All other weather data, including cloud cover, precipitation, wind speed and direction, and solar flux, come from NASA's MERRA-2 Modern-Era Retrospective Analysis . That bird looked infirm, at times, or at least lethargic. The calmest day of the year is July 31, with an average hourly wind speed of 5.5 miles per hour. The tourism score favors clear, rainless days with perceived temperatures between 65°F and 80°F. Land Use data comes from the Global Land Cover SHARE database , published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Names, locations, and time zones of places and some airports come from the GeoNames Geographical Database . : Hours of sunshine, Hi : Average high in ºF - Lo : Average low in ºF - Pre. The air quality index in Alexandria is 5% better than the national average. 50°. Our long range forecasts can be used to make more informed decisions about future plans that depend on the weather, from vacations and weddings to sporting events and outdoor activities. The winter of 2020 was trash, no snow. The earliest sunset is at 4:46 PM on December 7, and the latest sunset is 3 hours, 51 minutes later at 8:37 PM on June 27. The average water temperature experiences extreme seasonal variation over the course of the year. So even tho most of us are on lockdown I am enjoying this hot weather in my backyard in my pool. Click on each chart for more information. I guess we will see not much we can do about it but wait it out. The snowy period of the year lasts for 3.8 months, from November 24 to March 19, with a sliding 31-day liquid-equivalent snowfall of at least 0.1 inches. The clearer part of the year in Alexandria begins around July 3 and lasts for 4.3 months, ending around November 13. ,