However, the lid can slide around a bit when the infuser isn’t in the mug. They say that the mug is easy to clean and keeps the drink hot. Lightly scrub any hard to clean parts on the strainer or mug. There are many different types of tea mugs on the market, but they can be broadly split into two categories: for use with loose-leaf tea or tea bags. Zojirushi SM-JTE46AD Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Tea Leaf Filter, 4. What water temperature should I use to brew my tea? They also praise the small holes in the infuser that prevent any tea from escaping. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. However, most agree that the mug itself is well-designed. It comes with two separate lids depending on whether you are on the go, or enjoying a cup at home. Or something like that. Figure Out How to Clean Silver Teapot All by Yourself! Besides the body, this infuser mug comes with a slightly rounded ceramic lid and a cone-shaped stainless steel infuser. You can gently churn the infuser to help water circulate. Some users felt that the design was a bit too large for a travel mug, and not all felt it was easy to clean. The grip allows for easy holding and protects your hand from the heat of the drink. Reviewers found this mug to be very cute, but some say that the infuser is not high-quality. If the weight doesn’t bother you, this mug is a great option for a tea infuser mug that can be used on the go. It is large and allows you to brew as much tea as you want. Others are made from mesh. Can you steep the same tea leaves more than once? It only makes sense that you’d want this liquid elixir at hand anywhere and everywhere. However, most reviewers loved the cute messages on the mug and spoon. Large capacity – can hold about 400 ml of drink, Doesn’t sweat or leak out to ruin your bag or clothes, Brews easily and quickly with the stainless steel infuser, Looks beautiful with the transparent glass in the middle enclosed by stainless steel top and bottom panels, Keeps liquid warm or cold for about an hour, Comes with a sleeve that soaks incidental sweating. Then we put them to the test!We tested each product for the following 2 criteria. Mug tea infusers tend to have spacious brewing areas, giving you a great-tasting brew. One that will keep your thirst quenched and your money in your pocket. You can use a kettle if you have one, or you can microwave water directly in the mug for 1-2 minutes. Get exclusive content, advice, and tips from BestReviews. It’s insulating capacity paired with the large mug size and large infuser make this mug a great choice. The lid has to be threaded into the opening – it will provide a tight seal on the bottle, and keep all the liquid inside no matter how rough the roads are that you travel on. This prevents your infuser leaking all over your table or counter and creating a mess. On top of that, the bamboo exterior keeps the bottle free of bacteria on the outside as well. Some users report an unpleasant taste when using plastic or silicone tea infusers, but plenty of people use them with no complaints. First, you measure the tea into the infuser and place it in a mug or teapot. The lid isn’t super tight, but rests on the top snug enough. This glass mug has a double-walled, mug-inside-a-mug design to stop your hand from being burned on the glass. So if you are feeling kind enough to share, you’ll be able to make a lot of new friends. There is Fred the sloth, Narwhal, Mr. This mug is made from porcelain and has an extra-large handle that is easy to grip. White, blue, red, green, yellow, orange, lime, purple, Silicone green or white lid options with stainless steel infusers, Different infuser characters that hang from lid, Infuser has enough room for tea leaves to expand, Infuser is large enough to properly brew loose leaf, Double-walled design keeps drink insulated, Ceramic lid can act as drip tray for infuser, No metallic taste that you get with stainless steel travel mugs. This does cost a bit more at around $30, but since it’s so handy we think it’s totally worth it. This mug is also rather durable, despite being made of ceramic. The mug holds a large amount of liquid without being excessively large or heavy. No, honestly we think this is absolutely gorgeous. The transparent bottle will become extra beautiful with big colorful fruit pieces inside it. But unless you’re just drinking water, it’s hard to ignore the fact that your melting ice cubes water down your drinks and change the flavor! They like the shape of the mug, as the wider bottom makes it safer and less likely to be knocked over. The lid can be used to keep the tea warm and also has a stand for the infuser! Instead, look for tea mugs that have room to hold your tea bag after it’s finished brewing. Our team of experts has reviewed the 9 best tea infuser mugs available on the market in 2018 so you can easily find the best product for your needs. The small size of a ball tea infuser means it can be fully submerged in the water, even in shallow cups. Besides the mug, there is a food grade silicone lid and a large stainless steel infuser. Basket tea infusers are versatile and can be used in conjunction with many mugs and teapots. So without further ado, we present to you our collection of best tea infuser mugs, ranging in colors, sizes and prices for the most insightful decision-making process you’ve ever had in your life. Users not only appreciate the cute design, but also praise the excellent size and ease of brewing. It also keeps your drink hotter for longer by insulating the inside. That way, you can use your knives safely and easily.To help you find the best one, we researched the options available and scoured customer reviews. Can retain liquid temperature for 90 minutes, Easy to clean due to the double-ended openings, Comes with a black sleeve to help with portability, Double-paned glasses that insulate the drink from the inside, Simple and beautiful design with an elegant tree logo on the front. We have suggestions for some good, leakless mugs right here. Of course the rest, is history. While the holes may not be as small as a fine mesh, it is small enough to keep most tea particles out. They also say that the mug effectively keeps the drink hot. If you are looking for a portable tea infuser bottle, check out our other guide here. Upon triggering it, the liquid will swiftly flow out without any leaky liquidy mess. Plus, there’s a protective case that features food grade material too, which is not only great for protecting you from heat but also helps reduce the likelihood of the bottle breaking if it falls. It is also rather durable and heavy duty with a high heat capacity. UEndure Glass Tea Infuser Bottle & Strainer. Your email address will not be published. The mug can also hold up 16oz of liquid while the infuser itself can hold around 20 spoons of loose tea, which by the way can also be used in your own cup without an issue. There are also glass options for both. The mug comes with a large stainless steel infuser. What to Look for in a Tea Infuser . Get it? Treat this mug with care to avoid cracking and chipping. Size: Some tea infusers are designed to brew a single cup, while others work for your whole teapot. There’s no fanciness about this bottle. The Live... ★ THE RIGHT SIZE- Enjoy 16 ounces of your favorite tea with the included tea mug. This little tea infuser mug is essentially a ceramic travel mug. The lid closes in on its mouth, opening with a vacuum seal that is impenetrable and inescapable. Teacups come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate the beverage and are often durable enough to last a lifetime. Plus, if you’ve got a super important meeting that’d most likely frown upon your frumpy travel mug, nothing to worry; this tea infuser will fit the bill neatly. Thermos 16-Ounce Drink Bottle with Tea Infuser, 8. And when it comes to durability, no questions need to be asked. They say it makes a good gift for tea lovers and like that there is a choice of three messages to choose from. It's extra-large size, cute colors, and high-quality infuser make it our favorite. It won’t retain heat for hours like a vacuum insulated stainless steel mug, but it does a good job for a mug. Different patterns sold as separate products, Navy blue, orange, blue, turquoise, white, yellow, several patterns, Black, blue, carrot, gray, ivy, lime, mandarin, purple, red, turquoise, white. We've included a range of sizes, types, and colors. If you’re the sort of person who’d prefer to use your own mugs and bottles at all times whenever possible, then we think this would make for quite a stylish addition to your lifestyle.