Whether you’re starting an emergency food supply or just looking for the best canned baked … The 10 Best Canned Baked Beans on the Market for Your Pantry Read More I wouldn’t use any of their “Grillin’ Beans” for this recipe. This Quick Southern-Style Baked Beans recipe is by Pam Anderson. They have about 14 varieties now and I haven’t tried them all. Her recipe is sweet and savory, but not spicy at all. They also make great pantry staples because they can be stored for a long time, take up very little space, and can be eaten cold if need be. Here are the best canned baked beans recipes to start with. But they can. I never knew baked beans could be improved upon; I never knew baked beans could be such a triumph, such a prayer, such a song. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. I never knew baked beans could be this good. As they cook the baked beans will thicken and get a little sticky crust around the edges–that makes them look like they’ve had ages in the oven doing their thing. Yields: 18 Prep Time ... Whoa, Nelly. Do give them 20 minutes in the oven and it will be worth it. What to serve with canned baked beans Whether you want your baked beans savory, sweet or smoky, or a combination of these, there is a can of beans out there for you. The good news is, you can enjoy the hearty food without any effort. About Doctoring Canned Baked Beans: My favorite beans to use for this recipe are Bush’s Baked Beans, the original flavor but this still works well with their Original, Brown Sugar, Onion and Homestyle beans. My mom makes the very BEST homemade baked beans in the whole world! Baked beans – they’re sweet, savory, delicious and the foundation of numerous meals. You can heat them just in a pot on the stove, but–meh–not as good. I now know they can. Baked bean sheet pan nachos Photo: This Vivacious Life. Creative canned baked beans recipes 1. We have listed the five best brands for canned baked beans that are available in the market today. These semi-homemade baked beans made from canned beans are so easy and crazy yummy! To be honest, I’ve never really met another baked bean recipe I love as much as hers!