Having said that, running a new XLS (I have two) through a fine preamp such as Pacifica or Great River, etc will result in a different tonal character vs using a less dedicated interface with built in pres. The cardoid pattern gives a lovely rich mid-range and a mindful bottom-end that doesn't swamp but compliments the glorious mid range quality that this mic exudes. Ditto for the HPF’s and Pads. With these you have to fire up the phantom power BEFORE you can set your polar patterns, so no set and forget. User review from chrislieck about AKG C414 XLII : 10 out of 10 I think when you do your comparison between the XLS and the older versions, you will find the older versions have something special, perhaps due to the fact that they incorporated transformers. It’s a novel way of showing the selected parameters on the mic, but frustrating if you’re in the tracking room setting up mics and haven’t yet turned the phantom power on. It makes for a solid purchase for anyone looking to expand their mic collection and new recordists looking for a fantastic microphone to use on a wide range of sources. Digital switches? Superlux HM26B May 10, 2020 May 10, 2020 by Grant Bassett. Cheers!-Mike Share Reply Quote. If most of the time you can’t see them, most of the time the feature is wasted. Here for the gear . Noteworthy is that the newer models do have a lock feature where all controls can be disabled easily to prevent accidental switching. I don't personally own any(I will) but I use them often and they are just great for everything. A rich, full-bodied sound is what these microphones capture time after time when you need an acoustic to lead a track. I LOVE these microphones. I couldn't find a Superlux category in the manufacturers pull-down. And one more thing - don't drop these. To wrap up this review, the AKG C414 XLII is a great all-around microphone. It means that before you put them up as drum over heads, you’ll have to go back into the control room and switch the 48v on. They aren't of the same generation. So the XLII has been discounted at Sweetwater and the B-ULS seems to go for around $850 used. It can sound just a bit too sterile or even "clinical" in some instances, but not always, and does have a capacity to sound almost lush with the right source, pattern, pre-amp, etc. I plan to find a short, metal, male x female fitting to permanently attach to mine. I have yet to find a better sounding mic on acustic guitar then this mic. My friend just bought this mic and I'm wondering if it will go well with an LA610 MKII which I use with my Sputnik. Yes. Two more switches are found on the rear; one controls three pre-attenuation pads and the other one three low-cut filters. UNIVERSAL AUDIO 6176...How does it compare. I recently got a XLS and it is by far my favorite condenser so far. If I were AKG, I would have given the model another name. Share Reply Quote. Many pickup patterns, they come in stereo pairs, Sound reproduction is amazing. But, at $500?!? It is really hard to get this microphone to sound bad on anything. This is an incredibly handy feature. If you only got one mic...this is the one to have for versatility, quality of sound and application. It's only for male vocals. I've been half way through a session before realizing my overheads were set in different patterns. We picked an ISA 2 this afternoon and it sounds great with the C414. As has been said above, a very versatile mic, nicely put out, with a clean, open sound. This is my new go to mic. Competion is probably ksm44, Mojave fet, AT40?? The AKG C414 XLS is one of the “two brothers” in the C414 legacy. Annoying? The plastic is a little less substantial, but it is more flexible and appears to be less brittle. . I think it would pair well with la-610. I’ve probably used them all at least once. AKG C414 XLII vs B-ULS. Unlike most reviews I've seen, I prefer the XL-IIs over the B-ULS on my classical - a Yamaha GC-82S. Whether we like it or not mic/pre match ups can have an effect on the overall track color. While it may not be as detailed as Neumann’s TLM 103, it’s a very useful tool for anyone who needs a microphone for a wide scope of use. Big deal? They don't make em like they used to type of opinion. It has very low self noise, has more polar patterns than you would want and it sounds really nice. Of those two, the XLS is flatter and the XLII is brighter. Sonics You have to be careful on the acoustic of the room. My favorite uses are OHs for drums or for vocals. The AKG C 414 XLS is, as been said a lot of times before, a great workhorse in a studio. People on here will say the best ones are old B ULS models from what I've read. See if you can buy 2. I've found some test clips in my stash, nothing too fancy, but good for anyone looking to hear something. sold the XLII, kept the ULS. Horns, guitars (electric and acoustic), vocals all sound great to me. I do location recording and my mounts do not remain on the stands like in a studio and I do not want to strip the threads. Rich and full-bodied with a subtle high end that lends itself to the recording of acoustic instruments and being a great overhead mic. That said they funtionally the same. Most importantly, it's pretty and Conan Obrian uses one. The AKG C414-XLS is still a fantastic all rounder with a characteristically smooth high end. I am not surprised that almost every studio has a couple of these. Also seem to handle EQ very well during mix. You will also get a brilliant sound quality from this microphone. I paid $750, seems about typical. It also really shines at catching a great acoustic guitar performance. Let your mind free to imagine in how many scenarios these tools can be used. My friend just bought this mic and I'm wondering if it will go well with an LA610 MKII which I use with my Sputnik. 1 Review written. We were using a Rode NT2A which has an obvious brightness and not a good one as compared even through the ISA. Very much agree with the TLM 170. If you are planning on getting a matched pair, you will more than double your fun. Although I do worry about it. I have been looking for a good replacement for my AKG 414 shock mounts for several years and think that I finally found one. How can you go wrong? For £700 or therabouts, I would snap up more if I came across them! Don't stick it in a kick drum or in front of a bass cab and you've got such an awesome mic. Awesome mic with many applications. Will it satisfy all your need. A very solid and awesome workhorse...or a creative persons worth enemy.