£10.15 VAT: Very poor velcro attachment plate used on backing pad. folkestonefixings, Verified purchase: These machines only need very slight pressure to work correctly and I cannot fault the sanding capability with all grades of paper. £12.18, Regular Price: Very good machine, but with a disclaimer: I purchased mine a number of years back and it was made in Switzerland, and I have no clue what their quality is like now, so my advice might only be applicable to second hand. Celková váha bez kabelu: 1,9 kg Na Heurece využíváme personalizaci a cílenou reklamu. I've even done absurd things like polish a full terrazzo floor with it. Non standard dust port but could be modified for most shop vacs. View cart for details. This sander replaced a Triton 1/4 sheet orbital sander, it was struggling and died on the job (less then 6 months old). £12.18, Regular Price: Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab, Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab, Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab. VAT: VAT: Incl. 4. | £7.99 Bosch Velcro Sanding Plate 125 mm for Sander PEX 300 AE and PEX 400 AE. Excl. BOSCH PEX 400 AE excentrická bruska, 370W, brusná plocha 125mm, až 26000 kmitů/min, kufr. They also allow website owners to provide certain services, such as live chats. axminstertools, Very easy to use and quite quiet compared to other sanders I've used Excl. £4.99 Incl. VAT: Get the item you ordered or get your money back. Excl. This is a public forum presenting user opinions on selected products and businesses, and as such the views expressed do not reflect the opinion of ProductReview.com.au. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. I shopped around and found a retailer that stocked replacement base pads and fitted it. But as I need to use a tool for a long period of time, I prefer something lighter. • Summary. £3.99 £15.99 Incl. | £10.99 Mildly functional but flawed. Both throw pads now after working for approx 12 hours. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. £7.42, Special Price VAT: it is a bit lighter than the old one so arm should not get as tired Not a bad sander, onto my 3rd base pad as the Velcro wears very quickly, major problem, call center not very helpful,the other problem is with this review, I only needed 22 words but I couldn't post it until I had written 50, also very frustrating, regards Craig, good bye. Web searches reveal this is a common issue.Their response is to tell readers to call their helpline where you will be told crap by someone who knows nothing and offered nothing useful as a remedy. I resorted to gluing the pad on, which worked for a while. The dust colle... ction case has such a low capacity. Unexpected. POWER SUPPLY CORD I / BR 2.65m 2 x 1.0mm H05VV-F, POWER SUPPLY CORD CH 2.65m 2 x 1.0mm H05VV-F, POWER SUPPLY CORD GB 240V 2.65m 2 x 1.0mm H05VV-F, POWER SUPPLY CORD AUS 2.6m 2 x 0.75mm PVC, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2604011265-3, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2604011266-3, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2606610077-18323, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2607200260-4, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2604460280-5, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2604460125-5, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2604460124-5, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2604460126-5, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2600703017-6, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2601035001-7, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2601117752-9, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-1607328028-12, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2600905034-14, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2603410001-18, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2603490022-19, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2601329057-32, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2608601074-33, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2603414062-35, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-1603100036-36, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2604448181-39, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2603490023-43, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2602380003-44, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2602025068-45, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2910285226-46, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-1603339006-47, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2608005043-48, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-1907950006-50, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2600206015-51, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2601022000-52, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2607233023-56, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2605411129-654, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2605702039-655, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2605104800-801, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2605104801-801, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-1607000388-805, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2601117766-808, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2601117772-808, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2601117763-808, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2601117769-808, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2601117773-808, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2601117765-808, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2601117767-808, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2601117764-808, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2607014001-810, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2605805005-813, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2604337911-816, PEX 400 AE -Type: 0603310642-2606610901-826. £7.19, Special Price Welcome To The UK's Fastest Growing Spare Parts Site, Regular Price: Write a review on ProductReview.com.au! VAT: These cookies are essential for the website to function and they cannot be turned off. And comes in a case. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from ProductReview.com.au. Sold by: ), Things I like: IT NEVER THREW ANY DISCS. Pozice: Přínos pro uživatele: Excl. Seems that the collection box on my machine is a bit loose after 2 uses. Ensure the pad is kept clean, an excess of dust will limit adhesion between pad and the paper. £7.96 postage. Will do a stickon velcro and use till it dies - then not replace, Bosch has lost my good will ; I expect more from my suppliers. • Things I like: IT NEVER THREW ANY DISCS. Excl. Light and perfectly weighted orbital sander. We’ll take a look and remove the review if it doesn’t follow our guidelines. £3.99 The filter box is poorly designed and hard to push together. The basic function of a sander is to sand this doesn't do that one the pad loses ability to hold pads. I will not be buying another Bosch orbital sander not will I recommend them. Podložný talíř v měkkém provedení, vhodný k profilovém broušení.