Ybot October 17, 2018 Leave a comment. Facebook. There are a few locations where you can find them. Story Walkthrough (Odyssey Quests) A-Musing Tale. A prior update was supposed to fix but I cannot still start the quest. Quest bug: A-musing tale. Afterward, you must get Thespis to the play to thwart Kleon’s fame. Pinterest. Pinterest. I've only got "the cultist king" sequence left. Google+. Follow your marker to find Aikaterine in Athens; Home » Guides » Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – A-Musing Tale Quest Walkthrough. Twitter. 0. A-Musing Tale The objective marker will lead you to a women Aikaterine, and she will tell you to kill Commander Rhexenor. Facebook. You wake up in a cell and you are visited by Deimos. Welcome to the Assassin's Creed Odyssey subreddit! I think I remember receiving a failed quest mission at some point. You can post anything directly related to Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Ancient Greece Discovery Tour. AC Odyssey Followers Of Ares: Check Out This Guide To Locate These Followers In AC Odyssey the players will come across a quest in which they will have to find the followers of areas. Your choices in this conversation have the final impact on the family's relations and the ending. Included are walkthrough, guide, tips, and more for Episode 8! ... AC Odyssey Cult of Kosmos – Kodros the Bull – Delian League. Needless to say, Rhenxenor has a host of tough guards keeping him safe, so prepare for a lot of trouble. 1-1: Doing Time; 1-2: The Resistance ... You'll have to do some infiltrating again in "A-Musing Tale" and "Unearthing the Truth". During your conversation, it becomes clear that he is part of the cult, so you will need to dispose of him. Except, ... Everything that happened in Odyssey feel within AC lore and capabilities, it is just that Odyssey actually explored those capabilities whereas other AC games never did. Uprising. Mission 2: A-musing Tale Found: Given to you by Thespis after finishing An Actor's Life for Me. AC Odyssey: Uprising, Public Opinion Walkthrough Assassin's Creed Odyssey Guide and Walkthrough. Go to the House of Aphrodite in the northwest corner of Athens. AT one point, the NPC Aikaterine will direct you right to him, to the Weapon Storage fort. A-Musing Tale Quest Walkthrough. The quest chain where you meet Rhexenor the Hand is called A-Musing Tale. She will tell you that she is under strict orders not to help Aristophanes from Commander Rhexenor. But thought that was fixed. ... Unlocked By: A-Musing Tale (Quest) Twitter. I killed the commander first and then after killing him accepted and completed the quest. He is also a cultist so you get a clue annd a identity. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – A-Musing Tale Quest Walkthrough. ... A-Musing Tale; Doing Time. Locate and eliminate all Delian League members while working through the Cult of Kosmos. A-Musing Tale You must help Thespis’ muse and kill the commander threatening both Thespis and his muse. Complete the main quest of Assassin's Creed Odyssey with this guide! Delian League locations - Assassin's Creed Odyssey. I cannot then kill the cultist at the end of the quest. Afterwards, you'll head into battle with Brasidas in Amphipolis.