Another feature of this Hoover portable carpet cleaner is the self-cleaning hose technology. Additionally, the unit comes with 2 hand tools. However, it has two carpet … The unit does fit into the budget-friendly price range for portable carpet cleaners, but it does also offer good performance. We have another portable cleaner from Bissell’s “little green” production. Try to soak up as much of the shampoo with a cloth, and leave the carpet/upholstery for five minutes to rest. Because of the compact size of this model, its purpose is to mostly handle small stains or spills – it’s not able to clean big areas. Currently, it is the only carpet cleaner that has this feature and it allows you to keep your hose clean and free from dirt and bacteria. If you cannot decide whether to use chemicals or not, we would advise trying doing it with water only. First in our list is the Bissell SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner. Consult the instruction manual and see where all the hinges are. This usually means the power rating of a motor is divided between the suction and heating features of the machine. Another thing to consider is – what are you cleaning? coming to 14 feet. Why? If you have a tougher stain you can always use the 3-inch Tough Stain tool. These machines use suction, yes, but they also apply water and cleaning fluids to remove stains and even germs from carpets. The machine comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Full-sized carpet cleaners create about 80+ decibels of noise while vacuum cleaners make around 70 decibels. Be cautious because meddling with the cleaner too much can void the warranty. If you are a pet owner, you should also check our best carpet cleaner for pets article. This allows you to cover a variety of surfaces and the antimicrobial materials used to make this tool protects it from mold, bacteria, and mildew. With 9.6 pounds it is light and easy to transport around your home. The Spotlifter lived up to its name while testing it on soft and regular carpets. 2. How often should I clean my carpet and upholstery cleaner? Because they are small focused devices you need to pay extra care when cleaning a single spot on your carpet/upholstery/car interior to make sure you don’t damage the area you are treating. Click here to find out more. However, you should check if the warranty covers the transport of the unit because you could be forced to pay for it by some manufacturers. Some models feature water heaters which are also powered by the one and only motor in the unit. The motor comes with a 10-amp power rating which gives it the edge in suction power compared to other units. Our next model is the Bissel 1400B portable carpet cleaner. Even though it might sound like a wise decision to get an upholstery steam cleaner, we would like to encourage you to take a look at our research on upholstery steam cleaners and see our explanation on why that might not be a great idea. The portable carpet spot cleaner is heavier than the other models in our list, coming to around 20 pounds. The power cord is a bit shorter than other models. There is a far less chance of you hurting yourself by carrying or using one of these portable models than a full-sized one. The first thing you need to do is to stop the shampoo source, being it on the carpet cleaner, or if you’re doing it manually. The portable carpet spot cleaner is heavier than the other models in our list, coming to around 20 pounds. When you do get to the insides, do not waste a lot of cleaning chemicals. The next appliance on this best commercial carpet cleaner list is the Rug Doctor 93146, and it is a rather exciting machine. Also, more power isn’t always a good thing. Our next cleaning machine is the Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner. Some carpet and upholstery cleaners are best for spot cleaning, while others function at the same level as the professional machines. The Hoover spot cleaner comes with a set of dual tanks. Since they are compact models, they, of course, cannot carry big capacity water tanks like the full-sized models. If you have a dried-in stain you can use the Tough Stain Tool. Having specialized tools is great most of the time, but in this case, we found out that upholstery steamers are just not worth the hassle. The power cord is 22 feet and you get a large hose for extended cleaning. It depends. Also, the unit’s hose and tanks are PVC free, all of this makes it most ‘green’ model on our list. The unit comes with an 18-foot power cord for continuous cleaning. Every cleaning job was handled just fine with the unit. It is a larger model but that also means more power and bigger containers. Portable carpet cleaners are much smaller and make much less noise. Most are very light-weight, but there are some models which can get up to 20 pounds and over. However, repeat the process of dry cleaning, just in case. The price of the model is very budget-friendly given the cleaning power it produces. Warm water and soap will do just fine after you remove all the solid dirt. While it is true for most models that a stronger motor produces more powerful suction, motor power doesn’t always translate to a better result. Your email address will not be published. This article contains affiliate links. We’ve used it on a variety of stains and spills and it has delivered good results. What should I do in the case of over-shampooing? Just like the other model, this one is very compact and light-weight. As with other units from this series, the unit was built with at least 50% of recycled materials. The standard for warranties differs among portable carpet cleaner producers. The power cord for this unit is 15 feet in length. Carpet cleaners, as you know, have the additional option to apply shampoos or other cleaning agents during the cleaning process. This Bissell portable carpet cleaner comes with a large capacity tank that holds ¾ of a gallon (96 ounces). For people who have a hard time carrying heavy cleaning equipment, portable carpet cleaners can be a useful cleaning solution. Portable carpet cleaners are much lighter than full-sized models but that also means their cleaning power is also much weaker.