Write the formula using the smallest whole number ratio between the cation and anion to balance charge. The Drug Developments of Hydrogen Sulfide on Cardiovascular Disease. Typical bulk packaging includes palletized plastic 5 gallon/25 kg. Molecular Weight: 72.15 g/mol. Calcium sulfide. What is the hink-pink for blue green moray? If not breathing, provide artificial respiration. ›› Calcium Sulfide molecular weight. Customer Service, Crystal structure of CaS is cubic. Write the symbols for each element.2. Consult a physician.If swallowed:Seek medical treatment.Information for doctorMost important symptoms and effects, both acute and delayedNo data availableIndication of any immediate medical attention and special treatment neededNo data available. The chemical formula starts out with the two ions, the calcium and sulfide ions. 3 H261 In contact with water releases flammable gas.GHS07Skin Irrit. Extinguishing mediaSuitable extinguishing agentsProduct is not flammable. Molar mass of CaS = 72.143 g/mol. "Santa Cruz Biotechnology", and the Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc. logo, "Santa Cruz Animal Health", "San Juan Ranch", "Supplement of Champions", the San Juan Ranch logo, "Ultracruz", "Chemcruz", "Immunocruz", "Exactacruz", and "EZ Touch" are registered trademarks of Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc. The information in this document is based on the present state of our knowledge and is applicable to the product with regard to appropriate safety precautions. Calcium's ion is Ca2+, while the sulfide ion is S2-. to get rid of those (Ca2+), Sulfur has 6 electrons in its outer shell- so it needs 2 more to Periodic table of the elements, materials science and academic information, elements and advanced materials data, scientific presentations and all pages, designs, concepts, logos, and color schemes herein are the copyrighted proprietary rights and intellectual property of American Elements. How will understanding of attitudes and predisposition enhance teaching? 62K1064 – you will only find the COO if Need larger quantities for your development, manufacturing or research applications? Calcium sulfide −325 mesh, ≥99.9% trace metals basis Synonym: Calcium monosulfide CAS Number 20548-54-3. All Rights Reserved. Convert grams Calcium Sulfide to moles or moles Calcium Sulfide to grams. Molecular Formula CaS; Average mass 72.143 Da; Monoisotopic mass 71.934662 Da; ChemSpider ID 8373113 - Charge. | Privacy. Keep patient warm.Seek immediate medical advice.In case of skin contact:Immediately wash with soap and water; rinse thoroughly.Seek immediate medical advice.In case of eye contact:Rinse opened eye for several minutes under running water. More important for COO: enter a "0" if only two numbers are Keep unprotected persons away.Ensure adequate ventilationEnvironmental precautions:Do not allow product to enter drains, sewage systems, or other water courses.Do not allow material to penetrate the ground or soil.Methods and materials for containment and cleanup:Ensure adequate ventilation.Prevention of secondary hazards:No special measures required.Reference to other sectionsSee Section 7 for information on safe handlingSee Section 8 for information on personal protection equipment.See Section 13 for disposal information. For more information contact us at [email protected] or check out our status page at https://status.libretexts.org. Molecular Weight 72.14 . Calcium's ion is Ca2+, while the sulfide ion is S2-. Simple hydrothermal approach for synthesis of fluorescent molybdenum disulfide quantum dots: Sensing of Cr ion and cellular imaging. How long will the footprints on the moon last? what is the formula for calcium sulfide? 2020-11-07. Contents. For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/FHPtB. Waste treatment methodsRecommendationConsult official regulations to ensure proper disposal.Uncleaned packagings:Recommendation:Disposal must be made according to official regulations. The sulfur atom has a covalent radius of 105 pm and a Van der Waals radius of 180 pm. All forms are white solids that are poorly soluble in water. Calcium sulfide is the chemical compound with the formula CaS. Molecular weight calculation: 40.078 + 32.065 ›› Percent composition by element Sulfide-binding to Cu(II) in wine: Impact on oxygen consumption rates. following the words 'Lot' or 'Batch'. See more Sulfur products. Additional information about design of technical systems:Properly operating chemical fume hood designed for hazardous chemicals and having an average face velocity of at least 100 feet per minute.Control parametersComponents with limit values that require monitoring at the workplace:None.Additional information: No dataExposure controlsPersonal protective equipmentFollow typical protective and hygienic practices for handling chemicals.Keep away from foodstuffs, beverages and feed.Remove all soiled and contaminated clothing immediately.Wash hands before breaks and at the end of work.Avoid contact with the eyes and skin.Maintain an ergonomically appropriate working environment.Breathing equipment:Use suitable respirator when high concentrations are present.Recommended filter device for short term use:Use a respirator with type P100 (USA) or P3 (EN 143) cartridges as a backup to engineering controls. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Additional technical, research and safety (MSDS) information is available as is a Reference Calculator for converting relevant units of measurement. Typical and custom packaging is available. American Elements Launches NEW 6,000+ product Life Science Product Group. Reproduction of any materials from the site is strictly forbidden without permission. Calcium sulfide is an organic molecular entity. View the history of American Elements on Wikipedia, Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing Materials, Thin Film Deposition & Evaporation Materials, Explore Materials & Properties at the Nanoscale. What is the conflict of the story of sinigang? Question? , CA-S-05-P Like many salts containing sulfide ions, CaS typically has an odour of H2S, which results from small amount of this gas formed by hydrolysis of the salt. From Wikipedia. ... CaS is called Calcium Sulfide. EC Number 243-873-5. Write it above each element. For help finding charge, watch: https://youtu.be/M22YQ1hHhEY.3. 2006-10-25. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Calcium (atomic symbol: Ca, atomic number: 20) is a Block S, Group 2, Period 4 element with an atomic weight of 40.078. Facile fabrication of CuS/Carbon composites using lignosulfonate for efficient palladium recovery under strong acidic conditions. The above information is believed to be correct but does not purport to be all inclusive and shall be used only as a guide. in front of the letter e.g. This white material crystallizes in cubes like rock salt. , CA-S-04-P, Relevant identified uses of the substance: Scientific research and development, Supplier details:American Elements10884 Weyburn Ave.Los Angeles, CA 90024Tel: +1 310-208-0551Fax: +1 310-208-0351, Emergency telephone number:Domestic, North America: +1 800-424-9300International: +1 703-527-3887, Classification of the substance or mixtureClassification according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008GHS02 FlameWater-react.