Ref 2986. Ref 3142, A rare decorated iron Main-Gauche or left hand dagger, manufactured in Toledo circa 1880. Ref 1289. A very rare two handed German Landsknecht sword circa 1590-1600. A very unusual Indian Khanjar dagger with horn grip and bi-furcated blade. Show your Scottish pride with the Late Scottish Broadsword. Every item listed for sale on our website is in stock now and is available for you to purchase. Ref 1653. Ref 2664. Langet embossed with Hercules wrestling a Lion. Good condition. A good 18-19th Century Indian sword Tulwar with plain steel hilt. Good condition. Good condition. A rare 19th Century Yataghan sword with silver inlay to blade. Ref 3115. Etched blade. Ref 1700. A fine Silver mounted Arab sword Saif or Nimcha in silver mtd scabbard. Ref 3000. Good condition. A rare Spanish Cup-Hilt rapier. Ref 9003. From Jacobite basket hilted backswords to more recent Scottish highland and lowland infantry regiment broadswords and dirks, all of these Scottish swords are for sale. Good condition. Our replica swords cater for all budgets. A rare 18th Century Indian sword Tulwar zulfiqar inlaid hilt with a Bi-Furcated blade. Ref 9825. At Buying a Sword, we provide an excellent selection of historical sword replicas, including a fine assortment of basket hilted broadswords. Celtic . Please visit and follow our Facebook page. Ref 1948, A very rare Main-Gauche or left hand dagger, probably English Civil war era. A very unusual French Grenadiers Napoleonic era brass sword engraved blade. Ref 9052. A very fine silver Kindjal the hilt and scabbard covered in nielloed silver. Sitemap - Age of Conan Swords; Assassin's Creed Swords; Braveheart Swords; ... Clearance Sale; Shop by Period . Ref 3046. A very rare early silver mounted Scottish Dirk, circa 1740. A very fine Austrian brass mounted naval officers sword in scabbard. A very fine authentic Indian 18th century Katar punch-dagger with a chizzelled hilt. The long hilt covered with red rope. Ref 2919, A very rare English Civil War era Mortuary style rapier. All rights reserved. A scarce American Masonic or Lodge Sword, the blade engraved -ARTHUR J. KERKER. A Superb and rare silver inlaid English Rapier circa 1640. A rare 18th Century British military spear point bayonet for DURRS EGG FLINTLOCK CARBINE. More Info Add To Cart. Ref 1280. A Very fine and large size Romantic dagger with a figure of a 17th century Musketeer. Ref 3144. Ref 3157. Offering greater protection to the hand with their basket-shaped guards, basket hilt broadswords served as military weapons in the 16th through 18th centuries, contrasting with the slim dueling rapiers worn by civilians during the same time period. Ref 2977. Ref 9006. Ref 2774, A Rare 18/19th C. North American Indian Pipe-Tomahawk, inlaid with brass. Hours (CST) 9am-5pm Mon-Fri A rare and interesting 19th century BOWIE style Chinese fighting dagger. Probably military issue circa 1700-1720. A Rare French Napoleonic Era Light Cavalry Sabre. Terms & Conditions - Ref 2780. Ref 3114, A rare head from a 19th Century Indian all steel Ankus or Elephant Goad. Ref 8233. Ref 2750. 401 North Richland Creek Drive A superb 19th century North African Nimcha sword covered almost completely in silver. Complete with its original leather scabbard. Ref 2988. Top, Antique Weapons & Items for sale under £850, Armour, Helmets, Militaria, Nautical Items, Etc, Oriental, Indian, Oceanic, Eastern, African Weapons. Ref 9827. 1780. While the terms broadsword and backsword did not appear until the Victorian era, they are used in present day to distinguish between double-edged and single-edged basket hilted swords, respectively. Ref 2468. This decorative basket-hilt sword also looks great on a wall in your home or office. A good Scottish Silver mounted military Skean-Dubh with silver date letter for 1915. A very rare early silver mounted Scottish Dirk, circa 1750-1800. The Practical Basket Hilt Broadsword is chic, lightweight, and durable for your Renaissance themed reenactment. Ref 2672, A Scottish Silver mounted military Skean-Dubh the hilt with the badge of the ROYAL SCOTS. Ref 3001. Ref 2862. Ref 3158. Ref 2609, A very rare Islamic sword with fully etched blade - KILIJ. Scottish Basket Hilted Broad Sword of Transitional type dating to circa 1630 to 1660 with Scabbard. Ref 9273. