His grandfather began making classical guitars in 1928 and since that time the family has been involved with making over 40 different stringed instruments. No, the tech is not for me personally, and it's a little limited for those that will use it, but I am sure that younger kids will love it (and maybe a few adults too). The 5K was really nice. It uses the microphone on your device to 'listen' to what you are playing and whether you are playing the right notes at the right time, guided by a beat sound in the game / song. Anyway, that original model has since been complemented by a  newly designed version, and the Chinese team behind both models got in touch to ask me to look at it. I think acoustically it sounds a touch louder and richer than the Enya Nova and is on a clear par with the Lava U in acoustic mode. 2 Kitchener Road #02-87 Singapore 200002 (Store locations and directions) Operating hours: Daily 11am – 8pm (Closed on selected public holidays) Call/Whatsapp/SMS: +65 8181 5088. I can confirm that the made in Nazareth models all have that slight vanilla smell but the Konter was way more pronounced. Because they face front they are still a touch hard to follow unless you rock the ukulele towards you on an odd angle but they work. Do you think the frets will wear out by playing with the fluorocarbon strings or nylgut strings? It has a brightness that is not too searing and is rather pleasant too. As every year, some new brands are trying to enter the ukulele market with a booth at NAMM, some more original than others who just bulk order from China with their name slapped on the headstock. You could actually just leave it like that, but that is missing the point. Consequently, his threat to never play LEGO with him again convinced him otherwise! The outer finish is a satin which feels nice to touch, and is also very like the Lava. Feng E, the 12 year old ukulele sensation, wowed visitors to the Mahalo Ukuleles booth at the recent NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. His YouTube videos attract millions of views, he has won competitions all over the world, and ultimately reached the finals of "Asia's Got Talent". Your donations all go back into the site to allow me to keep bringing you reviews, and in the end the ukuleles acquired are given to local schools and charities. That may improve with more time with the app, but it's a bit clunky especially on the more complex songs. Free 10 Day Course!! It would certainly be cool if you could add more songs to it. With that done and it defaults to showing fret position markers in white dots on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th and 12th. Fingerboard: Plastic with integrated chord position lights, Extras: Strap button, Bluetooth connection to Smartphone with lessons and songs. As in other years, I thought it would be useful to gather all information about new ukulele models and uke related stuff (pickups, strings, tuners, etc.) It's certainly an easy match for the Lava and louder in my memory than the Nova. But its still only Tuesday in California and the show opens on Thursday. Around 1962, he traveled to San Francisco hoping to play music, but ultimately ended up working in manufacturing. My first time at NAMM. Wirecutter is reader-supported. Inside there is not much to see, as it's just black plastic moulding and very difficult to photograph due to contrast glare. This model is called the EUS-25D. Where is your ukulele right now? As for others - all plastic frets wear eventually. As in other years, I thought it would be useful to gather all information about new ukulele models and uke related … We had a pleasant conversation at the Namm booth and decided to build him this special Solid E6 Maple Ukulele. This explains why the fingerboard looks like that I suppose as it has to show the lights through it. And bear in mind the acoustic only Lava U will cost you 2.5 times MORE than this! When my fingers are on them you still see enough glow to know the light is on. This powers the Smart funcions which allows the uke to 'talk' to the dedicated Populele Smartphone / tablet app via Bluetooth. There are also simple bracing ribs on the top and strengthening the area around the bridge, presumably to stop dipping. Pono is another example of a company bringing a lot of fresh ideas, such as their Nui and UL models, or their chambered body electrics. It has to be applauded for that as anything that motivates the screen obsessed to play music has to be a good thing, even if it is short lived. For those of you who already play and don't need guided tuition, this is still a well priced, tough plastic uke with a pleasant voice though. The company is widely known for creating and publishing the "Jumpin' Jim's Ukulele" songbooks, including the "Daily Ukulele". But I cannot get over the fact my daughter adored it and as a learning tool used. Do remember though that far eastern pricing tends to be very dynamic - it could cost more tomorrow! Atom Looking at press pictures from Populele it seems that as well as holding the Smart funcions, the neck itself is heavily strengthened with criss cross bracing moulded in to the material to stop bending. Enya ukulele is known for its innovative design and incredible sounding. A year later Bob hired a young man named Roy Good who was interested in... Gerold Hannabach was born in Schönbach, Czechoslovakia into a family with a long tradition in the building of music instruments. Both Populele's are billed as 'Smart Ukuleles', which we will come on to shortly, but aside from the smart functionality, this one differs consisderably from the original in terms of construction. These include the basics of holding,  strumming, chord position placements and the like and are clearly aimed at younger or completely new players. The volume here is very good and the sustain is really not bad either with pleasing vibrations barrelling back into the chest. Today we are going to talk about protecting our precious instruments. A catalyst if you will. Andrew Molina is a famous ukulele player from Hawaii. Aside from the Google ads, I don't get paid to write this blog and for reasons of impartiality a not sponsored by brands or stores. First thing that gets me excited: Pepe Romero is presenting his Baritone 6 string and DHO6 guilele in a steel string version: Currently enjoying these ukuleles : *LdfM tenor, *LfdM 19" super tenor. Not a. The notes in the mix are extremely clear and shine through individually with some nice harmonisation going on when strummed. It has to work as an instrument first and foremost. 20 Most Used Ukulele Chords YouTube video link:  https://youtu.be/maSnQIYGiUs Have you noticed that most songs have chords in common? NICE review, Baz. Feng E, the 12 year old ukulele sensation, wowed visitors to the Mahalo Ukuleles booth at the recent NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. But before we get on to the round up, I have to explain the basics of the Smart functionality. There... How To: Hang Up Your Ukuleles on the Wall  Ukelanders! As a result, Feng has twice appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." I think I would have grave concerns over this instrument if the core ukulele was no good, but thankfully it's not half bad at all and think should be the main take you get from this review. As a musician he toured and recorded with different bands and landed some great gigs, including, ironically enough, as a Boss demo artist at the 1979 NAMM show! On the Populele site itself this is sold at $189, or about £150 in the UK which is reasonable enough, but that seems to be more of a RRP direct from the manufacturer.