houston Scibek (Modesto) vs. Cole Kachmar (Sacramento City) Quarterfinal – Josh McMillan (Fresno City) 2-0 won by decision over Larry Rodriguez (Cerritos) 1-1 (Dec 4-1) 12 – 33.5 – West Hills College It also had one of the highest rates in the country of university success among transfer students, beating all but five schools nationwide in that category. Individual and Team Rankings as of 10/27/2018 . 7th Place – Alex Mosquada (Sierra) SAC 6th Place – Cole Kachmar (Sacramento City) 1. 18. Quarterfinal – Breck Jeffus (Cuesta) 1-0 won in sudden victory – 1 over Daniel Long (Fresno City) 1-1 (SV-1 3-1), Weight Class 197 Fresno was there from the start in 1959, tying San Bernardino College for the title. 184 – Quarterfinal Daniel Long (Fresno City) vs. Breck Jeffus (Cuesta), 197 – Quarterfinal Jack Kilner (Fresno City) vs. Jordan Monroe (Santa Rosa) Chase Miles, Sacramento City 3. 157 Cons. Jovante Gregorie, Santa Rosa 18 Chabot 11.5 Daniel Ruiz, Fresno City Logan Garcia, Lassen, Honorable Mention Lance Brazet, West Hills Joe Kachmar, Sac City Justin Jerricoff, Cuesta Lance McNatt, Palomar Nico Cappablanca, Skyline Jose Estrada, Modesto, Weight Class 157 1. Ricardo Garcia, Bakersfield 8. Manny Curry finished in 6th place while Alex Thornburg placed in 8th for the Panthers. Jonathon Hunter, Bakersfield 2. Martin won by scores of 6-0 and 6-1 in reaching the finals. Scott Hokit, Bakersfield 8. Jackson Clark, Mt. Kahlil Tucker of Rio Hondo came in unranked while Houston Scibek of Modesto came in an HM at 141 while also competing in matches at 125 and 133 on the year. Ask the Experts: How Can I Safely Cut Weight for Wrestling? He gave up only one point in three matches on the way to his championship. 7 – 59.0 – Modesto Jr. College Round 3 Bobby Mello (Santa Rosa) vs. Angel Verduzco (Cerritos) 1st Place – Isaiah Mora (Cerritos) 157 William Schwertscharf (Modesto) vs. Josh McMillan (Fresno City) 1st Place – Jonathan Prata (Cerritos) Devyn Kreb, Sierra, Honorable Mention Round 3 Jeronimo Cardosa (West Hills) vs. Alex Thornburg (Sacramento City), 174 Cons. Martin’s solid offense and even better defense did the trick in shutting out Annis by a score of 7-0. No one could score in the first period and Kilner scored an escape in the 2nd period to make it 1-0 going into the 3rd period. 12. San Antonio 5. Brandon Mendoza, Modesto, Honorable Mention 4 Bakersfield 71.0 Chabot College 0:00), 2019 CCCAA State Wrestling Championship Joseph Nava, Santa Ana Jackson Clark, Mt. Wetzel Hill, Mt. All sports, including wrestling, have been shifted to the spring season. Round 3 Gabriel DeHaro (Lassen) vs. Larry Rodriguez (Cerritos) Barcenas was holding on to a one-point lead late in the match when Galica took a shot and just missed scoring. San Antonio 5. In STACK's college wrestling rankings, we take you beyond wins and losses to reveal what truly makes a wrestling program great. These two never met this season and everyone was anticipating a great match up. Lesnar, a 6'3" 265-pound juggernaut, made the leap to MMA and took home the UFC heavyweight title in 2008. Ian Vasquez, Mt. Friday & Saturday, December 13 & 14, 2019, Coach of the Year:  Paul Keysaw, Fresno City College, Assistant Coach of the Year:  George Moreno, Fresno City College, Outstanding Wrestler of the Year:  Jacob Hansen (Moorpark), 1 – 186.0 – Fresno City College 7 Modesto 59.0 SAC 5. SAC SAC 4th Place – Owen Jones (Santa Rosa)