What would you be feeling if you were there and witnessed these events? The primary format of this collection of studies … Witnesses to Jesus Part 3: What place do you think this woman held in society? Think about the needs and backgrounds of students you encounter on campus. One is simply to strengthen believers as witnesses to the work and life of Jesus, both in history and in their lives. How is she described? Our thanks to the Western Michigan InterVarsity staff team and area director Carla Bieber for their hard work in preparing these studies for us! In verse 10, what does Paul call him? Take a few minutes as a group to pray for the people you mentioned. What point was he trying to make about them? What would you do? Why or why not? Acts 25:23-27; 26:1-32, by Carla Bieler. On their journey to a place of prayer, Paul and his companions meet a young woman [verses 16–18]. In Closing: ;Tл�0x��'&od��KX��� ]�2�Ԇ��ٲ���[���΍�_���w���d{��&�S(a��m ACTS AND THE EPISTLES Bible Study Questions and Commentary By Jim Patterson Hinsdale, IL . What if while you are there one of his top aides opposes you? To whom can you be an “Ananias” this week? Acts 10:9-16 4. What is she saying and why would this trouble Paul so much? Sections. These bible study questions and answers are an ongoing project. Acts 16:16-34, by Heather Danielkiewicz. Now read Acts 1:1–11. Have them try to summarize the central point of Stephen’s speech. Looking at verses 3–9, what happened to Saul on his journey? Have someone (or a few people) read Acts 3:1–26 aloud. Do you think that what happened to Elymas was fitting? Agrippa and Bernice were the great grandchildren of Herod the Great, the king who ruled when Jesus was born. Thinking of the person you chose as the “most unlikely Christian,” what would you do if Jesus came to you in a vision telling you to confront this person? Put yourself in Ananias’s place and imagine what he was feeling in this passage. Acts 13 Bible Study - Detailed questions, answers and guide for an in-depth, verse-by-verse Bible study of Acts chapter 13 in plain English that everyone can understand. Acts 13:1-12, by Sam Perry and Bob Grahmann. What did Jesus mean by “the promise of the Father”? How did the Proconsul react when he saw what happened? Listen to each other and urge quieter people to share their thoughts. ?U/NGS1�GO_ܫ���Q5��顩�F���޳�?�N�����;~�k������v�M;N�����hw�eU���W��������'c�MeW����a���}��������,�ȣK�S��;銪����/�%�k�e_��v}�l��'�w�V5�Xў�.��Q�N��Iue�^"�������VUS3u���M�������ח15���_O��7e��O=����};S��pWS���_����R}�S��i���ͷ�����_^缾�G��{��m_��z����o�wj}�_�q7)���?��������ǦR����v���ago޸�+wu����_}ן�]���w�����W�k�ki~� zp��W���׾n�k}�ֵ:Aա��5ٙ�%{���_v�Ǿ���\�a*4Ә��߹_��獬���ח���ƺm�O���ܓ�C�tZ�x���dWME׫��?9��-�W���e�-3�nw�]]w���!��ꤌc��#���Z�۵�n��N�cG�{�j���e\��Շ���D!5?ŏ���a�o�U�t�eO���.���r���־�+n��W�s�. What are the benefits? What “excuse” do they have. Decide together on a bold step you will take as a result of something God has shown you in Acts. Read Acts 16:16–34. What do you learn here about tailoring your message to the situation? What does this tell us about God? iii Preface This collection of Bible studies and commentaries covering the New Testament from Acts to Revelation are essentially my notes as a result of roughly a five year period of group Bible studies conducted at the Chicagoland Church of God. %PDF-1.3 After considerable debate, they were released but sternly charged not to continue to preach the gospel. In Closing: Acts 28:17-31, by Melen-too Wesley. Do you know anyone like the Proconsul—someone who is open to the gospel and seeking to learn more? How have you been encouraged to be bolder witnesses? Acts 17:16-34, by Scott Erbe. Why do you think he went to such great lengths to introduce himself and clear himself before the Jewish leaders. Acts is Dr. Luke’s sequel to his Gospel, taking up the story where he left off in the book of Luke. InterVarsity, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA, and the InterVarsity logo are trademarks of Give to reach every corner of every campus. 0000000516 00000 n Paul shares the gospel with the Athenians in a way that is relevant, sensitive and uncompromising to the truth. Privacy Policy  |   Why might he stress these particular things to this group of listeners? Why do you think he does it this way? Witnesses to Jesus Part 3: Why or why not? In verses 25b–28, Paul passes judgment on his listeners. Act 4:23–37 gives us an inside look at a community of witnesses to Jesus. Getting Started: Imagine that you are doing evangelism in another state, and a senator of that state invites you to share the gospel with him. 5 0 obj To appreciate God’s sovereignty? What would your fellowship on campus look like if it really was of “one heart and soul?” What would your witness be like? Look back through the whole passage. (See John 14:16–17, 25–26 for more background.). In verse 9, before Paul responds to Bar-Jesus/Elymas in words, what does Luke say about Paul?