Operating Instructions. All American confirmed it to us in an email dated 8 September 2017. FREE Shipping by Amazon. But, in terms of actual control of the processing, you ignore the dial. Positive action clamping locks align the cover to the base, forming a steam-tight seal. Finally our customer service representatives will explain our privacy policy and terms of service and take your order if you so desire. If you need FAST or relatively immediate canning help or answers, please try one of these. Home canning is one area where being creative can lead to food safety disasters.”, I'm the author of cooksinfo food encyclopaedia, That however, is not so. The All-American pressure cooker/canner worked well. Model 25X Electric Pressure Steam Sterilizer. They will be betrayed in their expectations by the rubber overpressure plug. ALL-AMERICAN ® Pressure Canner/Cookers make it easy to can fish, meat, vegetables and fruits – it’s the only method the USDA recommends for low-acid foods. Here’s a link to a breakdown of information about the different sizes of All Americans. This 30 quart one is so big, it will double stack quarts if you buy this model or larger. HealthyCanning is a sub-project of cooksinfo.com. Hot Air Frying, and Healthy Canning. The two smallest pressure canners that All-American makes is the 10 quart and 15 quart. More more information, watch the video shown at the end of this page. Custom Can Sealers and Chucks available. Required fields are marked *. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Instead, you lightly oil the bevelled inner metal edges of the canner each time you use it. As of 2017, All-American supports the following pressure canner models on flat aka glass stove tops: 910, 915, 921, and 925. PLEASE ORDER EARLY FOR DELIVERY BY CHRISTMAS - OUR WAREHOUSE IS ONE TO TWO WEEKS BEHIND AND MAIL CARRIERS ARE ALSO FALLING BEHIND. Aussi Mason Preserving Jars & New Generation Preserving Australia is proud to carry the All American pressure canner, perfect for preserving fruits and vegetables and pressure cooking meats to the perfect level of tenderness. All American 930 Canner Pressure Cooker, 30 qt, Silver, All American 941 Canner Pressure Cooker, 41.5 qt, Silver, information about the different sizes of All Americans, All-American pressure canner manual review, All American usage and troubleshooting FAQ. Many pressure cookers with pressure regulator weights do not have steam gauges. Read More…, “Leave your creativity behind! Read More…, Copyright © 2020 Healthy Canning on the Foodie Pro Theme, Retrieved January 2019 from https://www.wafco.com, Retrieved January 2019 from http://www.allamericancanner.com/All-American-Pressure-Canners.htm ), All-American models that are suitable for glass stove tops, All-American sterilizers are not pressure canners, All-American pressure canner operating video. Before purchasing or using your All-American canner for the first time, you would be well advised to watch this excellent video released by the manufacturer. learn more. View More. If you do use it on a flat top stove, use caution not to drop the unit from any distance onto the stove surface. Designated trademarks are the property of their respective owners. FAQs. Our gauge is accurate +/- 2 lbs, and is used only as a reference, and to determine when the cover can be safely removed, which is when the steam gauge returns to zero.” [4]Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry. See also: All American usage and troubleshooting FAQ. • Made in USA. Shop our selection of all american pressure canners. Here are two of the big boys: 30 quart (litres), and 41.5 quart (litres). “The pressure regulator weight is actually more accurate than the steam gauge. SALE ENDS 11/30. The dial gives you a rough visual indication of how far you are away from achieving the desired pressure, and conversely, how far away from being completely depressurized at the end. Click here! FAQ. Despite the domain name, it is not clear what the relationship is with the manufacturer. View Products. Note that as of fall 2017, they had not yet updated their web site or their official literature to reflect this new official support. All models feature a precision machined regulator weight for accurate pressure control and an easy-to-read, 8.5 x 5.5″ Instruction and Recipe Book. Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry. Model 25X Electric Pressure Steam Sterilizer. • Easy on-off cover 4.9 out of 5 stars 4,728. All-American canners can also be purchased on Amazon [affiliate link] and through many other retailers. REV 4/09. For those wishing to do their canning in actual “can cans”, the company also offers can sealers. The Model 910 is suitable for gas, electric, or flat top stoves. The brand name of All-American pressure canners are made by the Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry in Manitowoc, WI. All-American pressure canner manual. Many people feel that it’s nice to have both the dial and the weight. Only ALL-AMERICAN® Pressure Canner/Cookers feature an exclusive, precision machined “metal-to-metal” sealing system. sterilizers. One of the features in favour of the All-American over all other pressure canners currently being manufactured is that it requires no rubber (or otherwise) gasket to achieve a steam-tight seal on the canner. All-American 1930 web site. REV 4/09. Accessed January 2019 at http://allamerican1930.com/faqs/ jQuery("#footnote_plugin_tooltip_4").tooltip({ tip: "#footnote_plugin_tooltip_text_4", tipClass: "footnote_tooltip", effect: "fade", fadeOutSpeed: 100, predelay: 400, position: "top right", relative: true, offset: [10, 10] }); Please note that the Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry will not test dial gauges for you. This is an official instructional video from Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry Co. on how to use their All-American pressure canner. pressure cookers / canners. As of 2017, All American offers six models ranging in size from 10 US quarts to 41 ½ US quarts. The weight is actually in control. The Red Hill General Store store sells parts. The manufacturer also runs another website providing consumer information on its All-American canners at http://allamerican1930.com/. Now, if money is no object, or, you want a canner that will last forever and is a true work horse, you need the 30 quart All American. Copyright © 1995-2020 Lehman Hardware and Appliances Inc, All Rights Reserved. Your email address will not be published. **The 10.5 Qt Model 910 is NOT suitable for canning smoked fish. automatic can sealers. • Double thickness edges for additional protection on points of heaviest wear The company explicitly says, “Never use the sterilizer for cooking or processing food.” [7]Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry. Presto 23-Quart Induction Compatible Pressure Canner, 23qt, Polished Aluminum . • Exclusive metal-to-metal seal – no gaskets to crack, burn, replace or clean Other options New and used from $303.95. Buffalo QCP420 21 … ALL-AMERICAN® Pressure Canner/Cookers make it easy to can fish, meat, vegetables and fruits – it’s the only method the USDA recommends for low-acid foods. Though many home canners had been using those models on glass stove tops anyway, official support arrived only in 2017. » View Our Store Events - Family Fun Events Every Weekend. Close this dialog to confirm you are happy with that, or learn more in our privacy policy. This could cause damage to the stove top for which Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry will not be liable. Here is a parts number guide, from the All-American manual (2014, page 52.). $319.95 $ 319. $119.99 $ 119. Call 920-682-8627 or Email [email protected] All-American models that are suitable for glass stove tops. Never reuse a blown overpressure plug.” [3]All-American pressure canner manual. • Sturdy phenolic top handle • Positive action clamping wing nuts permit easy opening and closing