Talking to him and one of the women will give you three new missions. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is just strange. In AC: Odyssey, I was getting like 60-70fps on Ultra on the opening scene, I dropped it to "High" and "Very High" experienced virtually zero graphical difference, and gained like 15fps. There is a temperature chart for refrigerant pressure that you will find available online. Linus Media Group is not associated with these services. Find out how to save the young warrior in this section of the AC Odyssey Guide.. Associated Ques t: “Monger Down“.. Go to the brothers’s house and talk to Lykinos, then head for the bandit camp indicated on the map and eliminate all enemies before releasing Timotheos (pictures1-2-3). The following chapter of our guide to Assassin's Creed Odyssey contains a list of all missions and quests that have been added to the game in The Image of Faith adventure. Similarly, the fan also has to spin when you turn the system on. Before deciding to replace the compressor, other components that you may check are the pressure switch, expansion valve, and the compressor clutch. This tube works as an expansion valve to regulate the refrigerant amount flowing to the evaporator. Sounds counter productive but some would also see it as reverse... Oh.. it really MUST be a beautiful game if that's the case...ULTRASPEC Req 3080Ti* in Future (*can't wait for that future hype train). I have a 2080 Super, but the difference between a 2080S and 2080Ti is surprisingly small. They’re not necessarily going to tailor the game around PC hardware. Started 15 minutes ago Some i5s are way better than some i7s you have no clue what you're talking about. RIG#1 CPU: Intel i9 10900k | Motherboard: ASUS ROG Maximus XII Hero | RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB DDR4 4000 | GPU: EVGA  RTX 2080 ti FTW3 ULTRA | PSU: EVGA 1300 G2 | Case: Cooler Master H500M | Cooler: SilverStone PF360 | SSD#1: Crucial P1 1TB | SSD#2: Crucial MX500 2.5" 2TB | Monitor: LG 55" 4k B9 OLED TV, RIG#2 CPU: Intel i7 8086k, 5ghz all cores| Motherboard: ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero | RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB DDR4 3200 | GPU: EVGA RTX 2080 ti FTW3 ULTRA | PSU: Corsair RMx1000W | Case: Cooler Master HAF X | Cooler: Noctua NH-D15 | SSD#1: Crucial MX300 2.5" 1TB | SSD#2: Crucial MX500 2.5" 1TB | Monitor: LG 55" 4k B9 OLED TV, RIG#3 CPU: Intel i9 9900k, 5ghz all cores| Motherboard: AORUS Z390 Ultra | RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB DDR4 3200 | GPU: EVGA GTX 1080 ti SC | PSU: EVGA 1000 GQ | Case: Streacom BC1.1S | Cooler: Noctua NH-D15 | SSD: Samsung 870 EVO 2TB | Monitor:Samsung 28" 4k 60hz. Thank you. After that, reach the mission marker that has just appeared and get rid of the wolves (picture4). Once the conversation ends, return to the village to finish the mission. The AC system in your car could go through all sorts of problems. Alexios was determined to find the Order recruiter, but it would prove difficult. Once the conversation ends, travel up the hill and search for clues to learn what has happened to the totem. Quest - silver island - call to arms - bug. Go to their nest, kill them, and take the item. From what I've read about Odyssey, the scaling is always on, and it means that you'll never see an enemy more than 2 levels below you, but you can still encounter enemies well above your level. Once you get the information you need, travel to Arkadia. All my drivers are indeed updated. Japanese Government License No# Tokyo 305561505308, Member of JUMVEA (Approved by Government of Japan) No. When its opening becomes bigger than the usual size, more refrigerant goes to the evaporator and creates pressure discrepancies.