???? That’s why normal skin is naturally so soft and smooth. I’d work even harder to produce better contents for you guys. In the evening, cleanse and moisturize. It seems like one the biggest variations for Accutane users is how the medication impacts body skin. I agree. In addition, eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like wild salmon, flax seeds, walnuts, and spinach can help to lower inflammation. That’s all for this post. You can find more detailed description on what Accutane does to you and the side effects you might face here. Accutane doesn’t just clear up your skin. The label recommends that you take the capsules 2 hours after or 2 hours before taking anything else so it doesn’t mess with the effectiveness of other medications or supplements (usually I set an alarm to take it at 1 pm). Been on accutane for a bit over a month and the desertification has begun! Lip exfoliation will most likely be a daily part of your routine as the lips seem to really dry out on Accutane. This can take a huge toll on your confidence and self-esteem. Anyway, before I end this post, I’ll give some tips if you’re thinking of taking this pill. lol. Makeup is a tricky thing on Accutane, especially if any of your old products were formulated for oily skin. Serums might seem like a superfluous step in a skincare routine but their high potency ingredients can really help you achieve your skincare goals. You’ll also have to do a pregnancy test every month. In addition to taking the “low fat, high fiber” diet advice to heart, add supplements that will lend additional support. It’s such a useful way to get help or support from other people going through the same thing. If you want to … Not only does a spoonful of coconut oil provide the fat for the medication to absorb, it also helps keeps things running smoothly in my digestion system. If that’s you, then consult your doctor. Finally, A Green Supplement That Doesn’t Taste Like Feet. The tips below are probably the same a derm will give you but if your doctor told you to do something different, go with his/her advice. The formula is very heavy so a little goes a long way and I try to give it time to dry before I go to sleep. Recently, I've embarked on my second course of Accutane (Isotretinoin, to be more exact). Avoid harsh microbeads or chemicals and opt for something soft like Elemis' Gentle Rose Exfoliator. 5 things I noticed that happened while taking the medication, coupled with the clinic skincare products: I was amazed at this change in my skin. At the same time of reducing the number of pills I took a month, I began transitioning my skin to drugstore products that were not from the clinic. If the idea of adding leafy greens to all your meals makes you wince, supplements like these will be your new best friend! I wouldn’t try Accutane as your first treatment. You can still rely on shaving, plucking or threading to remove unwanted hair. Don’t wax. Although there can be many side effects to taking Accutane, you can help to minimize them by following these six simple, 1. “Preferably a physical sunscreen, one containing zinc oxide as chemical sunscreens tend to sting when applied to Accutane treated skin,” she continues. Your face may have more spots than ever. However, reducing the number of times I took gradually didn’t make things worse for me, it still helped a lot. I’ve found that tarte’s BB cream primer has the best coverage and texture for me. Accutane is successful in 95% of patients. The tips below are probably the same a derm will give you but if your doctor told you to do something different, go with his/her advice. It was baby butt smooth. Studies show that Accutane is more effective when taken 1 hour before, 1 hour after, or with a meal. Still, I’d look into changing diet/lifestyle (if she hasn’t done it yet) first. “Avoid licking your lips, as this will also promote chapping,” Jordan suggests. Makeup is a tricky thing on Accutane, especially if any of your old products were formulated for oily skin. I barely noticed anything different about my body skin on Accutane until I got a spray tan. Accutane works by decreasing oil production. We can provide all of your cosmetic medical and surgical skin care needs. Therefore, you need to take that into account before you agree to take the accutane pills. Sending it to a friend who told me she’s considering Accutane and my first reaction was NO, it’s so dangerous! Plus, it's super lightweight and non-greasy so it plays nice with makeup and other products I might use during the day. At night time I would smother myself in Diprobase or Aqueous cream a few hours before bed. My flaking fake bake revealed splotches of skin on my arms and chest that were significantly drier than other areas. Have you experienced any side effects? This can cause you to burn much easier than you normally would. If you gave yourself a panic attack after that “Accutane skin” Google image search, just remember that the only way to avoid looking like a Komodo dragon peeling off your exoskeleton is to hydrate your skin. Many people with acne-prone skin do best with a physical sunscreen rather than a chemical one. I believed that I could maintain my skin from now on because. It can also lead to decreased day-to-day stress and negativity, two factors that are acne culprits. Many acne relapses after accutane are the result of hormonal imbalances. But if you’ve got acne, your sebaceous glands are into overdrive. Click for intro & latest posts!. Because Accutane has a long list of potential side effects, including birth defects, you won’t be prescribed it on the spot. Though I still have spots healing from moderate adult acne leaving “icepick scars” facially and at times black marks deep in the skin for the more cystic type ones on my legs and chest, as well as more blood blister types on my back and sides that turn red, purple then black. And lastly, DO NOT WAX. I was on relatively low dose Roaccutane for 8 months, best decision I ever made and it was not a horror story like a lot of people make it out to be, you just have to be prepared on how to handle some of the most common side effects. I know a lot of people focus on changing their diet and lifestyle and are against taking strong medication for skin issues, but sometimes you need that helping hand. Accutane can be harsh on your liver. Accutane (also a drug called Isotretinoin) is usually used for people with stubborn and severe acne to reduce the growth of pimples and oil secretion. I just want to also add that the process of starting accutane may differ depending on where you live. I am not. Remove sunblock thoroughly to prevent clogged pores, Listen to your dermatologist (whether you need to moisturise or whether your dose can be reduced, my dermatologist told me not to use any moisturiser during the cycle), Do not engage in unprotected sexual intercourse as this pill may cause birth defects, You cannot be pregnant during the usage of this pill, Tell your dermatologist about your health history and let her/him take a blood test to determine if you’re suitable for the pill, Report any problems (nosebleed, gastric, etc) to your dermatologist, Best to take the pill after a meal to prevent abdominal pains, Take this pill only if it’s really the only way out. Hi Gio! But obviously you can provide much more valuable info on it than me, haha. I was so glad to start a new ‘life’ with new skin. It's really important that your cleanser has no harsh ingredients or chemical fragrances! Your doctor will most likely recommend Aquaphor or Vaseline but in my experience, nothing has worked as well as Homeoplasmine, a French favorite and miracle worker! When you have acne that has not responded well to other treatments, your dermatologist may choose to prescribe Accutane. Thankfully, there are many natural foods and vitamins that promote liver health and provide nourishment from within. It really is a last resort, isn’t it… :s, Renee, thanks! What you need to do is get yourself a salicylic acid exfoliant ASAP (you can find my fave picks here). Here’s how it works. Having said that, one year after I stopped the pills altogether, possible that your pimples will come back again, Do use sunblock everyday even when you’re home as your skin will be more sensitive under the sun. Make sure to follow label recommendations while taking the supplement! Accutane can increase your cholesterol and triglyceride levels, so it’s important to eat a low fat, high fiber diet while taking it. Because dead, dry skin might cause a build up in certain areas of your face during Accutane use, be warned that blackheads may be a new skin issue you might have to contend with.