Boil some water and pour it over a bag of green tea. Sunburn or chemical can be the causes. Forster, K. et al. You can dress the scalp burn using a dressing specifically made for burns. Last Updated 26 November, 2020. Anti-seizure medications, muscle relaxants, and antidepressants are often prescribed. Some people also complain a burning sensation in their heads, and this has been linked to the widespread inflammation in their sinuses. These factors include a harsh weather condition-for instance strong winds, cold, and the harsh effects of the sun. The resulting burns can be agonizing, but many may unwittingly further aggravate such burns by using shampoos and hair products containing skin-irritating alcohol and harsh sulfates. When it comes to a burning scalp due to long exposure to the sun, it is advisable to try home remedies. The term “trichodynia” (cutaneous dysesthesia syndrome) has also been proposed for discomfort, pain, burning, or stinging of the scalp related to diffuse alopecia. In extreme cases, it may cause fever or chills. Scalp dysesthesia also called trichodynia or cutaneous dysesthesia syndrome, is characterized by abnormal cutaneous sensations such as burning, stinging, itching (pruritus) or even pain of the scalp in the absence of objective dermatological findings 1).The pathogenesis of scalp dysesthesia is poorly understood and has not been determined 2). Aloe vera's high water content (96 percent) makes it an ideal treatment for burns and other skin irritations. Avoid shampoos that are medicated to prevent further irritation. That pins-and-needles sensation in your scalp, which is sometimes accompanied by itching or burning, is often not a cause for concern. Probably, the diffuse alopecia or telogen effluvium and trichodynia are related. Frequent or prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to a sunburned scalp. © 2019 First, rinse it with apple cider vinegar. You can try some simple hairstyles such as a ponytail to cover the scalp thereby minimizing the risk of a sunburn. A proper diagnosis from a Medical Practitioner will help determine the right treatment option for you. The oil helps scabs and broken skin heal that much more quickly and provides a flood of moisture the burned scalp so desperately needs. For instance, applying apple cider vinegar on the affected area can help soothe the scalp and speed up healing. Its symptoms include scaly patches, stubborn dandruff, reddish skin, and itching. This is because hair dyes contain caustic chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and persulphates. Aloe Vera gel is also recommended to soother the affected area. The course of treatment is determined on a case-by-case basis, but it often includes soothing topical creams or oral antidepressants. Burning Scalp Hair Loss Treatment The best way to relieve you of your burning scalp hair loss is to start by treating the underlying condition that’s causing it. Here’s How! After washing your hair, apply the apple cider vinegar on the affected area. Avoid using anti-dandruff shampoo at this point because the flaking of the skin is probably due to the sunburn. It could also be due to infections such as dermatitis. Look for organic versions of shampoos and conditioners as such products do not contain harsh sulfates, parabens and fragrances that can further irritate the scalp. Over-the-counter topical treatments and shampoos are available for scalp psoriasis, but it’s always sensible to get a professional opinion and do your own research before trying any product of your own volition. Purchase pure aloe vera gel as opposed to creams and lotions containing aloe vera as such products may contain man-made chemicals that can irritate skin. Treatment should be given according to the underlying condition. Alternatively, you can dab the apple cider vinegar on the affected area. Here we will look at some of these causes and treatment options that you can try out. The extent depends on several factors, for instance, the length of exposure to the dye, and the amount of hair dye used. There is no quick cure for Burning Scalp Syndrome, but treatments are available that provide effective relief. It makes your life pathetic and miserable. If it is severe, then you’ll need to consult a physician. Due to frequent episodes of burning scalp, you feel weak and sick. Alternatively, you can try to relieve the scalp burn by massaging your scalp in circular motions using your finger-tips. Comb and brush hair gently to avoid irritating the scalp, and avoid using hairsprays, gels and other hair styling products, many of which contain alcohol which will further irritate a burned scalp. Throbbing pain that begins at the head base and spreads to the scalp, For pain that is continuous and uncontrollable, doctors may need to administer. Preventive measures are always the best option. Scalp burn from relaxers is another common issue. Black Hair Planet Beauty Magazine: Treating Relaxer Burns, Go Ask Alice: Hair Dye Burned My Scalp-Help, Privacy Notice/Your California Privacy Rights. You can purchase the Aquaphor ointment at the drug store, or Neosporin antibacterial cream. Burning scalp caused by the Sun and relief, Full Body Permanent Skin Lightening Surgery Info, Dry Skin Around Eyes or Eyelids Causes and Treatments, Treating Big, Painful, Infected Lip Pimples Fast, Dark Spots on Face Causes and Removal Ways, Black or Dark Inner Thighs Lightening Ways and Creams.