The rains were never a hindrance to any of our plans and made everything around even more pleasant. The fort walls were covered with moss and i loved the panoramic views that this place offered. I searched many available options and consulted my family and some experienced friends for planning the trip. Old Goa - Now I'm not a big fan of history but visiting the Cathedrals and Churches in Old Goa was not a bad idea indeed. This fort is also nice but Chapora wins for me. In my honest opinion, the best time to visit Goa is July - August. And when I get a chance I would plan the same long drive with my husband, definitely in the monsoon season again. Bangalore → Tumkur → Chitradurga → Hubli → Dharwad → Ramnagar → Anmod → Panaji. I fell in love with this place as there were no crowds here and also lots and lots of sea shells. But somehow many people advised that it was nowhere compared to the beaches Goa had to offer. In the early morning the falls were engulfed with fog and it was an absolutely spectacular sight to witness. Yet another dramatic route (639 kms*) would be … These Portuguese heritage Churches are definitely worth a visit. The forts were green with mossy green walls and the beaches were refreshing with occasional rains. Best Tour Packages for Goa, Monsoon Road Trip from Bangalore to Goa, Goa Tour Package for Couple, Best Travel Packages for Goa, Best Goa Trip Packages, Weekend Getaways from Bangalore. The final 5 day trip looked like: While going we took the Bangalore-Mangalore highway, had a quick stop-over at Arsikere, stayed overnight at Jog Falls and then reached Goa via Gokarna and Dharwar the next day. We had already covered the whole of Kerala by road in our 2005 family trip, so that was out of question. The place was decent to stay but the location was perfect. View Map. But who goes to Goa in the monsoons? Driving through Mahadayi Wild Life sanctuary, you will see numerous waterfalls dur… Route 1: Hubli-Anmod Ghat Route. Ever since I shifted to Bangalore I longed to own a car. Somehow that didn’t work out since we didn’t want to rush on things. Here’s a basic Bangalore to Goa road map for this route: Otherwise it is nice drive. Pondicherry and Goa were the two final contenders. It was always very crowded. My parents and my brother were visiting me in July 2014 and I took a week off from work. At Jog Falls, we stayed at the KSTDC property which is right in front of the falls and offers a fantastic view from the room. Driving on the crowded city roads was not a very attractive argument but still there are many places nearby which are easily accessible by road and which I had always wished to explore. We stayed near Siridao Beach for 2 days and at Calangute Beach for one day. Or you take a more coastal route and also visit Gokarna en route your Bangalore to Goa road trip. We stayed here for one night at the KSTDC hotel. One of the more popular ones for a road trip, the Anmod Ghat route will take approximately nine hours with a distance of 600 kilometres. My whole family thoroughly enjoyed the entire trip. Despite the relatively longer travel time, the Bangalore – Goa roadtrip is extremely popular. Dharwar beach was a pleasant break but I personally didn't like Gokarna so much as it was super crowded due to the nearby temple. We were the only 4 people on the entire stretch and it was a beautiful and clean beach. The shortest of the six routes. While returning we took the Goa-Davangere-Chitradurga-Bangalore route and drove home in 11 hours straight. The ancient architecture is very mesmerizing. Alternately you can go via Dharwad – Haliya – Dandeli -Jagalbet – Castlerock – Anmod which is a lovely drive through forests! This highway is amazing, a lot of toll booths on the way but totally worth it. Although Aguada is more famous, this one must not be missed. Jog falls was better than what I had seen in pictures or imagined in my head. So we chose Goa, going with the popular advice and considering the fact that it was high time for my brother and I to visit Goa for the first time now that we were in our 20s. So I bought my first car – my very own Honda Brio – in January 2014. The beach shacks are all gone, the night life is close to dead and the beaches are almost empty. The shops nearby are good for local shopping like Goa Cashews and the famous Goa Fenny. Alternately, as scenic a route is through Dharwad NH4 and Ponda SH34 NH4A NH17 is shorter at (592 kms*). And the best part was – no touristy rush. We wanted to be for lunch in Karwar and for the sunset on some beach in Goa, that was all we had decided for this Bangalore to Goa road trip.