Click to enlarge.). If you’re concerned about allergens, this contains milk and soy, and it may contain peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, and eggs. The best deal on premium used to be Kirkland at Costco, then they kept raising the price, then they stopped making it as Kirkland brand. The Breyers ice cream tasted great, but I don’t like knowing that the taste and texture are, in large part, due to a vegetable gum additive. Enjoy Aldi value every day, your way. Belmont Ice Cream sucks’s more like Ice milk . I also noticed the Breyers ice cream, while containing tara gum, is packed in a carton that features prominent graphics stating that it’s made with “fresh cream, sugar, and milk” and that it’s made with non-GMO sourced ingredients, with Rainforest Alliance Certified vanilla. The dairy products are “all American” and “colors and flavors come from natural sources.” The carton also says the vanilla (and fruit, in the case of other Breyers flavors) are real and are sustainably farmed. Belmont Moose Tracks Ice Cream nutrition information and ingredients. I also recently spotted a 1/2 fat version of the vanilla ice cream, although I’ve never tried it. One thing this Belmont ice cream … That does not mean these ice creams are healthy (what ice cream is, really? It’s a lot of health boasting for a product that contains an indigestible gum ingredient. Here’s a closer look at most of the flavors (except for butter pecan because we have family members who can’t eat nuts because of orthodontic treatment, and we didn’t try the reduced fat vanilla either): Belmont Vanilla Ice Cream nutrition information and ingredients. That generally would come from the cream in the product. Read the labels. Click to enlarge.). On the other hand, the Aldi ice cream is made with only whole, natural ingredients: just skim milk, cream, sugar, egg yolks, and vanilla. IM a chocolate ice cream fanatic and Belmont chocolate ice cream is as good as any chocolate ice cream I have ever eaten! I looked at all the flavors next time I was in the store. The Aldi ice cream carton, meanwhile, emphasizes that it has those “5 simple ingredients.” There seems to be a lot to like about that. That being said, if there was an Aldi in my town, I would be enjoying that all the time instead Wonderful treat at a great price. My husband went out and picked up the chocolate ice cream from Aldi’s. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. A 2/3-cup serving has 200 calories, with 11 grams of total fat (14% DV), 24 grams of total carbohydrates (9% DV), and 15 grams of added sugars (30%). I think it’s pretty decent for the price. © Aldi Reviewer. Select this option to view a list of stores near you offering this service. While most of my family is accustomed to eating vanilla ice cream with something else (pie, brownies, apple crisp, etc. From comfort foods to cozy winter items, we’ve got this season covered at ALDI. Specially Selected Super Premium Chocolate Ice Cream Amount see price in store * Quantity 48 oz. Put a spoonful in my mouth and said “What the &*)% is this? Though the vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and mint chip escaped with only having the tara gum added, the rest of the flavors were completely destroyed with many additional additives. The Breyers ice cream contains an additive called tara gum, which apparently replaces much of the healthy fat in ice cream and also gives the ice cream a smoother and creamier texture. OMG it is good, especially if you let it melt a little before eating. * Log in. A great product at a fair price. The Aldi is a better deal, 11 something per gallon. People with allergies should be aware it contains milk and may contain peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, and eggs. Like all Aldi private label, in-house brands, this ice cream contains no artificial colors. Another good sprinkling on vanilla is a bit of instant coffee (if you like coffee ice cream). I only buy Aldi Super P. vanilla – then add cocoa and/or natural peanut butter or cinnamon or crushed graham cracker or molasses or ???? There is no doubt Aldi has the better product. Learn more. If I am having a dessert, I want it to TASTE GOOD. I didn’t see any indication of it being halal on the packaging. But now I have! I was so disappointed when the Breyers brand changed so many years ago. Breyers used to make good ice cream but not anymore. (Click to enlarge.). The Breyers ice cream was smoother and creamier, but unfortunately a little internet research indicates that smoother texture is because Breyers adds tara gum, a vegetable gum, to its ice cream these days. A family favorite, this is creamy with plenty of cookie bits swirled in. Let them know your request at this link: It essentially is Hagen Das for about half the price. It’s ice cream the way our grandparents or great-grandparents would have made it at home back in the day. Discover quality frozen desserts at affordable prices when you shop at ALDI. I’m eating a bowl of Belmont Moose Tracks ice cream as I type this. Sorry, there are no time slots available at this store. Some people like the airy taste. That does not mean these ice creams are healthy (what ice cream is, really? Read the weight in grams per serving and u will be shocked at how much air is whipped into most (including Breyers) ice cream – Except for Aldi Super Premium . In other words, this is not green like you sometimes see with mint chocolate chip ice cream. It weighs 101 grams per half cup. These flavors are Regular Buys, which means they’re in Aldi stores year round. Learn more. at {{SelectedStore.DestinationToSearchPoint}} {{SelectedStore.LengthMeasureUnit}}, at {{NearestStore.DestinationToSearchPoint}} {{NearestStore.LengthMeasureUnit}}, at {{store.DestinationToSearchPoint}} {{store.LengthMeasureUnit}}. Treat your taste buds to gourmet and award-winning food. You nailed it!! Melt a scoop of each and check out the poofy, watery mess in the Breyer’s bowl. I bought the Aldi’s Ice cream and you can taste the vanilla and it takes me back to when I was young! That partially accounts for the higher calories .