The farmer will be attracted to relatively good crops, and his income will naturally increase if the farmer grows expensive crops, and he will also support agricultural growth. You can comment on the page with Disqus or Facebook. There are many reasons for this. Advantages of Farming Over Hunting and Gathering According to history, early man practiced a lot of hunting and gathering as his main style of getting food. Farmers have a hard but rewarding life. ... As a farmer, you can grow a great deal of your own food. . The owner of the farm will have to depend upon various supervision and managers for purposes of supervision and it is quite possible that the supervisors and managers may not work with full devotion and responsibility. In our first post, we looked at a range of farm diversification options available … Some economists even assert that the average farmer accumulates more wealth in his lifetime than the average city resident and that hence the farmer’s real income is higher than the city man’s. As to the question of diet, Dr. Baker based his assertion on (1) a United States Department of Agriculture study, made in fairly prosperous times, of 2,400 farm families and (2) a study by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics of 12,000 workingmen’s families in cities. Of course, farmers have been better off in the past four years than in the census year of 1940. What Does It Take to Be a Successful Farmer? A strong motivation to feed the family from a small piece of land also improves the quality of domestic labour put in. This was indeed quite efficient by then, since he had all the space, resources and even the time, at his disposal. According to its devotees, farming offers satisfactions not often found in other tasks. Good point though, one advantage of hunter gatherers is that living off the terrain they can avoid enemies easier. By basing their agricultural activities on sustainable practices, community farms balance environmental sustainability with retention and protection of valuable and threatened farmland. Such decisions are more easy to take when the owner himself controls the farm and more easy to implement when he himself is the operator of the farm and when the size of farm is rather small. A small farmer with a sufficient labour force is able to face its onslaught more successfully than a large farmer. Some sociologists say that the farmer tends to have a happier home life than the city man. Farmers rely very little on outside systems. 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Frequent weather and climate changes necessitate immediate decisions on the part of a farmer. 1- Initial investment is low in comparison to other industries. If he was born on a farm, however, and stayed there, the chances are he would live to be from 56 to 60 years of age. Dr. Baker-who may be regarded as a spokesman for the school of farming enthusiasts -said, “I have a son now less than 5 years old, and I hope when he grows up that he will decide to be a farmer.” Dr. Baker’s reasons for wanting his son to be a farmer were: Let us examine briefly each of these points. Other surveys indicate that farm people are probably sick oftener than city dwellers. Are There Good Reasons for Being a Farmer? The food system remains within the local economy by being locally produced and eliminates the need for long-distance transportation. Are you considering farm life? But he is more likely to contract diseases traceable to poor sanitation and inadequate medical care, such as typhoid, malaria, measles, whooping cough, influenza, and dysentery. In farming, every day provides plenty of different tasks, so you’ll never get bored with your workload. Community Farming Benefits . Among ancient peoples, the landowner was regarded, along … Modern agriculture’s huge reliance upon a few crops invites challenges, given changes in climate and the potential for harvest failures. Read below for some of the pros of being a farmer as well as some of the cons of being a farmer. In answer to this, the city enthusiasts say that some farmers have more children than they can suitably provide for, and that the reason farm families tend to be more stable than urban families is that they don’t know how to get away from each other. Secondly, the farmer use the labour of his own family and treats it as free labour. The small farmers are generally off the market. Further, as the small farmers generally neither purchase any input from the market, nor sell any output, they remain immune from the fluctuations in the prices of various input or crops. 2- Demand for milk and milk product is increasing due to increase in per capita income. Thus the arguments go back and forth, arguments which have doubtless been heard since cities first arose and the attractions of urban existence began to draw folk away from quiet, simple, country haunts.