If you have a passion for a high-performance sport, you are self-motivated and you like helping other people, you might want to check out how you can become an exercise physiologist yourself. For conference and consecutive interpreting, you will need a degree in languages or interpreting and a postgraduate qualification in interpreting. Civil engineers plan, design, manage and maintain a variety of construction projects, building structures and other facilities including roads, bridges, airports, dams, etc, depending on the area of engineering you choose to focus on (eg: structural, transportation, environmental, maritime or geotechnical engineering). Logistics and distribution managers are responsible for overseeing a product-creation process from start to finish. Thank you! They are the ones who order supplies, keep records and accounts, and set and plan the menu. You can get on an art residency (that lasts from 3 to 12 months) and work your way up, equipping yourself with skills and knowledge. There are many specialist areas to choose from in this field. Interestingly, our database couples degrees that allow you to study makeup with degrees that teach you how to make delicious food. With experience in research councils, you can progress to a senior research or laboratory management position. With experience, you could move into charity management, become a self-employed fundraising consultant or specialise in a particular area such as corporate or trust fundraising, operations, database management or marketing and communications, where there are more opportunities within larger charities. Experience in the field is more important than academic qualifications for this profession. 7 years ago . In order to become an accountant, you will have to complete a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and business or finance. As you progress, you can choose to specialise in a disorder or a specific client group. PLAY. If you are interested in becoming an airline pilot, you will need to show a strong personal commitment to the role. There are many writing specialisms and you can choose to write children books, novels, short stories, plays or poetry. Firefighters are responsible for saving people and property from fire and other damages. Marketing managers are responsible for managing and overseeing the marketing initiatives of a company. Help please? Actors make use of speech, movement and expression to bring a range of characters to life in order to provide entertainment or, in some cases, education, training and therapy. For some jobs, you might need an MSc in sports and exercise physiology or a PhD. You can join an in-house training course or attend external training with a professional body. A Master’s in civil engineering can help you improve your employment prospects in the field. You will need to show that you have acquired enough knowledge to enter the field, preferably in a fundraising role. You can choose to work in health or research institutes, defence or robotics, aerospace, computing and electronics, power generation or gas and oil. Professional level. There is also the option of moving to special education needs, private tuition or pastoral care work. Also, becoming a chartered scientist can help you work on your professional development and gain more recognition in the field. You can choose to specialise in areas such as ultrasound or neonatal care, and with some experience in the field, you can proceed to ward manager or team leader. You will be redirected once the validation is complete. Outside the NHS, you can work with food and drinks manufacturers or multi-national supermarket chains. There is a clear structured career path in this profession that allows you to move to crew manager, watch manager, station manager, group manager, area manager, brigade manager, and then chief fire officer. We only considered people ages 22 – 25 that were no longer in school — you know, people right out of college looking for work. You can start as an event organiser assistant and work your way up the career ladder. Seeing social sciences and interdisciplinary studies on our list is no surprise either, as these degrees are notorious for being difficult in the job market.