Think small car on legs.]. If reserved before April 1st for spring or summer: If you enjoy my blog please do me the favor of making links to articles you enjoy and to my blog's main page at. :) It is easier to adapt to the warm climate than the cold climate other than the pigmentation. We no longer offer castration. Join the discussion today. In the spring they tend to be back ordered a few months but this time of year, the fall, they are available on short notice. I’m sorry but we don’t ship live animals. It is harder to farrow, to birth, pigs in the winter months – winter is very harsh. Oh okay I really wanted one… Thanks though. If you find a typo or something that needs editing please. I will be driving a couple hours from CT, so I was just wondering how I would correspond for pick up as well! WE DO NOT SHIP LIVE PIGS. You can buy piglets year round. Alternatively you may choose to apply the pre-payment to future pigs. I have seen sows farrow early or late by as much as two weeks just fine. To order send a $100 deposit and indicate what you would like to order. If you reserve early enough you can get an additional discount. I am looking around your site (sent you another comment about drying out bread for pigs). Piglets should not be transported free in the car or in your lap for safety reasons nor should they be transported in open pickup truck beds as they can get easily chilled. Availability is limited as we only sell the best of the best as breeders. Lesson learned. Your winter is about like our October – balmy. Buy a sucking pig / roasting pig. They have a house for protection and a water fountain. Sows are female pigs that have given farrowed (birthed) a litter of piglets. call us now: 514-931-8880 or drop by at : 1929 Saint-Catherine St W,…” more, “, American wagyu, and maple syrup parfait. The Whole Pig carries over 100 high-quality protein products that are delicious, nutritious and crowd-pleasing favourites. I’m worried that the unusual motion of being on a trailer might upset them and make them very resistant to getting on the trailer a second time. If not we can get the additional vaccines or you can do that yourself although I think it would be better for the pigs to get vaccinated ahead of travel to reduce stress. Our chickens often sit on top of the pigs. To reserve piglets, send a deposit of $15/piglet with a note of what you would like (e.g. Frequently Asked Question: Can I just breed feeder piglets and save? If you’re transporting them across state lines you may want to get health certificate paperwork which typically runs about $200 per group for the vet’s costs when done by a local vet who will come ID tag and paper them here at our farm before you pickup. West Topsham, VT 05086. Any way you cut it, its good eating. Note that runts will eventually get big – they aren’t good for pets and won’t stay small. If you are looking for a pet pig consider a Pot Bellied pig or some other non-farm variety that stays under 200 lbs, or better yet get a dog, cat or ferret. bellie or side meat), is where the bacon comes from. She will typically farrow two or more litters per year with a gestation period of about four months (“Three months, three weeks, three days, 3 am” is the old saying). When you pickup you can just reimburse us for that. Older, bigger grower and roaster pigs are typically available – see the Roasters Page. Some states do require a vet certificate and vaccines. I hear people who talk of problems but I suspect there may be two factors: 1) our animals grew up together and more importantly 2) our animals have lots of space. She is crossed with our top premium boars. We offer pickup at the farm *USDA regulations prohibit the use of hormones in pork. “We are all for DUMPLINGS--the most delicious Chinese food! When you send the deposit let me know the rough time you would like to pick them up and what sexes. Otherwise I pick out the pigs using my years of experience which can be done ahead of time so the pigs are ready when you arrive. Suckling pig risotto was super” more, “Chef, 5 stars, service - 4.5, wine selection ... 6? Buy and sell new and used farm equipment online. Our butcher has a 15lb minimum per flavor to season sausage. Trade Farm Machinery Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. The Whole Pig is following strict protocols to ensure our customer & staff’s safety at all times. Grow slowly. Malissa, two more litters were born this week. We transport pigs weekly to slaughter right now with little to no stress during transport. Look at the politics. Thank you for trusting us with putting food on your plate. Our dogs immediately killed it. farm visits by appointment only:4830 Dennis Monnett Rd., Prince Frederick, MD 20678email: sales [at] monnettfarms [dot] com. Thanks brett fox. Our long tailed boars and sows like Archimedes and Big Pig carry this trait but don’t express it although their offspring do sometimes. I have 25 sows on pasture…and breed for Polyface..selling weaners to them…and to other farmers in the area…I really enjoy following your blog and website…you have great information… ;) Q, Hello, That seems a little strange to me, especially since you say you want to promote spreading your genetics and no butcher fees are involved. Do you have weaned or soon-to-be-weaned pigs for sale right now? Either way it pays for the pair and you get the breeder and breeding. We breed for a gentle temperament and have never found boar taint in our pigs – we have been testing them for years and selling the meat from our boars to thousands of customers. 202 E Buckeye Rd Phoenix, AZ 85004 (480) 427-0285 Within those look for farms that are raising pigs out on pasture. The best thing to do is to send in your deposit as soon as possible to get on the list. It was a first litter for both and they each had 14 piglets that seem to be doing quite well, growing fast and learning from mom to root in the soil. At this rate they will make one full rotation of the field by fall and be right under apple and oak trees to finish up. Sorry for putting this on this thread – it’s not really applicable, and I know you slaughter on site so it’s not an issue for you, but you seem to be the ultimate purveyor of pastured hog related knowledge. It is important to get a deposit of $15/piglet in as early as possible because the date I receive deposits determines the position on the reserve list. If you want to get into breeding and farrowing the easiest way is to start with a bred gilt. If I sent my deposit now, would you have two piglets available in the fall (oct-nov). Just be sure you have an oven of a size that can accommodate the pig you are purchasing. Same’s true in humans. Thus it is important to send in a deposit and get on the reserve list as soon as possible. The ham can also be ground. Thus it is best to get several gilts when purchasing unbred gilts. Hi Charlie, They do like to chase chickens from time to time, when the birds are all in a group. Regular price: $229.99. That is when the demand drops.