The calcium will force the separation of the clay, layer by layer, making it more porous. Preventing Blossom-End Rot. Calcium nitrate will encourage tomato plants to grow more quickly, and provide a greater yield of fruit. Calcium nitrate can assist the soil in providing minerals in a form that is more easily utilized by the plant, even in difficult clay soil conditions. Calcium nitrate is not organic and instead is a synthetically derived compound with the chemical formula Ca(NO3)2. For the home gardener, you can mix 4 tablespoons per gallon of water and apply this directly to the root zone. It is made by applying nitric acid to limestone and then neutralizing it with ammonia. per 100 feet of tomato plants or 340 grams per plant by tomato producers. How Much Calcium Nitrate Per Tomato Plant? More Benefits of Using Calcium Nitrate for Tomato Plants. Calcium nitrate spray for tomatoes is applied at a rate of 1.59 kg. It's high nitrogen levels encourage lush vegetative growth, and the water soluble calcium increases cell wall strength in plants and can prevent common calcium deficiencies like blossom end rot in tomatoes.100% Agricultural Grade FertilizerFully … Tomato Nutrient Requirements. Calcium Nitrate is a fantastic 100% water soluble fertilizer that is used by hobbyists and professional growers world wide.