This is wonderful for creating a regal, holy, or even old-fashioned atmosphere, such as a church space or a Victorian-era mansion. It's definitely not easy to decide what to do there, but because it's the first part of the island that a visitor sees, it's one that shouldn't be overlooked. For a chic and atmospheric café to the big high school dance, this bright idea has some serious mileage. Check out their creator code to pick the perfect color for any area of the island. Simple Panels are great customization tools in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, so here are some creative designs to check out in Nintendo's game. Although they have a neon light, some pinball games, and computers in their cafe and arcade, it's not so full of bright, flashing furniture items that it's overwhelming. And the best part is that this arcade room still has all the best games and a popcorn machine in the middle! This particular pattern could also be used for the shelves of an apothecary or a garden/nursery. Retro Arcade Floor custom design for Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch. Updated September 10th, 2020 by Hayley Mullen: The dedication of Animal Crossing fans is truly admirable, bringing new designs to players simply for the joy of creativity and sharing. Luckily, with this design for the Simple Panel, the player can give the illusion that there are skyscrapers lining the skyline of their island. Although the arcade machines in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are simply decorative and not actually interactive, so they won't give any real tickets for players to exchange for prizes, having a wall with items hanging on it that look like prizes is definitely a fun touch. With the wood wallpaper and flooring, this arcade feels like stepping back in time, but in a good way. Although a lot of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is focused on customizing the player's entire island on the outside, there's also a lot for players to do inside their house. Check out the creator code to find the matching Stall design to complete the cafe. Although most arcade rooms that Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans build are fully decked out in the neon colors, this arcade is slightly more toned down and has a more retro feeling to it. A huge part of playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons involves decorating and customizing the player's entire island from cliff to beach and every inch in between. One side will already be mounted on the back of the arcade unit. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. This arcade room is one that's a little different from the others. This intricate design comes from player Meishali, and all of the above designs can be found at their creator code, MA-8448-4977-9907. Plus, they used two more simple panels in the back that were customized to look like the prize wall. Although having a room inside the house is how many players choose to build their arcades, they don't all have to go inside. The arcade room is filled with a pinball machine, dart throwing game, billiards table, and more. This design is a floral cafe menu that is decorated with flowers, cups of coffee, and made to look like it's listing everything the cafe sells. If you're someone with free pattern slots and looking for inspiration, look no further than this updated list. We've found more amazing designs for the Simple Panel that are sure to look good in any house or on any island, guaranteed. Related: Animal Crossing: 10 Best DIY Recipes You Can Get From Celeste, Ranked. The other side will be the piece you mount on your wall. It has great utility, with players using it for intimate movie marathons or a professional theater setup on their island. This lovely pattern was made by Hailey from Lansdale, whose creator code is MA-9989-1477-7146. For people that don't want to go all-out with their neon arcade, something a little more modern and toned down like what this player built is perfect. This person's arcade is slightly more simple because they have a limited selection of items, but they've definitely got a wide selection of different games that can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to hang out in this arcade room. Procedure ; 1 : Subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online & download Nintendo Switch Online app : 2 : Sync Animal Crossing New Horizon & Nintendo Switch Online app → Learn more from here! The arcade unit includes a wall mount hanger rated at 200lbs. Designing the entrance to the museum is something that many players spend a lot of time on. RELATED: Animal Crossing: New Horizons - 10 Island Decoration Ideas For That 5-Star Rating. This player's arcade is one that is fully decked out with everything that a visitor to this island might need to have a good time. This can be tough considering there are only ten villagers plus the player's house, meaning that the city that the player develops on the island can look a little uninhabited. 14 Stained Glass Walls/Windows The Simple Panel is excellent for patterns imitating both walls and glass, so why not take that a step further and have walls of gorgeous stained glass? Related: Animal Crossing: 10 Items That Look Expensive (But Are Surprisingly Cheap). The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. This player made an arcade outside, but the fact that they used simple panels customized with a totally 90s pattern that matches the one on the floor makes it feel like this area isn't outside at all. Related: Animal Crossing: New Horizons - 10 Awesome Custom Pokémon Clothing Items (& Their Codes). Here is what is required for the perfect classic arcade room in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Related: Animal Crossing: 10 Coolest DIY Recipes, Ranked. From a ton of different arcade games and pinball machines to snack machines and billiards tables, this arcade room has got it all. For starters, it is recommended to have the arcade within either the basement or the attic of the home.