How to read a Thermometer? Answer: The jerk to the thermometer will allow the mercury in or above the kink to flow into the bulb so that the mercury level is below normal temperature. Precautions to be observed while using a clinical thermometer § Thermometer should be washed before and after use, preferably with an antiseptic solution. 2 Answers. 4. Give the reason why steel pointers are used in maximum and minimum thermometer. When measuring blood pressure using auscultation, the bladder should be deflated at a speed of: Your answer: 2 to 3 mmHg per second. It is not made up of any heat resisting material . The level of mercury tells our body temperature in ˚C. Note: Clinical thermometers must be sterilized before use for the safe and clean check-up. (See Fig. Write the importance of thermometer. Correct answer: Signs of mercury spillage. A clinical thermometer is jerked before using it to bring the level of mercury in the bulb. Hence, the clinical thermometers have the range 35˚C to 42˚C. Steel pointers are used in maximum and minimum thermometer to locate the temperature of the region. § Ensure that before use the mercury level is below 35°C. Questions Short Answer Type Question: The handle of a pressure cooker is covered with the thick plastic. 4.3). Which of the following checks is NOT necessary before using an aneroid sphygmomanometer? Your answer: The date of its last calibration. Depends on the thermometer. § Handle the thermometer with care. Since mercury is a toxic element, thus these thermometers have been replaced by digital thermometers nowadays. § Read the thermometer keeping the level of mercury along the line of sight. A few sharp jerks are given to clinical thermometer before using it. Explain why. Answer: Jerks are given to clinical thermometer before using it to settle down the mercury level below normal temperature so that the measurement taken of a body be accurate. If it's a body temperature thermometer, then you use it in the mouth or behind. 3. Why Is Clinical Thermometer Usually Shaken Before Use? If it's a weather thermometer, then you use it outside. Why is it done so? Asuka Jr. answered . Clinical thermometer can measure temperature around (35–42) degree celsius It is a simple glass tube which is graduated and shows effect as corresponds to the temperature . The clinical thermometer is given a jerk before using so that the mercury will come down.