These include finishing the mission in a certain amount of time, finding hidden targets or getting a specified attack chain. However, the colonies are being oppressed by the governments of Earth, who rule over them by force. [1] Mechas can carry five different weapons or abilities, such as machine guns and other firearms. [1] By firing the weapon close to a nearby enemy, players can perform a melee attack, which can be used to perform long chain reactions.[3]. It’s one of the weakest playable mecha in the game. You can also upgrade your ship by increasing its storage capacity (you can only have as many mecha as your ship can hold), increasing its repair points (used to fix damage incurred after a mission), or increasing repair efficiency (lessens repair points consumption). Plot Summary: In an alternate 20th century, mankind has developed space colonies as far as the planet Mars. ACE plays almost exactly like Zone of the Enders. [1] Most weapons need to recharge after every use, although some have limited ammunition and cannot be used once they are depleted. Drake seeks to unify the entire land under his rule, even if it means shedding the blood of most of the population. Dragonar-1 is a general-purpose type metal armor with strong beam saber attacks. Sure, Virtual On is nice and all, but there’s not much of an objective beyond just pummeling your opponent. A company called From Software changed all that when it brought out Armored Core on the PlayStation. [2][4] In addition to video games, Zone of the Enders expanded into other forms of media such as anime tie-ins, which is believed to have been what persuaded Banpresto to begin production of Another Century's Episode. Once an attack is used or a weapon’s ammo is depleted, you must wait an amount of time proportional to the weapon’s power for it to recharge. Home > ISOs > Sony PlayStation 2 > Another Century's Episode 3: The Final (Japan) PS2 ISO. Mecha: Metal armors are pretty similar to mobile suits, with the distinction that most of their weapons are solid-based instead of energy-based. You can buy new mecha once they are available. : Another Century's Episode is a Simulation game, developed by From Software and published by Banpresto, which was released in Japan in 2005. It is the sequel to the popular 2005 game Another Century's Episode. Ask other GameFAQs users! Since you’re indefinitely flying, the left analog stick controls your horizontal movement while two other buttons are used to adjust your altitude. Successfully complete Extra Mission 3 to unlock Aestivalis Akatsuki. Please log in or register to continue. : Another Century's Episode on the PlayStation 2, GameFAQs has 2 guides and walkthroughs, 21 cheat codes and secrets, 1 review, and 2 save games. Also, alternate combos are possible by pressing the sub-weapon button right after any but the last possible hit in a normal chain, similar to the Dynasty Warriors beat-em-ups. Undeterred, Aznable flees to the colonies orbiting Mars as the Londo Bell pursue him. Pressing the main weapon’s button in close proximity to the target results in a melee attack, with subsequent presses generating combos of varying lengths depending on the mecha. Lupin III: Lupin ni wa Shi o, Zenigata ni wa Koi o, Lupin the 3rd: Treasure of the Sorcerer King, Secret of Mana: Reborn (Script Augmentation Project), Another Century's Episode 3: The Final (Japan) PS2 ISO, Armored Core: Nexus [2 Discs] (USA) PS2 ISO. The boost mechanic also lifts a strategic element from the Armored Core games: Just as it’s hard for your enemy to hit a moving target, it’s hard for you to hit them accurately while moving at high speeds.