There are countless ways to prepare rice -- you can steam it, fry it, simmer it slowly in broth like Italian risotto or scorch it to develop a crispy crust like Iranian tahdig. This is not pasta!" But the issue at hand goes beyond a difference in opinion on the varying methods of cooking rice. Accessibility Help. Sections of this page. And why are "ethnic" chefs -- a euphemism for non-Whites -- often paid less? Uncle Rogers also said that they will make a new video at Hersha’s house about how she makes the rice, correct way. ", Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, This student just became the first Latino DACA recipient to win the Rhodes Scholarship, Justice Department appeals order it cannot rep. Trump in E. Jean Carroll case. And then there are chefs who fail to acknowledge a dish's ethnic origins at all -- the equivalent of whitewashing food. But, he said to the viewers to look forward and asked them to subscribe to her Youtube channel. Pages Other Brand Website Home & Garden Website BBC Food Videos Hersha's egg-fried rice. As an Asian, that video killed us all with the sad way of cooking rice. Instead of cooking it all the way through, however, the host brings the pot to the sink and drains the water. Malaysian comedian, Uncle Roger even make a reaction video. Most of us know what egg fried rice is and how to cook it. Police Hunt Down Thieves That Snatch Necklace & Slaps Woman in a Viral Video. Why do publications continue to use language that frames "ethnic" food as occasionally bizarre and often incomprehensible -- for example, Bloomberg calling tofu a "white, chewy and bland" food people are "learning to love?" She exclaimed that while he is blown up, famous, she, on the other hand, being trolled by the people on the Internet. ▼Surprisingly, Hersha Patel is such a good sport! Have news to share? You're killing me, woman. He even said to the viewers to follow Hersha on Instagram. The way a BBC Food host cooks rice, however, is so horrifying that Asians – and their mums – are screaming into the depths of their lost dreams at the sight. Countless White chefs in recent years have been accused of cultural appropriation by creating food from other ethnic groups using methods and phrases that are deemed "unauthentic," disrespectful, and sometimes outright racist. With a colander. "FOR ANYONE WHO IS TRYING TO SAY THERE ARE MULTIPLE WAYS OF COOKING RICE, WELL OF COURSE THERE ARE. Why? Entertainment Outlets Not Allowed To Resume Operation Since March, But Asked To Renew License For 2021 That Cost RM8,000?! When it opened in 2019, the White owner said it would serve "clean" food that wouldn't make people feel "bloated and icky" afterwards -- the implication being that regular Chinese food was somehow unhealthy. Many also point out that food is meant to be shared, and its power is often directly tied to the communal eating experience. "While this guy's blown up like nobody's business, I've been trolled," Patel said in the video, claiming she had been simply presenting the BBC's recipe and that "I know how to cook rice.". Malaysian comedian, Uncle Roger even make a reaction video. "THIS RICE COOKING IS A HATE CRIME," Yang joked on Twitter. The Uncle Roger controversy: Why people are up in arms over a rice cooking video. Tokenism is when racial, ethnic, or cultural diversity is emphasized only on a symbolic level, without much substantial effort to understand that culture -- in Ramsay's case, labeling a restaurant "Asian" without taking the time to differentiate between these individual nuanced cuisines. [Part 2] Landslide in Banjaran Hotspring Retreat: Victim’s Wife Reached Ipoh To Claim His Body, [Part 1]M’sian Influencer, Cathryn Li Refuses to Meet Up With Man Claimed to be Advisor of Minister, Faces Accusation of “Disrespect”, Immigration Officer With Salary RM1,360 Owned Mustang, Rolls Royce, Range Rover and Audi, Auntie Can’t Stand Her Husband “Go Dutch” Culture, Leaving Home & On Road Trip For 2 Months. "What she doing? Jonathan hates maths but is in love with math rock. The scrambled egg was overcooked instead of runny. Patel hadn't washed the rice before boiling it. Last year, for instance, an Asian food critic accused celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay of tokenism, after he launched a restaurant described in promotional material as "an authentic Asian eating house.". Malaysian Comedian ‘Amazed’ Watching BBC Video of Making Egg Fried Rice! In a BBC Food video, host Hersha Patel demonstrates how to cook egg-fried rice; which would surely have been a clincher for any self-respecting individual in the kitchen. Hersha makes it clear that she knows how to cook rice in the correct way. For instance, irate viewers pointed to the time Bon Appetit had a White chef demonstrate how to cook Vietnamese pho, with the title "PSA: This Is How You Should Be Eating Pho." Like one would with pasta. Bloomberg eventually removed these phrases from their article after international backlash. These themes sound abstract at times -- but they're linked to and help perpetuate broader real-life inequalities such as workplace discrimination, pay inequity, power imbalances and prevailing Whiteness in the food world. Each time, the brand would issue an apology and a promise to do better -- but it has been happening for years. On July 8, Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng uploaded to YouTube a video titled "DISGUSTED by this Egg Fried Rice Video," under his comedic persona "Uncle Roger.". Black Friday Sale 2020! Ng, who is based in London, tried to defuse the situation by filming a short clip with Patel announcing they are planning a collaboration. In the video, he playfully jabs Hersha and called her the egg fried rice lady. he exclaimed. The New York Times food columnist Alison Roman, also a White woman, gained internet fame for her recipe for a "Spiced Chickpea Stew with Coconut and Turmeric" -- which sounds an awful lot like an Indian or Jamaican curry. It’s Management Decision”. Food is not just sustenance, it carries history and heritage, which is why many people are deeply offended when these traditional methods of cooking are cast aside. She should have used day-old rice. This much is understandable since most British homes wouldn’t own a gas stove or a rice cooker. For the record, you wash the rice before cooking it, and the rice shouldn’t contain any traces of wetness. But sharing is different from appropriating without respect, especially when the chefs who do it profit from portraying those foods. Most of us know what egg fried rice is and how to cook it. Within food media, Bon Appetit -- owned by Conde Nast -- is the best-known example.