Share this? as a license entry to unlock all cars and levels. The player can drive around San Francisco, crashing into objects. 9. Released in PAL districts as Super Runabout: The Golden State and finally in Japan again as Super Runabout: San Francisco (the updated version). or create a new account Register; Sign in with: Rate this: 10. A good year or so before GTA 3 was released, the Dreamcast played host to Super Runabout: San Francisco Edition. 1. Your Score. Super Runabout: San Francisco Edition. Box Text: White-knuckle it through the streets of San Francisco in Super Runabout, the ultimate go-anywhere driving game. 0. 6. Cheat mode (Japanese version) Enter "Elvis!!!" 4. OK, so to compare it to GTA 3 is a little unfair as it's not really the same kind of game, but aesthetically at least it is quite similar. Description Super Runabout: San Francisco Edition is the third game in the Runabout series. Mixed or average reviews - based on 5 Ratings. Game Shark Codes . Strategy Guide. Super Runabout San Francisco Edition ISO file is available in the Europe version at our library. (JPN) Interplay (USA) Developer Climax Ent. Super Runabout: San Francisco Edition . The sequel to the PlayStation's Felony 11-79, Super Runabout: San Franciso Edition puts players in control of either a group of citizens or a group of police officers. Each scenario has missions that need to be completed by freely driving around the city of San Francisco. 7. Super Runabout / Super Runabout: San Francisco Edition: Reviewed 11.07.2000 Publisher Climax Ent. 8. Would you like to write a review? Super Runabout San Francisco Edition file size - 584.6MB is absolutely safe because was tested by 3. 0 out of 10. Unlock All Vehicles in Scenario A: 142429BE 0000FFFF; Unlock All Missions in Scenario A: FC8969A8 02020202 5A978879 02020202; 0. 2. Summary: Many games try to test your skill, but Super Runabout … 5. User Score. Super Runabout San Francisco Edition is a Sega Dreamcast emulator game that you can download to havev fun with your friends. Sign in with the following networks. Super Runabout: San Francisco Edition. 7.2. Summary: It's a big city, so you'd better be at your quickest if you plan to pull of these challenges.