But it is due to Night Fall, Semen, and Sperm. :) I'm glad it's one of the most common elements - we've found a lot of stuff to do with it. (Calc, pho.) So unless I'm talking/writing in a philosophical sense, it's easy for me to be very matter of fact. When Baby or young child becomes so weak that we can see the ribs and bones actually. Patient Doesn’t want to meet with the new and unknown persons. Homeopathic Medicine Baryta Carbonica is mostly given to the Children and old aged patients. Distention of abdomen (Calc.) ;-). This is one of those times. Yes, science and math make up everything. Baryta Carb (Carbonate of Baryta) is also known as Barium Carbonicum. Barium carbonate standard powder is used in the production of special glass, glazes, brick and tile industry, ceramic and ferrite industry. This is a picture of Barium in a vacuum environment to prevent oxidation. Great hub! Excellent job. In addition to the uses mentioned, barium can also be found in other applications such as: While I am very aware that the Deepwater Horizon oil spill had nothing to do with the lack of drilling mud, I find that any joke at BP's expense...is a funny joke. India Arnold from Northern, California on March 04, 2012: Interesting and fantastic info on atomic #56! When the patient goes for the Urine and stool excretion, The moles of piles come out. Such Old Patients have enlarged prostate Glands. How deep into the crust do you have to go before you find an abundance of this stuff? carb.) Uses of Barium Carbonate – BaCO 3. Barium Carb Homeopathic Medicine works best for the short and unattractive child. It's the glaring differences from one use to another that I find interesting. Barium chloride is responsible for the brilliance behind 4th of July displays. (Yes, I have the misfortune of knowing how they die) Though I'm sure all poisons are rather unpleasant. Pure barium can be extracted through electrolysis, and contained in an argon container (which doesn't react with barium) allowing for a picture such as this one. The one that we can use in it is not the pure form of barium as usual, but it is from barium carbonate. Containers for the storage of radioactive materials. Makes the brain wonder. He may have use for this hub later in the term. Thanks Lisa - you just made me realize I hadn't quite explained that part well enough. It may require from one to three months, possibly longer to get full results. Do you think the barium toxicity comes from longer term contact with hot liquid? Thank you now my 8th grade research is done, Thanks a lot now my 6th grade project is complete, actually the covalent bound and compounds have tecualites to the netrons and protons to the coumpunds andit injects the human syber hoth acordijngt tothe mental hypersit. The Patient can only intake drinks and liquid food only. I love this article very much but I have a question, where is Barium mined? And I've had my own rendezvous with barium meal, which constitutes my most embarrassing moment ever! In brick, tile, earthenware, pottery and clays manufacturing, it is frequently used. It should be pointed out that intense heating of barium sulfate with carbon at 1100 Celsius will produce barium sulfide. What you won't be able to find is pure barium. Such Child patients suffer from a sore throat. with enlargement of glands. Barium Carbonate for Pest Control: Barium's usefulness is rather limited in any form other than barium sulfate, due to its toxicity. It acts as a flux, a matting and crystallizing agent and combines with certain colouring oxides to produce unique colours not easily attainable by other means. And yes. Pus is starting to grow in the prostate Glands. All other salts of barium can be formed from this. Sub-acute and chronic enlargement of tonsils in children of a scrofulous habit. Rachel Vega from Massachusetts on March 05, 2012: Cool! Baryta Carb (Carbonate of Baryta) is also known as Barium Carbonicum. Barium is a chemical element with the symbol Ba and atomic number 56. Barium Carbonate can react with Hydrochloric Acid to form Barium Chloride, Water, and Carbon Dioxide. Because Homeopathic Bratya Carb Remedy works for all glands of the body. A change of potency from the lower to the higher is often necessary. I started Homeopathicology as a passion and now it's empowering by many readers globally and helping them. Such weakened babies are Marasmus patients. The alkaline metal known as barium (Pronounced "bear-ee-um") is a metal that was discovered in 1774 but was first isolated 34 years later by Sir Humphry Davy, a British chemist and inventor. Voted Up across the board! Steven Pearson (author) from Bonney Lake, WA on March 06, 2012: Compared to most other metals, it's use is actually pretty limited. Diseases of the glandular system with a tendency to enlargement, especially the glands of the neck. But Baby becomes weak day by day. Because of its high chemical reactivity, barium is never found in nature as a free element. The same compound is also used as a glaze in the manufacture of some ceramic pottery. It is a highly reactive metal which oxidizes quickly in air, creating barium carbonate, and barium peroxide. Barium carbonate is an additive in oil-well drilling muds. Homeopathic Medicine Baryta Carbonica is mostly given to the Children and old aged patients. This is an outstanding hub. Homeopathic Medicines helps to Cure Diseases with Homeopathy Treatment. BaCO 3 + 2HCl → BaCl 2 + H 2 O + CO 2. Its name is derived from the greek word βαριά meaning "heavy," giving obvious clues as to its density. The main symptom for the BarytaCarb baby patient is that he/she has a weak heart. Thank you for sharing all of this information. In this condition, patients suffer from severe Flu. Many people are against this use, however, as it has been reported to cause barium toxicity in some people from certain pieces, such as coffee mugs. And barite is used in paints, bricks, tiles, glass and rubber production; barium nitrate and chlorate give green colors to fireworks and barium titanate was proposed in 2007 to be used in next generation battery technology for electric cars. They have dyspepsia. The child has cold, clammy feet. Because they have strong Immune power system. Such as. While the patient isn’t able to swallow and Eat anything. I learned, laughed, and felt awe over the many uses for Barium. I love when I read a Hub and it really teaches me a lot. Mostly Homeopathic Practioner mostly take benefits from baryta carb 200 uses on a regular basis or from baryta carb 30 benefits them.1x, 3x or 30 works perfectly and effectively. cardelean from Michigan on March 06, 2012: That was fascinating. Calcarea Medicines are Rival and opposite medicine for the patients of Baryta Carb. Barium carbonicum 30 and barium carbonicum 200 used commonly. I laughed right out loud at your BP reference Matt! Very well researched. 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After being exposed to light, "charged" barium sulfate can glow in the dark for up to six hours. And thanks again. Great work, voted up, etc. Nope! It's really neat looking, though I'm thinking it's probably not just "barium" in that first picture. Various Uses of Barium Carbonate - BaCO 3. Used as a raw material for the manufacture of barium oxide (BaO) and barium peroxide (BaO 2). Homeopathic and Homeopathy Treatment always cure the diseases in young patients. They have Heart Sinking and increase in heartbeat too. USA on April 14, 2012: Equally fascinating is how barium sulfate is the most abundant natural ore for barium and hense the starting point. Michael S from Danville, VA on March 05, 2012: Very interesting to another science-lover. Barium is an interesting metal, with an interesting history, and an odd array of uses. I imagine most people haven't even heard of it, unless they were unfortunate enough to be forcefed a metal smoothie. Good read, Matt! Thanks! That actually means a lot after the work I put into this. Any type of "glaze" is going to release material, bit by bit. It is an effective rat killer for sure - but being an animal lover, I don't particularly care for the process they go through. Jason from Indianapolis, IN. I'm going to share this with my followers. Now every time I look at dishes I will think of fireworks and x-rays since now I know they're all connected through barium. Nice job here.