For acetic acid fermentation tests, Acetobacter strain was first cultured in a 50-ml test tube containing 5 ml of YPG medium with shaking for 24 h at 30 °C. The acetic acid bacteria consist of 10 genera in the family Acetobacteraceae. Acetobacter aceti Possesses a Proton Motive Force-Dependent Efflux System for Acetic Acid Kazunobu Matsushita , * Taketo Inoue , Osao Adachi , and Hirohide Toyama Department of Biological Chemistry, Faculty of Agriculture, Yamaguchi University, Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi 753-8515, Japan W. T Acetic acid bacteria (AAB) are a group of Gram-negative bacteria which oxidize sugars or ethanol and produce acetic acid during fermentation. Acetobacter aceti is een soort van azijnzuurbacteriën behorende tot het geslacht Acetobacter.. Acetobacter aceti is de typesoort van het geslacht. (, Wong Tagami . In this study, the efflux pump of Acetobacter aceti IFO 3283 was examined using intact cells and membrane vesicles. The external electron source is nitrogen in the form of nitrite and nitrate and reduces them into ammonia and hydrogen. Louis Pasteur bewees in 1864 dat deze bacterie de oorzaak was van de omzetting van ethanol naar azijnzuur. Acetobacter aceti is the bacterium responsible for the metabolic production of acetic acid, or vinegar. Living Things » Cellular Organisms » Bacteria » Purple Bacteria & Relatives » Alphaproteobacteria » Rhodospirillales » Acetobacteraceae » Acetobacter » Acetobacter « Acetobacter aceti collect De bacterie is gramnegatief en beweegt zich voort door middel van een flagellum. Genus/species: Acetobacter aceti Gram Stain: Negative Morphology: Cell: spherical, elongated, swollen, club-shaped, curved, or filamentous;f ound as single cells, in pairs or in chains; Colony: smooth or rough spheroid to a flattened aggregate with a characteristic pillowed surface surrounded by a sheath of cellulose microfibrils The accumulation of acetic acid/acetate in intact cells was increased by the addition of a proton uncoupler and/or cyanide, suggesting the presence of … Acetobacter aceti uses sugars and alcohols for its carbon source and turns them into their acetic acid. The primary molecule Acetobacter aceti produces is … Several species of acetic acid bacteria are used in industry for production of certain foods and chemicals.