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Some caligraphy. Turkish or Greek. A rare Swiss sword probably 18th Century. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Celtic Swords; Celtic Daggers; Celtic Clothing; Celtic Jewellery; Celtic Accessories; Greek . 19th Century. Ref 2797. A very good Silver covered Dha / Dah sword, probably VIETNAMESE or THAI. Ref 9826. Ref 9823. Ref 6474. This is a replica of an 18th century basket hilt sword with great attention paid to the balance, ornate hilt, and sheath. Google Maps, 1-812-506-1988 English C. 1640. A rare and unusual massive Chinese executioner's sword. A Highlander or Scottish warrior may look incomplete without a sword at their side. Various forms of this Renaissance sword are known as basket hilt backswords, schiavona swords, and Scottish broadswords. A scarce brass hilted infantry hanger believed to be Russian. A rare Napoleonic period French Cuirassier heavy Cavalry sword dated VERSAILLES, 1815. Ref 8947. Good condition. Good condition. Ref 2817, A RARE ANCIENT ORDER OF FORESTERS 19TH C. MASONIC WOODEN AXE WITH PAINTED DECORATION. A very good Silver covered Burmese Dha / Dah sword, complete with matching scabbard. A rare Spanish Cup-Hilt rapier. A good 18-19th Century Indian sword PULWAR. The 1851 Pattern Basket-hilt Broadsword was standard officer issue in the Highland regiments from Victorian to modern times. A very unusual brass short sword circa 1860. A superb silver mounted Hunting Sword with a silver cross-guard and pommel, circa 1750. Ref 2858. 18th-19th century. Ref 8093. Some gold inlay to the blade and mounts. This Brass Basket Hilt Scottish Sword is, by name and style, of the Scottish origin, where heavier swords were more favored. Ref 2190. Good condition. Good condition. Ref 3139. Their wider blade design set them apart from the slim dueling rapiers carried by civilians of the time, and the basket-shaped guard provided more protection for the hand than previous sword types had granted. The red basket liner and pommel make it an attractive piece. Ref 3111, A superb silver mounted English Hunting Sword in scabbard. Ref 1942. Ref 1662. Ref 1800. Circa 1860. Ref 2323. Circa 1640. A very scarce 17th/18th century plug bayonet with an unusual flamboyant blade. Blade of pewter. Very good condition. A rare BASKET HILT SWORD Circa 1740-1760. A scarce curved steel hilt early hanger or short sword from the era of the American Revolutionary war. After the Jacobite Rebellion, in which Bonnie Prince Charles tried to take the throne with an army of Scottish clansmen, the basket-hilted sword became a symbol of Scotland. Could be French or possibly Confederate Navy. Completely untouched piece.Ref 3064. Ref 2825. Ref 2285. A rare 19th Century British Police officer's sword with the constabulary initials on blade. A rare 19th century steel Mounted Turkish Shamshir sword. The basket hilt sword developed alongside the rapier, and was often dubbed a broadsword in comparison. Basket hilt broadswords gained much of their popularity as military weapons in the 16th century and were used up until the 18th century. I also buy antique swords and firearms at fair prices, including entire collections - email me with photos if you have something to sell. Ref 3124, A rare untouched English Rapier, dating from around the time of the English civil war. A very fine steel hilted small sword with gilt panels. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Ref 1795. Ref 6586. Ref 3156. Good Condition. Ref 3076. This is a replica of an 18th C. Scottish Broad Sword with great attention paid to the balance, ornate hilt, and sheath.